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  1. I can say no more than 'I probably won't be playing LOTRO this weekend' - Also 'go Redguards!'
  2. I don't see this as having any purpose at all - maybe to distract us from existing content? However I'd line the route and play some music here and there. Not for the human bearded one but because there will be a crowd of other folks about and, apart from at festivals, it's unusual to find a crowd anywhere these days.
  3. I did them solo as part of the epic and from start to finish I had not a single clue what I was actually doing. I was firing catties. Were they hitting anything? Can't tell. I was fighting orcs. Would it have many any difference if I just sat there and wiggled my beard at them instead? I don't know. I was pulling up ladders and grappling hooks and I'm not sure that made any difference either. Some of the side quests seemed impossible to do solo with the number of goblins setting off explosives etc (I have to solo at the moment as my hands are not good and I have to stop a lot). I mostly ran around getting lost, confused as to what I was supposed to be doing or where I was supposed to be fighting. That's probably what real war is like a lot of the time actually. I don't think I'll be doing these battle things very often.
  4. Orcs will ravage the land, Legolas and Gimili will finally confess their undying love for each other, the mead hall in Snowbourn will be turned into a nightclub (10 mithril coins to get in), the beacon at Eaworth will be burnt down by a mob of drunken elves, the Shire will finally get its first pipeweed rehab centre, Moria will get electric lighting installed, Glorfindel will run out of hope and a dwarvern soprano choir will sing at the West Gate of Bree.
  5. Ooo oo oo. Please let the surprise be pretty ribbons for my beard! I'm not sure cancelling the next expansion can be seen as a good thing no matter how they try and spin it. Expansions bring people back to the game after the summer lull. That always used to happen anyway. Not seen so many old faces coming back this time. They better have something serious in the bag for spring or ESO will see Middle Earth pretty much emptied.
  6. There was a thread about this on the official forums. I notice that it dissapeared fairly quickly. Coincidence? I think not ......... Just watch those elves carefully ... Those ears might not be real.
  7. and we all sail into the west, expecting the undying lands, and end up in Tamriel instead .......
  8. For $150 you could almost buy a real horse (or a donkey). If anyone has $150 that they are thinking of piddling away on this I suggest they go give it to charity instead (or just give it to me).
  9. I would not sell my dwarves for all the mithril in Moria!
  10. That photo reminds me of the sharepoint training session we had at work the other day where everyone was just posting macro pictures of cats on the soon to be company intranet - we had to share laptops though.
  11. If you are randomly giving away beta keys on FB why just not make it an open beta - it amounts to pretty much the same thing.
  12. I bought my lifetime when it was half price - just before they stopped doing them. I was a subber before then. I've bought every expansion. I even, very ashamedly, admit to pre-ordering Helm's Asleep. It was a case of simple economics for me. I needed some points and why buy them seperately when I would get some with the basic version of the expansion? I've put a lot into the game - and lifers put in more than cash alone - we bring experience and stability. A long term community there, ready and able to welcome and help new players. For that we are worth our weight in gold. An MMO is nothing without it's community and the early interactions a new player has with existing players probably play a big part in them choosing to stay or go.
  13. I will not just stand on your lawn I will dig up the grass looking for mithril and I will get drunk and fall asleep in your flowerbeds!
  14. Just realised I will be in Florida on holiday at the time Helms Deep comes out anyway. So I'll miss the first week or so of massive bugs and missing inventory items and possibly worse.
  15. Only thing that interests me is the 25% xp item thingy - given that I have 10 alts. Am I willing to pay an extra £20 for it though? I'm really not sure.
  16. I shall avoid mounted combat where possible until two things happen: 1) They install a working steering wheel on the mount 2) We get dwarf friendly wargoats
  17. It all depends what you want in a game. I love the occasional kin raid - mainly for the laughs - but raiding all the time would wear me out and make me feel stressed. I play to relax mostly. I play the game for the great people there (my kin) and to make interesting characters. I'm no hardcore roleplayer but I like my girls (and one boy - Hodorf) to be as unique as they can within the confines of what we are given. I do like fluff - I like festivals, kin parties and the music system and every new dress I can get. It's a social thing for me I suppose. I can create mischief in the guise of Rosie or Posie in a way I can't in RL. I don't like very linear quest lines. Really disliked that Rohan was mostly like this. I like to pick and choose what I do. I also like the look on a level 7 hobbit's face when they meet Rosie or Posie for the first time.....
  18. I read somewhere that NASA try to recruit dyslexics because they often have better problem solving and spatial ability. Different minds work in different ways and have different strengths. Yes I am dyslexic with an IQ of 178. Could not write when I started high school. Had to join Mensa at the age of 13 to convince my school it was worth teaching me to write. Taught myself to read before I started primary school but without use of any puncuation or stuff like that.
  19. I seem to be possibly back in - I can get past login at least Edit: character loading ...Hodorf is alive!
  20. Forum up for me at the mo - and the 38 page thread about the downtime has dissapeared ......
  21. On Snowy Fil Gashan seems to be being farmed within an inch of its life - or it was last night when the servers were still up.
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