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  1. Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet had to let go of roughly 35% of their employees including most of their veteran staff. If think they're some safe, you haven't really been paying attention (understandable considering this is a LotRO forum not a GW2 forum). They had a team working on some else, a mobile game, GW3, or something unnannounced, but that was cancelled entirely because because they only have enough staff for GW2. From the sounds of it they don't even have a team working on an expansion and if they do start work on one, all updates to the game would probably stop for 6 months or more. The situation is grim and if ArenaNet can't find a way to make money on an old MMO, Guild Wars will become the second coming of City of Heroes.
  2. I can give you some history on linking to this community. I received an infraction for a link myself (not a ban because I didn't post often enough to get bans). I added a link to this community in signature (a frontpage link, not a link to any post in particular). It was very quickly deleted. I wasn't told it was deleted so I had assumed I forget to hit save on the settings page, because it got deleted that quickly. The second time it got deleted I received an infraction for going against a mods orders from sapience, along with a warning that if I added the link back to my signature again, I would be banned next time. Apparently, he viewed this forum at the time as hateful/trolling and was punishing any mention of it whatsoever. Of course I can't provide any proof of this since the old forum got scrapped. But I can assure you he held a grudge against this community. Probably because he had zero control over it.
  3. Another great article has been written on IC's utter failure. http://www.dailydot.com/esports/infinite-crisis-failure-moba/ Here's the best quote: Nice article about how the industry is trying to sell their new esports game before it's even an esports game and why that obviously fails so often.
  4. ​Probably not voluntarily. Most of them were probably fired during one of their many layoffs.
  5. This about sums up how great that massively article is: I really think he has no idea just how poorly this game performed. Which is understandable with a MOBA since you only ever see your friends and who is in your match. But here's some reference. GW2 sPvP usually draw viewships of thousands to tens of thousands. That's a game that no one believes will ever make itself into an actual Esport. IC had at best 300 viewers which it actually had to pay twitch to get in the first place. If you want to see how a failure of a company can do this right, check out Smite and Hi-Rez.
  6. ​I wonder if WB would license the use of Porky Pig for the ending? ​
  7. ​They are reportedly in the middle of a major move to a new data center and a server consolidation. They could simply cancel that and and any future updates.
  8. Found another golden nugget on reddit. And I remember seeing these on Twitch too. They were sponsored so they would make the front page and could manage that measly 300 viewers count. Some people are even mocking him for calling himself a pro. So 20 players + commentators and staff running an event for 300 viewers who were probably mostly afk on the front page. I've seen more people show up to watch a middle school basketball tournament (plus they had a lot more 4 teams.)
  9. Just found some gold posted on reddit a few minutes before someone posted the closure announcement. IC fanboys sound an awful lot like LOTRO's official forums don't they? Poor guy still can't even let go.
  10. Here is the announcement on Steam. People are actually asking for refunds on this. This could get ugly.
  11. Source And apparently the person who posted this wishes to remain anonymous. So what went wrong? Did anything go right? Edit: It looks they've made everything in-game free so until it shuts down it's actually a free to play game. Also, Turbine are referring people to support to inquire about refunds. Also, Steam Customer Support is refunding any customer who purchased either The Starter Pack or The Elite Pack here. Source
  12. Thankfully, the wiki still exists.
  13. I think it's obvious at this point we're past the point of no return. If Turbine couldn't convince players to come back with a Rohan Expansion they're not going to be able to do anything better with less staff. I realize that this game could drag on for years in this state, but now I wonder if the new instance cluster isn't in jeopardy now. Most of the player on my server are basically leveling alts waiting on the new instances. Could Rohan really get any worse? Fair enough. Thanks for the reply. I'm sure you'll plenty of time to decide even after the announcement of server closings.
  14. I have a question for the admins. Since the news makes it appear like possibility in the near future, I would like to know what will happen to these boards if LotRO goes under. Also I'd watch to see what happens with AC. In June it took them 2 weeks to renew a domain for that game and I'd be willing to bet it would be the first to go.
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