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  1. I don't disagree with your overall assessment and I guess that maintenance mode will now be the reality. I'm not quite so negative about player attitudes though (quelle surprise!) I think this post falls into the error of assuming that the view of LOTRO in these forums is the typical view among players. Yes, the people who play LOTRO now are only a small fraction of the numbers which once applied. But all the people I know in RL who remember LOTRO remember it with fondness, not bitterness. The ones I'm still in touch with ascribe their stopping to RL time limitations or newer games capturing their attention. The people I know in-game certainly aren't characterised by bitterness; we're often saying how much we still hope to see Mordor and the destruction of the ring. Whenever I'm cheerful around here I always find it wise to point out that LIs are a pain, I turn cosmetic pets off, I can't be bothered with essences and screen FPS is abysmal for me in the newer areas. There are features of the game I really don't like, but the lore and setting keep me coming back. So yes, I expect we're going into maintenance mode, but the players I'm in touch with are still going to be enjoying it as long as the servers stay up.
  2. I wonder if we've passed Peak Games. Large-budget games used to be aimed at PC enthusiasts, with gaming consoles associated. Now, though, everyone has enough hardware in their pocket to play games as elaborate as they want - and they might not want that much. I fear that the mass market will just want things like Farmville etc., with not much learning required, and therefore that's the direction big games companies will go. We might already be seeing that with e.g. Turbine turning away from LOTRO in favour of mobile games, and computation in games gradually moving from client to server.
  3. I agree that new intellectual property would be the best approach. I think, though, that the difficulty of it should be recognised. In my opinion J.R.R.Tolkien was a genius-level inventor. Stephen Donaldson tried to copy his level of invention and failed. Terry Goodkind and David Eddings have done OK but still not made a coherent world-with-backstory. C.S.Lewis did OK but doesn't really measure up to Tolkien in either Narnia or Interplanetary Trilogy. Michael Moorcock said he disliked Tolkien; I think because he knew he couldn't equal him. I don't think world-history creation is something that could ever be done to-order by a games company. All this is just my opinion. If anyone else thinks one of those authors is the greatest, that's fine: people have different preferences. My point is, though, that the good ones are rare.
  4. My first reaction was to say that it must be LOTR! But then I'm not sure what I'd do even if offered LOTRO2. I still play LOTRO but I feel that I've now done the "MMO thing". This is a change in me and my interests, not gaming in general. I don't think I would want to invest so much time and effort in any other game because I have other hobbies which have taken a back seat while I've been playing LOTRO.
  5. He's one of the new "wandering threats". There are quest givers at most hubs which offer quests to kill those; they typically need a half group or full group of level 100-ish characters. He drops a barter token which can be used for a few nice things, and also counts towards a deed. I quite like the idea that lower-level areas aren't totally safe anymore, although those wanderers are only about 3 in each region. I've defeated a few with friends, but usually they're tedious to find.
  6. Interesting. In the "old days", gold selling was a bannable offence, as was using an exploit for gain, and GMs were on the lookout for it. This is clearly a gold selling route, and one could argue that buying a house for occupation by someone else is an exploit. Bans should follow, except that I guess the people doing this are people Turbine doesn't want to lose. What a dilemma for them.
  7. What? You can buy a house and then rent it to someone else? Anyway, I haven't been to look and I find I'm quite comfortable in my dwarf mansion.
  8. That's true. At the very height of the forum wars I learned who Sapience was because he was talked about so much here. But none of the rest of my kin were users either of this forum or the official one. Out of interest I did a quick straw poll in-game and found that no-one in my kin had ever heard of Sapience. The majority of people just decide whether to play or not according to whether they enjoy the game.
  9. 2 posts? I'm seeing a pattern here. Of course, the mind is good at seeing patterns where none exist, but this one is getting clearer.
  10. New member... 2 posts... diving straight into an argument. Troll, or sock puppet?
  11. Oh, I think I'm getting the hang of this now: Premium Wizard Soldier - make your skirmish soldier look like Gandalf the Grey and throw fireballs to support you in combat! Profit!
  12. I'm relaxed about very overpriced things being in the Store, as long as I don't have to buy them. It's a way for people with lots of money to support the game I like playing. Maybe we could have more hobby-horses, coloured for earth, air, fire, water or something?
  13. Qualified "Yes"... If the price wasn't enormous, the housing was awesome, and I felt the game was likely to carry on for another couple of years. The latest housing improvements have raised the bar for me: it would have to be clearly better than what I already have.
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