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  1. Game servers are also back up it seems.
  2. Social media do not depend on Turbine's own powersupply, do they? A smartphone would do the trick, plus I do believe that in the glorious US of A, most people will have a internet connection at home they could use to post something. So it can only be one of two things: Either they don't know yet, or they don't give a shit about informing us. I'd love to think it's option 1, but somehow the second option seems more likely....
  3. How much does it take? "We received reports indicating the inavailability of our services. We are currently investigating the issue."
  4. I doubt the two are related in any way, but I'm counting on the update being delayed anyway. Oh, and I voted three weeks, counting from the start of taking them down.
  5. Rags


    Well handled, MueR. I like these boards, I'll stick around
  6. The fact that the forums have been down for nearly 48 hours tells me enough about the accuracy of his statements, to be honest...
  7. I've had the same happen to me. Basically, you want to ignore the message about the old password when you change it, and just use the new one. I suspect it's got something to do with cross-referencing the old password to the (now offline) mySQL database that messes things up.
  8. The thing I really wonder about tho, is how long this leak has been around. Could it be a remnant of the EU migration?
  9. hmmm.... A tune called "Just Abuse Me" started playing while I'm reading this thread...
  10. Trolls. Big, clumsy, and generally always a challenge to solo on-level.
  11. don't be silly, Raed, we both know we're just there to kill stuff On-topic: I'm wearing 4Moria/2Mirkwood as well, mainly because of the point made by Raed. The only reason for me to gather any other bits was the old Radiance requirement, but with that gone, I've gone back to cooky cutter setup. Mind you, if I'd still actively play my champ, I'd probably play about with some proc gear, but so far I see no reason to swap.
  12. Hey Ho, Rags/Arakhat here. On the subject of leaders: I applaud any effort made by people who intend to have a fun battle for all involved. Ranged stuns are horribly OP and I hate Pew Pew standoffs. Did I mention I hate ranged stuns? Oh, and all freeps are overpowered, keephuggging, ratingloving, goodfernuffin cowards
  13. Rags


    Awesome work, MueR, and thanks to MueR's boss for making this possible! (by the way, this forum rocks on mobiles, much better than vBulletin!)
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