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  1. Indeed, why pay them when a pat on the head and a 'good boy' is all that's needed to keep their tails a wagging. One thing Turbine aren't short of is sycophants. The Max Cliffords of the online world. Hopefully an equally unfortunate turn of the tables will befall them also. 4 views for his last video. No wonder he grovels at Turbine's feet for attention.
  2. Jeez, everyone i know either had a copy of LoTR or most likely The Hobbit at some point growing up. Whoever said that should stick to strangling cats at Winterstock.
  3. It seems the mass spammer has struck once again over on the main forums. Edit: Ha, too slow. Was busy laughing
  4. Lol, you too. I remember quite a while ago I had a go at him over his 'Old dirty programmer' signature back when he used to stick it on the end of every post instead of actually setting it at his signature so at least it could be hidden. He complained bitterly about FE's and said when he got the toggle he would put the 'ODP' in his signature instead, despite the two being totally unrelated. I think his sig is some sort of security blanket for the digital age, probably has it sown into his pyjamas too. The silly old goat.
  5. Been levelling all my toons to 95 ready for the big new raid, oh and having aftertoon tea with the Heydths, ya big fairy Nice to see it's still as entertaining as always around here, in contrast to the wasteland / spamfest over at Turbine
  6. FFS I'm very confused about Banstan. I very much agree with this.... But also very much agree with this..... Oh well, welcome ya bastard. Better late than never indeed. Everyone who is truly repentant should be forgiven their past sins....eventually I wonder who'll be next to fall from grace, receive the mark of the false shepherd and land here. Please let it not be the Hedytghs.
  7. Much more balanced than that grovelling turd of a 'review' at TTH. Good on them for not whoring themselves. Helms Deep has made such an impact over at Gamespot that they haven't even noticed it's actually out http://www.gamespot.com/the-lord-of-the-rings-online-helms-deep/reviews/
  8. Indeed, there are still some story telling gems to be found. Because smaller developers don't have huge budgets for the latest game engines they have to fall back on what made games great in the first place - a quality plot. Almost all the classic games had a great backstory - Half Life, The Grim Fandango, Bioshock. etc Which is why so many games are hollow now, full of great graphics, but they end up merging into the rest of the genre. People soon forget that a game had cutting edge graphics, no-one forgets a good story. http://www.gamespot.com/brothers-a-tale-of-two-sons/reviews/
  9. The only way the legions of players are streaming is out But you're right, there is very little on the net about HD at all since release. Not off to a good start on metacritic - http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/the-lord-of-the-rings-online-helms-deep
  10. Bach - St Matthew's Passion. One of the best openers of any film. Great soundtrack for an epic movie, and don't anyone be saying Goodfellas is better because you'd be wrong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMva00IO0zA
  11. It'll be interesting to see if this one gets removed also, its been up a while but then so has that 'get a dodgy passport here' thread so I'm guessing everyone there is still in bed, or there's no-one left
  12. I recall this happening a while ago and one of the blue names popping up to say it didn't have anything to do with the servers being full, just the wrong error message being sent out.
  13. This fool made me chuckle - https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?533143-Why-all-the-negativity-here Apparently it's the third time he's had his thread deleted. It seems his rabid shoeshining isn't welcome andTurbine are finally realising that the shiners aren't doing them any favours. The rules do at least seem to be starting to get applied both ways at last. What is the whole meaning of this? All i ever see are posts such as "I hate LOTRO" or "I hate Turbine for what they did to the game", or "This game never has anything good, let's just get angry at Turbine and rant on the forums, maybe they will listen to us and we can convert the players" literally happening with every single expansion they come out with. The once in a while positive post that likes this game gets shot down by pessimists and trolls who have been apparently "displeased", usually their own fault due to their own stupidity and not having to bother with thoroughness. Do you not think that Turbine is, i don't know, a GOOD company that tries their hardest to make their customers happy? I, for one, am a proud player and Turbine has done an excellent job (7 years and running, eh?) and i think that they should continue with this, regardless of what people say. Great job and Happy remaining-Thanksgiving! "This is the 3rd time that they have tried to take down my thread. Why are they doing this, when i am trying to defend them?" "Oh, forgive me for pointing out that they are incompetent. Go ahead and ban me while you are at it! The reason i posted the thread was to show all of the player negativity on here, and all they care about out of the whole thing is me calling people stupid, which they deserve?"
  14. Still prefered him in his prince of darkness days rather than his recent clown of darkness act But metal doesn't get any finer than this, I remember seeing this way back in the day and being totally blown away, and it's still epic. Not only was Jake a badass guitar player, but had a great stage presence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FF3cPUHJYx0
  15. I saw Jack on some show about a year back with Sharon talking about his MS diagnosis , he did seem a lot more normal than he was a while back. Sharon of course was in floods of tears but you can never tell what's genuine with that coniving hag. I never liked her, but she showed her true colours when she got Maiden egged at Ozzfest and the power turned off just because she had the hump as usual. Aimee Osbourne is the best out of the lot, she wanted nothing to do with the reality show and tries to keep a low profile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4HMt3TFUT4
  16. He must have got his drugs perfectly balanced by sheer luck that night Jake E Lee was awesome in Ozzy, never heard much of his Badlands stuff though. Last I heard he was a crackhead living in a trailer with his stripper girlfriend. Glad to hear he's cleaned his act up. But Kelly Osbourne truly is a beast from hell, like her mother. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g96H4Fwpbps
  17. This. Apart from that, not a great deal to me personally. Infact if anything he seems to have given a bit more slack of late, he still hands out infractions left and right for having a go at him, but for having a go at the brown-nosers, not so much. My animosity towards him of late isn't nearly what it used to be. I know I haven't been infracted lately for things that got me infractions 2 years ago. If he's willing to give a bit, it seems fair to do the same. I might feel differently towards him if what has happened to some people here had happened to me, but it seems he's become the easy target for everything that Turbine does. It's not him who fucked the game up and turned into farmville. He's the dog at the gate, paid to bark at intruders. He's a pantomime villain and I enjoy throwing tomatoes at him as much as everyone else, but all this lets send in the marines shit like he's Bin Laden, and personal hatred, I just don't get. He's a shite community manager ( although anyone would be hard pushed to put on a good front with the festering turd that Lotro now is ), and it's quite possible he's been told by those in charge to shutdown any dissent on the boards or take a long walk. He's certainly not the one who ruined the game. The good ship Lotro's been steaming to shitsville for too long, even replacing him with the greatest CM in the world isn't going to change that now, nor would it have change its course back when it wasn't too late.
  18. Lol, It's going to seem a long, long time till the next 'content' update. Soon they'll be down to the 'I'll be here till Mordor no matter how crap it is' skeleton crew.
  19. Todays peak is over 1000 lower than yesterdays. Rift still has nearly double, and it's been how long since their expansion? Wait till the boredom of the non existent end game really kicks in
  20. Skip to about 5:00 There aren't any in Skyrim, although apparently there is a mod to add them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oxxGcjyDXg
  21. You're a wicked and cunning man, but I like you. If you can't take the mountain to Mohammed, let Mohammed come to the mountain
  22. I'd just like to say, race aside, please can the US people stuff Piers Morgan in a plane and push him out somewhere over the Bolivian jungle.
  23. montyburns


    Hi hi there, welcome to the pit
  24. Yeah for sure. They do seem to be getting worse as time goes on. The thing is it's actually them that cost Turbine customers and money. The people that come to the forum to praise Turbine are not going anywhere anyway, but those that have concerns and are looking for answers are likely to think sod it, what's the point. It's what soured me on the game in the first place, rather than the mods themselves.
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