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  1. It would be interesting for someone to post a timeline from start to current state of what LOTRO has become. Just for visual and archival purposes.
  2. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You know what's going to happen, but you can't look away.
  3. Plane flying along, don't know the altitude, but say an eagle or hawk goes right through the window? It's happened, maybe even a stray meteroite? Dead pilot in cabin, minimal plane damage until the impact with the ground. Reports said the guy went full down on the stick.
  4. Some people only get to keep jobs based on their Moms sleeping with someone. Had that happen. Out performed the guy that ended up getting hired, because Mommy was a slut sleeping with HR Manager and everyone knew it. They almost looked sorry when they told me. moral: Results don't matter if Mommy is a ho.
  5. Woman doesn't get the analogy, takes offense (which is her choice), and gets a guy fired? Then blames him for mentioning it, and also says he's responsible for her own firing? Maybe, just maybe, people should be allowed to communicate amongst themselves in the manner they wish, and if you don't like what you are clearly eavesdropping on, ignore it since you aren't part of the conversation. They may have been inappropriate comments, but don't tell me they were conspiring to rape or kill anyone. That woman had serious mental baggage of her own that is her responsibility and on one elses, could make penis jokes of her own, and then complain? She's full of shit, and while she may not have deserved to lose her own job anymore than those two gentlemen did, she pushed that rock off the cliff and wasn't concerned at all about where it went.
  6. This version should be better than Win8 and Vista, as the two groups doing the software have different levels of ability. It's easy to notice based on the history of the OS releases. Free is good, just what's the support for the hardware? I may be paranoid, but something tells me there's a catch, like having to pay for drivers or something.
  7. If you set it so only those people you want to see it can see, then you have to bypass the permissions to view it, meaning you are breaking privacy rights to do so. Also, I view this on the same level I would someone bitching about porn on the net. Don't want to be offended, don't go trolling for it, since that means you are looking to be offended. Don't really have any sympathy for someone going out of their way to find something to bitch about it, that means they have no life.
  8. Turbine wouldn't know how to design and maintain a proper database if their life depended on it, which unfortunately it does. I've never heard so many lame ass excuses for why they can't do something, like they don't have ANY people working for them who understand basic design and structure. Which is probably the case, cheap idiots wouldn't spend money on a proper admin for that, probably bought something pre-made and tried to cook it to meet their needs, ending up with this mess they can't manage properly.
  9. I think people have a right to have any f'ed up idea they want, even ones that can be proven to be the realm of non-brained idiocy, like thinking the world is flat or the Moon visit was faked. You have every right to have it. You even have the right to believe it true, even in the face of proof. You don't have the right to act on the belief if it harms anyone. Simple stuff really, harm no one, do what you want to do. Think what you want to think. Start getting other people involved in your shit and they get hurt, your a bad person. This includes staring social experiments designed to control thinking that get people fired for not agreeing with you. Those kinds are the worst sort.
  10. Pretty pathetic when you aren't allowed to have an opinion, and not only that, but your accuser gets to remain anonymous. If they can't publicly complain, I think they should stfu. Make a fake page that has no connection to you, don't access it from work, and place your real thoughts on it, no way can they troll that. Personally I think people need to grow thicker skins. The world is not there to make you feel good about yourself.
  11. It was done so corporations could make money donations to politicians and avoid it looking clearly like a bribe, which it is.
  12. I think McCain and Palin would have let the lenders collapse and watched another depression start, figuring some tough love for all the poor folk would do them good.
  13. I blame Facebook games and the addicts that spend money on them for this shitty turn in the industry,
  14. American politics is a lesson in stupidity, as they will vote any idea down, even an excellent one that all would agree is good unofficially, just because it came from THEM. Plus, most Republicans are racist southerners anyway, too stupid to realize that practically every time they vote for a Republican and Jesus they actually harm themselves. Universal healthcare is a good example, with politicos going out of their way to sabotage to prove 'it's evil Obamacare!'
  15. I agree, when they thought people would throw wads of cash at their non-game store for that fluff, some of which came with minor in game rewards, I was shocked. Who pays that kind of money for essentially paper weights? No, they'll start adding direct game effecting items in there because they need to find some way to bring in cash, and pay to win is the only way to do it if you aren't interested in fixing the glaring design issues. I'm not mad at them, I gave it a shot, but what seems to be popular on the forum is not popular with the majority of players, myself among them, and we left. I want to have a new T-Shirt made, Out Before F2P, signifying that I was able to see failure before they made that move.
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