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  1. Yeah must try the crafting this weekend
  2. woot Mannequins, I'm gonna login now and stand beside them playing starship.
  3. ahh Doro, there's always room for Thomas and friends..
  4. Really don't understand them using CM's to advertise features to the players in video clips, maybe the advertising budget was blown when they hired the Crocodile Dundee Rohirrum! Not saying she did a bad job, was better than Sap, but she clearly looked uncomfortable and needs to learn to breath when speaking, at times I thought she was going to pass out from lack of oxegen. But the transgender bashing is not needed, Bashing Sapience ( After his Video last week am gonna call him The Fat Controller) because we feel he's out of control with his moderation is all well and good and deserved ofc.
  5. I was not impressed with the moria revamp tbh, while some of the new quest hubs are better placed the quests are now to easy and they have removed quests which will impead your leveling, I done all the revamped areas on my champion and managed to get from level 50-53 and that was using a xp pocket 25% and with full rested xp all the way. I found they either nerfed the xp or because they made the quests easier and removed certain quests you might struggle xp wise in later parts like flaming deeps or foundations of stone.
  6. @MueR Origonally Lotro required a purchase to play, I like alot of the older players and am sure yourself also have a SOA box with disc ect that cost 50 euro or so, lets say 35 euro for the disc and box ect and 15 euro for the one month of gametime that came with it. How would that apply to this law?
  7. That offical thread is awesome...its like there gearing up for the Boston tea party mark 2 and gonna burn copies of lotro. American companies pulling out of europe... what will the poor euro's do with no games movies or music ( its all made in the US don't ya know ) American compaines don't need to obey european laws...well turbine don't anyway so no change there. But best one of all was the Americans should have a say in how european laws are written..no taxation without representation...that was fucking off the wall hilarious, I'm still laughing and its been 10 mins.
  8. You need to understand Doro has the attention span of a 5 year old in a toy supermarket I agree however p&p blows most computer games away storyline wise if done correctly.
  9. wow what a underwhelming experience, I honestly thought they might have something good with the mounted combat arc but that just looks so boring and way to fast, rohan might be huge but traveling at warp factor 9 will make it very small. Another epic fail from Turbine imo.
  10. Don't think the internet is ready for Doro blogs yet!
  11. The MERP maps are a thing of beauty if you ask me.
  12. not out doro but if you pre-purchase you can play beta weekends and stress tests like tonight.
  13. Kind of unnerving to think Community Mods might have access to player accounts tbh.
  14. I think they take away from the game in a way because they kind of confirm we will probably never see the south farthing added or the grey havens ect, tbh it looks like eriador is probably finished at this point. and even the rhovanion map does not allow much expansion either..no lonely mountain or gladden fields or northren misty mountains. While ofc they can change the map at anytime there are some iconic places in middle earth I would love to have seen done, one place I always hoped they would do is Mount Gundabad
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