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  1. swtor uses the Hero engine...but not the one that is out in the wilds...bioware started swtor with a alpha build of Hero and customized it from there. it is supposedly optimized for mulit-core cpus with a dual as min and quad as recommended. many people say what the OP does. and while i agree the game looks really nice with settings turned up alot of folks including me have issues with server lag from nowhere. after the consolidation into the their 'mega-servers' there are just 2 locations for the swtor server farms: San Fransisco area (Redland) for the east/west coast US servers and Galway IRL for the EU servers.
  2. ive been getting my GTC from ebay mostly as i prefer a physical item over a emailed code. mine arrive in a dvd case with either a scratch off plastic card or small placard. oh and it doesnt seem to matter whether or not the GTC is from your region as i have used ones from asia/pacific australia and uk as well as the usa.
  3. by we yes i mean the US. no i dont think the US created the situation that brought about Hitler....that was all on the UK/France. what i do believe is if we had stayed neutral the outcome of ww1 would not have been as devastating to Germany. i would like to think that if Wilson had gotten his way the world would be a much more stable place today with the US more like a Switzerland then what we are today....a country reviled and hated by the very same countries that cajoled / forced the US into the unwanted role of world police.
  4. i would call it a mini expansion which seems to be a trend now with many of the f2p/hybrid types out there. ones like strongholds and starfighter which are more fluff and QoL kinda things and others like the Hutts in which focus more on new planetary bodies for your toons to chew thru. EA/BW also say to expect another mini expac this year along the lines ot the Hutts while i can take or leave player housing it is something folks have asked for since before the game launched and it is nice to see it coming. i like the idea you can have more then one house in your legacy though i wish we were not limited to the capital worlds and nar shadaa. i also really like the idea having able to show off trophies in your home or guild ship. but what i am really excited about is legacy storage. (though that will not go live until official launch in august)
  5. that is not a given. if we had stayed out of ww1 the events that caused the rise of hilter most likely would not have happened. germany today may have been much bigger...kept their kaiser and no ww2 with germany. a ww2 with japan...may have still happened.
  6. personally...i feel it all started when the US dropped its neutrality in WW1.
  7. teehee.....say goodbye to the SW USA....
  8. its really sad. ti wasnt always this way. once long ago turbine had very good relations with its player community. then something changed, Patience left and lil ricky came on board and it all went to hell. personally i put them blame squarely on the shoulders of Monsarrat and the other founders. in my opinion it all started going downhill when they decided to get turbine ready to be sold.
  9. ya that was some pretty cool fluff they put out as the game was being developed. it really set the tone of the game for me.
  10. i like that they are adding housing. kinda wish though they would have just let us personalize the interior/exterior of our ships. for me i like to have player housing to show off trophies and armour i have collected. not sure how much i will use a stationary abode in a multi-planet game universe. and man oh man i sincerely hope they do not use a hook type system like turbine did.
  11. do i hate rick 'lil ricky' heaton the man? no. but i do hate bullies and those that empower them. lil ricky in his capacity as CM (i have no idea what kind of person he is away from work) is a bully plain and simple. turbine empowers and even seems to encourage this bully. i do not stand for bullies at my kid's schools and i did not stand for them on the lotro forums. unfortunately going to the principal or school board (turbine suits) had no effect whatsoever in the positive and just seemed to make him behave worse.
  12. yesterday swtor announced on its twitch feed that player housing is coming to all players in next big patch(2.7 i believe). no further details were given.
  13. hollywood as a rule isnt very 'Merican they are their own little world. i live in the south out in the country..and most of the rednecks i know out here didnt like it for nerdy reasons. that being said...Big Bang Theory does make fun of the movie Gravity in a recent episode...i just cant recall which one.
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