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  1. well then..i take back my assertion as it seems Scott Shepard finally did something. since back(2010/11) when i was trying to appeal some of my infractions/bans by Sapience, he[lil ricky] was in charge of overseeing ALL appeals involving the websites.
  2. as CSManager i hate to tell ya...lil'ricky oversees the appeals process. he is VERY much involved in the process.
  3. read an interesting article over at pcworld about how when internet/tech companies screw customers they die and cite Digg and Zynga as proof while giving a warning to facebook. first...i hope patience is doing all right still over at zynga with this happeneing. but second i think Turbine would do well to read this article and take notice. My link
  4. i like Rift enough that it stays on my pc....i come back to it every so often...i even resub every once in a while for a month maybe 2 then let ot expire again. the story just doesnt keep my attention as well as some other games stories.
  5. yeppers to that...i dont trust any site...
  6. methinks we need a mod edit to this thread to get rid of that bunk.
  7. so i got a beta invite via a gaming website....and *doh!* applied it to one of my banned accounts...silly me. fortunately i was able to talk to the site admin and get another...applied it to one of my other accounts.... of course turbine uses that p.o.s. pando to deliver the beta client and every few minutes the craptastic excuse for code stops working...lol not sure why i am bothering...but i havent indulged in any self-flagellation in a while so i guess maybe im due.
  8. weell you could say you were in beta if you kept your identity here and on lotro forums sorta secret. i sure as hell dont want them knowing who i am on their forums as i dont want a 4th account banned from the sites.
  9. agree about the horse movement...but it may because of the way the player was doing things. to me it looked as though the horse was strafing(side-stepping) as it turned.
  10. thanx for the heads up....just running the swconfig without making any changes seemed to work. all is good.
  11. finally broke down and got something....kotor. now i have the disks..but they in a box in another state....thought it would be nice to have it accesaable whenever i get the itch to play it again. imagine my suprise when i try to play it and all i get is a black screen..some sound and then CTD.
  12. ive had 2 lifer accounts and a paid sub account banned from the community forums. used to be you were banned from the forums and only the forums...kinda sucks when you cannot access community stuff from in-game. anyways....i have another previously vip account i still use over there for regular posting., but when i want to say something i know will get infractions and/or banned i use one of many many free account i have made over time and post through various masking methods. so far so good....the throwaways get gig'd and banned and im still there.
  13. the lotr war in the north, a ARPG with co-op that was released less then a year ago...was basically released and forgotten about. while i dislike what turbine has done and is doing to this game after how well they started i have to say they are not the only game company to take the tolkien ip and not do as well as some would expect. lotro sad to say is the closest game i can recall in recent years to be even remotely successful. now there is a lego lotr game being released soon with voicing done by actors from the movies. if any tolkien game has a chance to be hugely succeesful, i think this one is it. it could have been lotro, but turbine along with every other game company so far dropped the ball in some way.
  14. it WAS a very mature community for the most part before f2p....though post-f2p that maturity has gone the way of the dodo.
  15. lol...player requested.... more like they took the player request for dummies to display armour on in folks homes and made it into this.
  16. see...i always knew them brits were evil.
  17. ya...just an fyi. Sapience as the CSManager heads the appeals process. if HE does not like you.., you will not get an appeal...wrongly infracted or not.
  18. aye founders lifer sub(turbine) was 199usd and then in jan08 i believe they started to offer it to everyone for 299usd but just for short periods of time...the last one being late winter/ earl spring the year they went f2p.
  19. so..it seems some folk are not pleased with the launch and subsequent game breaking issues.... according to xfire....xfire users playing d3 have dropped from 140k on 25may to just over 30k as of 25june.
  20. lol..i agree...but that wouldnt happen. i am however willing to compromise a bit.... maybe a reduced price for monthly super sub....or say a flat fee to be a super lifer?
  21. interesting idea. how would you handle lifers who wish to be 'super'?
  22. i had high hopes for 38 studios. i am a fan of schilling, salvatore and macfarlan...i figured tween the 3 of them they would come up with something wonderful. wasnt big on on the fighting mechanincs in kingdoms of amalur but i thought it bode well for the studio otherwise. its too bad things happened the way they did.
  23. and they have rectified the situation it seems.... celestra apologizes
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