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  1. speaking of refunds....blizzard caved on refusing refunds to koreans displeased with diablo 3. (korean law dictates they were allowed refunds..but blizzard initially refused) this sets up a nice precedent to throw at turbine for trying to refuse refunds for their products.(at least for EU customers)
  2. ya i thought about doing something like that too for that mount, but just seems like too much effort(really aint im just dont feel like logging in)
  3. Patience got promoted from lotro CSM to Turbine CSM. Sap took her position as lotro csm and she was his boss. while there were a few issues...he didnt go full-blown apeshit until after she quit turbine and they never bothered to hire a replacement for her position as Turbine CSM.
  4. ya this announcement is not suprising one bit...though in fact i believe they were 'looking at' some sort of f2p looong before the game ever went live. just look at the in-game store they built into the core game for handling VIPs. the store is there...it just needs more stuff and to be made available to everyone.
  5. this is true...but they aint here no more...lol...same shit different name is all.
  6. but..but...everything turbne seems to say nowadays sounds like its coming from the mouth of a white house press secretary....
  7. ive said it before and ill say it again.... the parallels between Turbine and the present U.S. administration is really uncanny. i swear they have D.C. spin doctors working for them. and lil'ricky is alot like the current U.S. Attorney General too.
  8. and one more time.... pre-lil'ricky we too had a broad range of free-speech.
  9. wowo, really? that might be true if these were public forums. but since lotro forums are privately owned freedom of speech doesnt apply. in the 'land of the free' such things are allowed to a point. if these kind of things are not allowed wherever you reside maybe you should emigrate elsewhere.
  10. i agree whole-heartedly with this. and it wasnt just gw2 thread...lil'ricky also shutdown a swtor thread that had been going since may of last year with some lame excuse that it had devolved away from the OP. while i sincerely dislike the way things are now, many folks seem to forget it wasnt always like this and that a long time ago the lotro CS community team was by far superior to anything else out at the time. its just that post lil'ricky what was once deemed not so hot now seems like greener pastures.
  11. i use raptr for that....so between lotro, tor, rift, civ5 and solitaire i played close to 48 hours last week...
  12. i was taught that pointing at others bad behavior as an excuse for your own was not a good thing. now if one was to demand a refund and then no longer play on that account...that is something i would do.
  13. ya i hate pando to the point that i made my own install disk and use it to install and patch. have to make a new one after each expac though...but much better then dealing with pando. now with steam i wont have to do that anymore. i wonder if steam will be able to handle the updates too....
  14. this has some decent potential as Steam just loves to make sale bundles.
  15. this ^^^^ is pretty much how i feel. i didnt even get ROI last year for much the same reason. i think ill just wait too for the sale.
  16. lego lotr article thats an awesome trailer. thats how you do a lotr game...not like guardians of middle earth. cant wait to get it.
  17. ya torchlight was a blast looking forward to t2.
  18. loved d1 and d2. would love to play d3 and sc2 also for that matter. but i cannot condone a company taking a single-player game with multiplayer options and forcing you to be online. and then to make matters worse the online service you are forced to use is crap. if just one of the games shared by it crashes the network EVERYONE playing the other games are kicked out. and heres a real kicker...say you play wow....anyone you had friended there are auto friended in d3 and to top it off there is a default setting that allows ANYONE on your friends list to join you in game without having to ask. ya thank you no. but with so many folks buying it anyways we have another example other then turbine of a game company doing something heinous but because the game is successful in spite of it they just keep on doing it.
  19. was in last weekends beta also. only issue i had was client crashing when i would shut down the game. its decent and like troll said seems as though the devs really like Lovecraft. i like the way they are doing the classless system. dont care much for the crafting..as to me it is not very intuitive at all. i was able to figure out how to add things to an existing wep/talisman but as for actually making something i had no luck. i got 2 major beefs...character customization and inability to have more then 5 missions active. it was fun enough...but for a sub-only mmo its not enough to pull me from ToR and Lotro. maybe if it was going the f2p route i could manage to squeeze it in, but its not worth paying a sub to play it in my situation.
  20. why not put the blame where it belongs? i personally know of no developer that lets the QA decide on what gets fixed and when much less let a bunch of entry-level game-testers decide what can be released. that lies squarely on the head of the department heads and the exec producers. its folk like Steefel, Fernandez and Campbell that are at fault.
  21. i was speaking from personally experience. what i said is what i encountered as a play tester on the isengard private preview server. and thats also the same way things worked when i was in QA at THQ Phoenix. the companies attitude is one thing...QA is another. you are attacking folks who have no say whatsoever in what gets pushed to LIVE. Turbines problem is and always will be those in upper management making decisions and saying stuff they know jack about not those in the trenches.
  22. QA doesnt write the code...they test it. having worked with many of them on the isengard private preview server i can tell you this. they find alot of stuf...as did we players on isengard server. like us...QA finds the bugs/exploits/etc and reports on them and tests any fixes that come down the pipe. but it sure as heck aint their fault when TPTB decide the coders are to do this instead of fixing that.
  23. yet the person he replaced...his former boss...never had such issues...go figure. the main thing that bothers folks most imho about lil'ricky is that his predecessor had the same issues to deal with as he does and yet was able to do her job without resorting to the Orwellian tactics used by her successor. in other words you dont gotta be a dick to defend your company and shut down naysayers.
  24. more cash grab i guess. they know many folks have waited to buy ROI with TP and some are even waiting for a sale on it in the in-game store. this is their way of trying to get those folk to pony up cash instead of saved TP. and to be perfectly honest its a hard one to resist. i was one of those and after a couple days thought broke down and picked up the basic ROI for 15usd. hard to beat a deal like that.
  25. anyone notice the half off sale on RoI expac in the web store?
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