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  1. sounds alot like the curd we had to deal with when these "beta" forums came out with the f2p changeover. so much for progress
  2. nevermind. too damn early in the morning..it clicked right after i posted.
  3. had a wiccan neighbor for many years in arizona and never once was he chided or bothered for putting out decorations. though i can only recall him putting out stuff during sahmain, ostara, beltane and yule. i guess it depends on the state/city/town/neighborhood you live in. though i must say his house was a regular stop for the mormons and jehovah witnesses each week. and having the 10 commandments on a building is in no way establishing or endorsing a state religion. judeo/christian beliefs were used to establish this as a country. last i knew a belief is not a religion. you do not have to be part of any religion to believe in god(s). having a city call a decorated tree put up on city property a christmas tree does not establish any sort of government sanctioned religion or its preference of one over another. nor does having the ten commandments ( the first written laws ) displayed in and around courts of law.
  4. ah, but there were many many complaints about it and i for one like the adjustments made to the code for the beer fight. and i havent seen anything that says it wont be back for the winter fest either. no hard rule that says you cannot have an event in more then one festival. you seem to forget those were from kate's failed grindeversary from last year. though i dont understand why they didnt bother to make it dye properly like the very well done azure festival clothing. the cloaks and whimsy cosmetics they made for this years all dye very well. then you dont like the drunk Inn League horse or the coin dropping treasure laden mounts either? for me a i love a bit of whimsy. i guess me running around all year looking like santy clause or tanking in a dress would bother you also? meh..i can see your point here but as long as the spring fest is done and over before 21 june im good with it. blackjack and hookers,huh? i do agree that there shoudl ALWAYS be something for doing Inn League rep with ANY game wide celebration. those dirty nasty dorf of the AA can just go jump into mt doom for all i care. ya this one i agree with also, i did the same and also liked to slot stuff like silver branches and gold leaves. you should be able to drag stuff in the wallet to a slot to track it if you so desire. on the plus side the last time i check folks were working on a add-on solution to it over at lotrointerface. as for the lag issue it doesnt really affect me as i only come back for festivals/celebrations and doing the Epic line when they add to it. i havent done anything else since about the time ROI came out. personally i absolutely love the fireworks quests and the lost invites searching. i think its a 200% improvement over the fail of kate's grindaversary last year and is the best one i can recall. i only got 2 real beefs with the celebration - instead of a time cd for doing the lost invites quest you need to buy another chance from the store if you want to do it more then once every 24hrs. and at 100tp a pop that can get expensive fast if the rng gods are being mean. and i wish they could have added another gift box for those still here who did the closed alpha/beta in '06.
  5. i beg to differ. i know plenty of non-christians who have no issue whatsoever practicing. unless of course they start to break local/federal laws. though there are some who are trying to make that kind of stuff legal under freedom of religion. such as some of the bs going on right now with sharia law. if anything christianity/judeo beliefs are constantly under attack as certain groups try to remove all signs of it.
  6. ya didnt mean to imply all..shoulda been a 'some' in there. and devout theists also cover a large category of different people too. their really is no difference in the 2 groups in many instances. you got the good one..the bad ones...the crazies and all that. both groups have members who strongly spout their sides viewpoint. neither viewpoint is superior to the other. its kinda like watching the fans of the Red Sox and the Yankees argue with each other.
  7. just want to point something out. just because one does not believe in religion does not automatically make one an atheist. personally i find atheists to be just as bad as the devout followers of any religion when it comes to spouting off about their sides beliefs. there is a lot of pot calling the kettle black here going on between the two sides.
  8. well cosmetic footwear is a whole nother deal im talking about 1-piece whole outfit cosmetics, such as dresses and tunic/pants they will display shoes only on non-hobbit races
  9. as far as i can recall fluff-only cosmetics hide shoes while stat gear allows for the use. but then havent really paid much attention over the years as only my heavy armour wearing hobbits wear shoes and then only in combat
  10. most hobbits as a rule do not wear shoes so yes it is keep the cosmetics in line with lore.
  11. if that is so i would have to disagree with his statement
  12. what is 'this country' just for clarification sake?
  13. if we ever get stables for our homes dont ever put the firecracker horse next to the inn league mount.... everyone knows alcohol and gunpowder dont mix....
  14. havent looked into the fest much as ive been busy opening the gift boxes across 4 accounts, multiple servers and waaaay too many alts. liking the azure dress and cloak and horse would be great if not for that damn flag behind the rider (hate those) gonna havta get meoneofthose fireworks horseys though. the portrait thing is a nice touch though on most of my toons i have it turned off so i wont see it much but others will. so far i am happy, i hope as other do that they learned from lasts years Grindaversary debacle.
  15. i started playing the game in '06 before the 1st closed beta in sept of that year. i have always been active on the lotro forums be it alpha, beta, or private preview forums. when patience was boss ( long before Sap was hired ) i got a couple warnings for some minor issues in posting funny pics with questionable wording. i praised turbine when deserving and critiqued them when it was needed. When Sap was first hired ( and Patience was still boss ) he was just another mod, no more or less liked then anyone else. the first signs of his tyranny first showed shortly after the rep system was rolled out. he abused the system, was caught at it and reported. and because of the way things work at turbine he knew exactly who reported him. and when Patience left and he was sole boss, he went after us by going back over old posts made before he was boss and found reasons to give out infractions. many of us appealed but to no avail since he was the head of the appeals process now. he drove most of us away in one way or the other. HE made the forums the way they are today.
  16. ya know you aint telling anyone anything new right? EVERY mmorpg "borrows" ideas from other mmorpgs Every single one of them
  17. some obviously havent been here since the beginning. lil'ricky made his own bed. he was acting like a dick way long before there was any substantial customer discontent. hell, he went after folks as soon as the door closed behind Patience handing out infractions for posts made 6 months or more previously. if anything he added to the discontent helping it to spread with his heavy handed manner.
  18. doesnt mean its the same engine. they could be using the same middle ware for chat and ui though. Aion uses Cryengine 1 according to Crytek and NCSoft.
  19. so...Trion licensed Rift's engine from Turbine? cause you do realize the engine Turbine uses is made in-house right? Turbine iirc uses a in-house engine based on the one they made for AC and they use some Havok products to control physics and i think AI. a quick net search shows Rift uses the Gamebryo engine.
  20. lol..they never update anything and afaik thats be wrong since day1. my sons free account which i made when lotro changed over has always had access to 2/server. and i agree about coh...i checked out my old account then turned it over to my 11 year old.
  21. sure it has...that option has been there for as long as i can remember.
  22. lol...dc Universe is jumping on the lock/lootbox badwagon, but i like their take on it. they drop from mobs, and to open you gotta buy a key from the cash shop to open. that is unless you are a subscriber and then they open for you without a key. its too bad that turbine couldnt be that kool towards its VIPs.
  23. it also only really works after an update and new things have been added. i see nothing wrong with it personally. when those warden backpacks came out way back when, i made alot of coin selling them for 1g each. was able to make money that way without issue for close to 2 weeks. and i didnt feel bad about since priced at 1g only someone with money to burn would buy it. and here is another thought.... if someone is too lazy to do a bit of exploring in bree to see what vendors offer and instead go straight for the bree AH and buy something overpriced because they couldnt be bothered to check out a vendor a couple blocks away...well thats their own damned fault.
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