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  1. Someone over at GWGuru posted a great article about the camera issues, including the 'feels like a console port' thing - also put it on the official forums but I can't find it there anymore. So, I will refer you to it instead of trying to reinvent the wheel: http://www.guildwars2guru.com/topic/59951-camera-control-issues-summed-up-for-you-reading-enjoyment/page__hl__%20camera
  2. I wouldn't be so happy quite yet - and yes, I do like the game itself even though it plays like it was ported from console (I hope that's fixed). ArenaNet is retroactively re-pricing a lot of things, and changing a lot of things and not for the good. One toon has bags full of food because like in any game you need to make lots and lots of stuff, more than you can actually use, to max your crafting. I can't vendor any of it as food is no longer vendorable since you could get as much as 2 whole silver for a piece of food. ANet decided that was too much. I don't have access to the trading post yet so I don't know if it can be sold to other players. My mail isn't working yet either, so giveaways aren't possible. If you had karma gear with upgrades in it, you can't salvage those anymore. You can't salvage anything from bought or karma armour - you might make money from it, so good-bye to those runes. New karma armour doesn't even accept upgrades. I'm talking low and mid-level stuff here, though it's true of the higher level things, too. And because the introductory level 80 armour was affordable, that got changed. It was a little over 2 gold per set. Now it's 20 gold+. Or you can never spend any karma and once you get about 300k of it, you can buy an intro (rare, not exotic, and rare has a lower stat budget) karma set of level 80 gear. The stuff you can't put runes in or salvage. Ok... Is it just me, or is all of this screaming 'buy gems and convert them to gold'? Maybe too much LoTRO has made me cynical, but all this re-pricing and retroactive banning and given how near-impossible it is to make a decent sum, costs of things like repairs and waypoints scaling with level - is not making me hopeful. Please reassure me that I'm wrong, and that having to do 200 DEs without dying for ONE piece of level 80 gear is a reasonable thing. It looks way overtuned to me and they seem to keep going in the wrong direction...
  3. This is weird, because for my kin they've been dropping like candy in everything from Turtle to Foundry. Four of us got them on Monday, and another half dozen people have got them since. Of course, Turbine may 'fix' the drop rate. It's also level-dependant - the ones you get in the Moria instances can only be used on items up to level 65. I've never seen a stat tome drop. I saw nine crystals drop and won two of them in one day of gameplay after they were introduced, and I'm not a hard-core raider.
  4. You meam that 99$ per year deal they discontinued back in October? Back by popular demand! Are we going to start a pool on the shutdown date, or what?
  5. I was able to buy the coffee recipes (there are three) from the improved recipes vendor at the cook's guild - all three give 15% IXP, I think for one hour. The scholar thing is very bad indeed. I'm glad I got my second one (also not guilded) up to master tier before this happened, at least. The other professions took a nerf, too, with tier 6 recipes, a couple may not have tier 5 recipes. Many scroll cases drop in East Malenhad for master and supreme scholar as well as other crafts, but a lot of scholar stuff there. Of course Turbine monitors this board - I hope the area doesn't get nerfed. All recipe drops seem to come in scroll cases now.
  6. Speaking of Moria, all the rep items you saved up for alts now give Miners rep only. Guards have new rep items. I don't believe this was in the patch notes, either.
  7. Minstrel coda of fury nerfed 40% Champ pipgen in glory nerfed 50% Wardens still broken (big news there) Expert scholars no longer sell recipes past T3 - get them in the Turbine store! And on the lootbox thing, turn autoloot off. I had the misfortune of getting one, and they're non-vendorable. You also can't drag them out of your inventory and destroy them. You can mail them, so I guess send to an alt and let the mail expire? Then there's the horror of the not-ready-for-beta Instance Finder. Probably more to be discovered.
  8. But we'll be fighting with magical rings! And having eagles fly us away! *groan* The more I see, the more likely it becomes to me that nobody is running Turbine. It's spit out by a computer programme that went buggy, and it just getting buggier all the time. I know that's not true (probably), but who is coming up with this stuff, with the instance finder, with all the horribad ideas they've been turning into reality lately? Even without taking revenue into consideration, this is just plain...terrible thinking, and worse execution.
  9. I won't be surprised when there's another December 'deal a day' sale and the prices of quest packs have doubled or trebled, to be honest. That's why the point sale now. I was thinking the game would last until May or June. Now - I'm doubting even that much time.
  10. If memory serves, you can trait your soldier up to 79. It's nice having an over-levelled soldier, but not a requirement. At least you've got one on-level, which is more than most of my toons will ever be able to say with the upcoming rewards nerf. I wouldn't trade campaign marks, as they're going to be turned into medallions, but I would trade anything under 4th marks. That's just me, though, but I'm fairly certain that the exchange rate will not be generous to us - it may be on parity, but I doubt we'll have any inconvenience bonuses from Turbine, and a straight-up nerf wouldn't shock me.
  11. Yeah, I've got 1000-something over there, haven't posted in a while. But I've been negged for posts like - asking an innocuous question about housing, and in one case - telling somebody where to find a mob in Forochel for a class quest! If the Turbine Defender Squad doesn't like you, any post is an opportunity to neg. You know what this makes me think of? What forums of failing internet ponzis look like just before the whole thing crashes down around them and the SEC or other governmental authority intervenes (I've a friend who used to swear these were legit investments, spent more time than I care to admit perusing the forums whilst trying to talk them out of throwing away thousands of dollars). I think I may have just hit upon the perfect career move for the Paiz's. Everyone gets ugly, people even lose friendships. Not to mention money. Actually, that sounds a lot like LoTRO now. Don't worry about the negative rep, pretty soon there won't be anymore forums. Just don't give Turbine anymore of your cash. I suppose there's a tiny possibility they'll see the light, but it's looking pretty unlikely.
  12. Store scrolls to make the 10 minute debuff go away? More skirmish mark scrolls? Not sure. It almost sounds like they're trying to sell the company again (no, I don't think they are). You know - 'all our content is played by x percentage of users' (*because we don't give them a choice). Nonetheless, I'm sure all will be revealed in the cash shop shortly.
  13. The name was QuartermasterU - sort of like the QuartermasterC who posts in the weekly sale promo thread. In case anyone does want to track for future reference. Non-blue names that have 'Guardian of the Citadel' as their title are either Turbine employees, or people appointed by Turbine to moderate, or possibly both. I don't know which, to be certain, but 'Guardian of the Citadel' is usually Turbine talking.
  14. You get them in your introductory gift box now.
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