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  1. I'd bet that WB is part of the reason, why Turbine has changed their attitude. It wouldn't be a big surprise, if WB would have told Turbine to reduce the expenses e.g. for the customer support, which might have forced Turbine to ignore such cases and as many complaints as possible. I've lost a student job in a a similar event (new company owns everything and cuts many expenses, also those which have funded my job).
  2. I didn't want to bash the US. I was actually wondering, if there's just some kind cultural difference between the US and Europe regarding consumer related management, and I cannot and do not want to judge about cultural differences. Sorry, if I wasn't clear about my intentions.
  3. Vermutlich hat man gehofft, das Problem schneller lösen zu können, ohne näher auf den Hintergrund eingehen zu müssen. Sieht ja schlecht aus, wenn man Sicherheitslücken eingestehen muss, weniger vor den Augen der Community als vor den Augen des Businnes. Sehr viel besser macht man es so aber natürlich auch. Den Wortlaut der neuen Meldung würde ich nicht auf die Goldwaage legen. An der Stelle nimmt es meistens nicht sehr genau.
  4. I'm wondering, if the behaviour of Sapience aka Rick Heaton is an American thing, or if he's just out of his mind. I mean, no matter what your customer do, you simply can't talk to and about them like that. During my studies I've worked in the web department a major publisher, where I also had to work with the communities, and if I'd talked with and about the communities in such a derogative way, I'd have lost my job immediately. And I've never seen such a behaviour from a company representative, except from companies, who act with fraudulent intentions (which doesn't mean, that I accuse Turbine of fraud!). What is this guy thinking? Is this some kind of war for him? Oppress everyone, whose opinions are not "in line" with the opinion of the "leader" and the company? Does he have a proper education, especially for his job? Which college or university has taught him, that it's okay to vilify uncomfortable customers on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else again and again and again?
  5. My impression of freundlich was, that he wanted to boast with his knowledge. I don't believe, that he explored the security systems just to do us a favour. For him it was some kind of a game. And he won. He gained access to the servers and explored the databases. Then he wanted to pick up his reward, but Turbine wasn't stoked and did not react as quickly, as he has expected, and the community did not believe him. But he still wanted his "reward", and so he entered the databases again and collected data as a proof in a stupid argument in a forum. It's either that, or a complete absence of common sense. In the end he acted as a so called "black hat", and while the outcome of story will help to secure the servers and our data, it's hard for me to thank him for what he did. Actually I'm scared, that guys like him try to mess around with the servers and our data - and that they are actually successful. If I'd be a religious person, I'd rather thank god, that it was immature kid, who has hacked the servers, and not somebody, who understands, what this knowledge is good for.
  6. I'd usually agree with armitas and TearoseUnderhill. All communities have the tendency to panic, exaggerate things, make up facts from rumours and draw conspiracies. Silence and discretion often are no virtues of communities. However, there's no excuse for what Turbine it's doing now - or should I say what Turbine is not doing now? It's okay to keep quiet until the problems are solved, but Turbine should at least inform the players about the nature of the problem and what the player could or have to do. Have the game account-databases been affected or just the community-database? Do the players have to take measures to secure their accounts? Or are the accounts safe? But there's nothing, aside from the short, generic maintenance message. That's ridiculous, and there's no excuse for that behaviour, especially since the players "panicking" anyway and make up the worst scenarios to compensate the lack of information.
  7. Well, there's a difference, isn't it? As a lifer or VIP you still don't have to pay for essentials ,like freebies have to. Most of the stuff, that VIPs can buy, are optional and wouldn't be available without F2P and the shop. Therefore I wouldn't describe as game, where the players have to buy the game, pay a fee and pay again for essential stuff. However, the "feeling" has changed with F2P and the shop, since the game is more and more build around the shop. Especially for a lifer like me it's a strange experience. I don't have to pay to play the game, but since I'm confronted with "Buy this! Buy that"-options everywhere, I feel more and more like a free player. LOTRO feels like a luxurious version of Runes of Magic.
  8. Are the screenshots, freundlich has made, already recognized as stolen? Or does "stolen" mean a database dump?
  9. Can you please recall the evidence for me? I can't follow you. And since Turbine hasn't talked much about it anyway.
  10. Again, maybe it's just a problem with the forums. That's serious, but not as serious as if the game account-database would be affected. And I'd bet, that it's "just" the forums. Does anyone have more information?
  11. Die Foren sind ohnehin im Wartungsmodus, wahrscheinlichen wegen eines Sicherheitslecks. Du verpasst also nichts
  12. Just out of curiosity: Has "freundlich" actually accessed the game account-database or "just" the vBulletin-databse? I know, even the vBulletin/forum-database would be terrible enough since the forum-accounts are connected with the game-accounts, and a hacker would gain access to the usernames and email-adresses, but at least the subscription details should be safe. Sine the game servers are still online, and other vBulletin boards are suddenly in maintenance mode as well and I since can't remember, that "freundlich" has shown any other information than hashes and email-addresses, I wonder, if he "just" stumbled across a previously unknown breach in vBulletin or if he actually had access to the more critcal game account-database.
  13. Yepp, would be interesting if the hole is already closed. Maybe freundlich could check the servers again, but I'm afraid, that this would mean another breaking of the law.
  14. Ich denke, hier haben alle nur in guter Absicht gehandelt, "freundlich" im Sinne der Community und der Sicherheit der Accounts, Valandir im Sinne der Betreiber des Forums. Leider haben beide in dieser sensiblen und schwierigen Angelegenheit Fehler gemacht. Letztendlich ist aber kein Schaden entstanden und es wird wohl auch kein Schaden entstehen, und daher hoffe ich, dass alle Seiten einen Haken unter das Thema machen können, ohne weitere Schritte einzuleiten. Dass man mit Benutzerdaten sehr vorsichtig umgehen muss, dürfte nun ohnehin jedem klar geworden sein. Man sieht je, welche Kreise das in Windeseile ziehen kann, und ehe man es sich versieht, redet man von Datenschutzbauftragten und rechtlichen Schritten. Ok, vielleicht war der Lerneffekt in Sachen Privatsphäre und Datensicherheit doch noch nicht groß genug Freundlich hat sich gar nicht erst irgendwelcher Daten bemächtigen geschweige denn veröffentlichen dürfen, sondern sein Wissen an Sapience o.Ä. weiter leiten müssen *doppelpunkt* *dreifachesausrufezeichen* *einseinself*
  15. @Cutholen Deine Daten sind mittlerweile im Netz unterwegs und werden an einigen Stellen im Zuge der Nachrichten zu diesem Vorfall genannt. Das mögen nicht viele Daten sein, aber in meinem Falle könnten ähnliche Informationen dazu führen, dass jemand dahinter kommt, welche nichtöfffentliche Email-Adresse ich verwenden. Das würde mir auch nicht schmecken, und dass jemand mal eben in die Datenbank eindringt, um sich widerrechtlich sensibler Daten zu bemächtigen, um seinen Standpunkt in einer Forendiskussion zu untermauern, ist ein Unding. Ich würde da auch kräftig auf den Tisch hauen, hoffe allerdings, dass es auch dabei bleibt. @All Jetzt tut doch nicht so, als sei Valandir ein noch schlimmerer Finger. Was Valandir getan hat oder angedeutet hat, ist auch nicht in Ordnung, aber mitwillig in eine Datenbank einzudringen um ... na steht doch alles schon oben ... ist eine ganz andere Geschichte. Alle Seiten haben hoffentlich ihre Lektion gelernt. @freundlich Das ist hoffentlich kein Sreenshot einer PM. Private Korrespondenz hat in einem Thread nichts zu suchen.
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