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  1. All my characters on Gilrain are listed but no data is available for them. Around a month ago two of those characters had some accomplishment details on MyLotro but since being played that data has since disappeared.
  2. I've lost interest in the Star Wars universe so I won't be bothering. And like Raedwulf I'm waiting for Guild Wars 2. Hope we get a beta before the year ends.
  3. Siel


    It's scary the way that social networking is shaping modern life. if a government had published something like that a couple of decades ago, people would be up in arms and quoting George Orwell. It seems that we are creating Big Brother ourselves For myself, I'm just glad I'm not a sheep and don't have an overwhelming urge to follow the flock
  4. Characters that haven't been played for a long time seem to be turning up first, depending on server. It was mentioned that the data is mined from the beginning of the servers history onwards. All my characters on Gilrain have appeared but the details are as yet unavailable on the mylotro site. I can access the character data via Digital_Utopia's Lotro Character Journal Gadget though.
  5. Turbine quite wisely kept in-game manifestations of the store limited to the UI. I'm sure we would have seen some picket lines in Bree if there was an actual store to visit.
  6. I'll definitely be getting Guild Wars 2 when its available, got to make use of all my Hall of Monuments rewards The Secret World is another game I'm interested in. I'm an avid explorer in MMOs and exploring is how you progress in The Secret World. No levelling involved. Like Thorebane I have next to no interest in The Old Republic. The Star Wars universe just seems stale and has become a cliché of itself.
  7. No idea, sorry. If I ever bump into him I'll tell him you're looking for him. Just before I give him a little tap on the head and take a screenshot.
  8. I was close to an epiphany once. They smell funny.
  9. I thought it was probably a Lorebook problem. Always worth checking though.
  10. Yeah I could have phrased that better.
  11. Are you still working on this Muer? Some of the items have errors on the popups. Either you've changed something or Turbine has.
  12. Mistpaw and William Redcastle were in the game during the beta, and definitely back in January 2007. Whether or not they're still in the game is another story. They may have been removed on release. Mistpaws Ear is still listed in the Lorebook and the history has it present back in a December 2009 data import.
  13. Criminal are criminals. No question about that. And since we live in an imperfect world full of thieves and vandals we should expect a reasonable level of protection from those elements. I certainly make sure my door is locked when I leave the house and I assume a level of security in banks, shops and the like. Poor security is a magnet to illegal activity wherever it's found. The internet is no different, it's just easier to cover your tracks if you have the know-how.
  14. Could be ISP related. I'm with Virgin Media and have had no problems.
  15. I have no problem accessing those links at all.
  16. There must have been some developments as a character I created on Crickhollow during migration is now viewable on MyLotro. My characters on the European servers aren't available yet.
  17. I've not heard of any. I don't know if MMORPG and others were given access to any additional content other than the trailer but it doesn't seem like much to base an award on.
  18. It must be good as its already won an award for Best MMO expansion at E3 2011.
  19. Just had an email from Turbine CS confirming that my June points were previously missing and were added and available for use. I sent the original ticket 5 days ago and only replied to the one automated reply.
  20. 1000 If he gets a prize then I want one too
  21. Various magazines gave codes for this away going back to 2008. I think Eurogamer gave away 5000 codes and then another 5000 later on. Was to celebrate the Moria release.
  22. I went out to collect the pages on my RK recently and got all but one page within a couple of hours. The last page finally dropped after killing over 500 Corcurs. I'd consider that a grind but at least I gained an assortment of reputation and crafting items from the ordeal. The 5 gold from selling the junk didn't hurt either.
  23. The media tags don't like those shortened youtube links. You need to use the full address rather than the share link.
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