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  1. Well, my latest show is now up on the website, and it is entirely devoted to this issue. I tried to be balanced in my coverage, and to not give a personal opinion of the situation, but it wasn't easy. I understand why Sapience declined to comment (policy, I'm sure), but it's hard to be balanced when only one side of the issue is willing to talk. You can see the show on my website, link in Sig.
  2. Actually, Sapience by Turbine policy cannot comment on why a poster was moderated. They have specific rules against this, and have always adhered to that policy as far as I have seen. This I assume is why there have been statements of a Glitch in the system, because they can't come out and say "Zweiblumen is off in Coventry now", nor can they even say he's been moderated at all. Not taking their side, just saying.
  3. Hmmm... I am going to assume it is a change being made to the MyLOTRO side of things, otherwise the Forums would just be taken down. By making things read-only and preventing log-ins, it will allow the forums to remain up, while database changes are made on the backend. If I had to guess, this has to do with the continual issues with the EU migration, and/or working on the Lotteries system. But in reality, it could be anything.
  4. We Lifers have a contract with Turbine, and it is very clear: We don't have to pay subscription fees for the life of the game, period. If Turbine were to do something screwy, such as removing the ability to subscribe, then take away the "Free Updates" portion of the VIP level (thus forcing Lifers to buy new content as it comes out like everyone else), that would summon a huge PR disaster for Turbine and WB. It isn't worth the headache for them, let alone the lost goodwill with the gaming community as a whole. By the way, Lifers really aren't the drain of resources that many think we are. I've spent easily what I did on my Lifetime sub again in TP purchases over the last year. While I am sure some Lifers aren't buying TP, they are no more a burden than the Free players who refuse to buy TP and get by only on grinding TP.
  5. Turbine learned from Patience once upon a time saying definitively that LOTRO would never go F2P, only to have upper management make that change less than a year later. Now they couch all of their statement in vague terms, so they can't be cornered like Patience found herself, when LOTRO F2P was announced. This does not mean Turbine has any plans to do away with VIP status, just because they left that possibility open, only that they don't want to get burned should management decide to make that change at some later date. Now then, if I might do some theory-crafting here, if Turbine were to do away with VIP, I could see it going something like this: Lifetime Subscribers: Nothing would change for them. Current VIP Subscribers: Moved to Premium status, all subscriptions stopped on a specific date, with any remaining pre-paid time converted into TP in some manner, after that date. Current Premiums and Free players: Nothing would change. After that change, there would only be 2 options for most LOTRO players: Play entirely for free, or spend some money (buying points in the LOTR Store or an expansion via the Web Store) and get the benefits of a Premium account. Lifers would retain VIP status, because Turbine legally has to provide that service for us until the game is officially shut down. That would work, although I think some non-Lifer VIPs would be quite unhappy with the change, as they would have to purchase a lot of quest-packs to retain the access they previously had under VIP.
  6. Thanks! I'm not going to be getting any interviews with gaming developers due to the nature of my show, but it's good to know some people appreciate what I do. That said, I'm getting off-topic here, sorry. Back to the discussion at hand. I would invite anyone who feels they have been adversely affected by this situation on the LOTRO Forums to send me a message if they'd like to get in-depth beyond what has been said here. Otherwise, I'll just be going by the discussion in general.
  7. Please do! I'd distrust someone wielding my monniker, if I were not familiar with their posting history, here or elsewhere. I chose to post as "The MMO Troll" here because it is the name of my website and video podcast, but as my signature states, I usually post as something else on other forums. For example, I'm BellusDufenna on the LOTRO Forums, and posted as Scormus (of Sen'jin server) on the WoW Forums, once upon a time.
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