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  1. I can't speak to your particular issue in specific, but it appears there is a whole lot broken in LOTRO right now, and Turbine isn't exactly tripping over themselves to get them fixed.
  2. Yeah, I always found those things to be superfluous. It doesn't need to be something 'always on', and required to be shown for all players. Some might say it's just a little extra for the Mambers/GMs, but it can also be seen as pointing out basic B2P players, which frankly isn't cool.
  3. Man, I wish my new gaming laptop was here already! My old rig is failing (video card is going), and the new custom Asus I am getting from Xotic PC won't arrive until at least this coming weekend, maybe next week. So I haven't been able to play anything in depth for a MONTH, and TSW will be one of the first games I install and check out on the new rig. All the changes sound great, especially since I've been a GM since Day 1.
  4. I'm receiving a brand new laptop soon, and don't plan to install LOTRO on it. Which is a shame, since I was hoping to get one of my characters up to cap, or at least play some more with my Druid from WoW... err, I mean Beornling.
  5. So, I haven't logged into LOTRO in a couple of weeks, since my gaming laptop is failing hard (video card is dying quickly). Have the problems with the new data center been resolved? I have a new laptop coming soonish (late this week or early next week, whenever the upgrades get completed), and I want to know if I should bother installing LOTRO on my bitchin' new rig, or stick to my single player games on Steam (Skyrim, Darkest Dungeon, etc), The Secret World, and GW2?
  6. Well, I can see both sides of this issue, as it can be annoying to come across someone blatantly AFK Farming an area, especially if there are mobs therein that I need for a quest. But at the same time, should everyone be required to log off if they step away from their keyboard to take care of the kids, grab a snack, use the facilities, or answer the phone? No, of course not. Many times when I was still raiding in WoW we'd take breaks and go AFK for 10 minutes or so after a boss kill, so some of the team could grab a smoke or whatever, and that was just fine. But a Hunter going AFK in an area populated with mobs, leaving their pet on aggressive was considered "Unintended gameplay", and could earn you a ban. Basically, LOTRO is doing the same thing as WoW did in such cases. I know it isn't right, and isn't fair to people legitimately going AFK for a few minutes, but they aren't the only people playing the game, either. Going AFK and farming with your pet is against the rules, and should earn that player some penalty. I would think just knocking them offline would be the most appropriate response, but that's just me.
  7. Well, I was working towards leveling my main characters (A Warden, an Minstrel, and a Rune-Keeper) up to cap, finally, but if they are just going to raise it, I might as well play something else. Sure, its only five levels, and I would like to see Mordor, but I can just as easily pick one character to do that on, and play something else with the rest of my time. Just bought "Skyrim" (and all DLC), "South Park: The Stick of Truth", and a couple other games on the Steam sale. Those should keep me plenty occupied for the next few months, at least.
  8. Without the Store, there is no more LOTRO, so of course they will put it first before fixing problems in the actual game. While fixing those game problems might make some players happy, the Store brings in money to Turbine, while fixing content only costs money. So money always comes first, and once the store is upgraded and stable... oh, who am I kidding, even then they won't fix the game issues!
  9. That would have been an unmitigated disaster. Kick 95% of the playerbase in the jumblies, then only reward the 5% or so that raids? All while publicly admitting their game engine isn't up to snuff? The PR hit they would have taken would have been astronomical, and the backlash against the company Biblical in scope. For better or worse, Turbine had to do some form of Mounted Combat for the RoR expansion. It was practically required, and to fail to provide such a feature would have harpooned the future of the game even moreso than HD did.
  10. Really? I haven't seen any drama there... Maybe it's because I'm playing in the lower-level zones right now, and missing out on all that "fun"?
  11. RPers don't need to be "big spenders" per se' to be of great value to Turbine. Take a look at the game itself, and what player events do you see happening? Most of them are RP-driven events, often but not always on RP servers. For Turbine, these events equal free content for the playerbase, that the company doesn't have to do anything to reap the benefits of. So when players are getting bored of this content or that, and wonder if they should leave LOTRO for Game X, having player events going on that might help hold some of those bored players in LOTRO is a significant benefit. These RP events also serve to be free advertising for the game, especially big ones like Weatherstock. Compare this to what other player groups bring to the table, and its easy to see why Turbine might favor RPers. PvMP players aren't a huge draw to keep other players in the game, as LOTRO isn't exactly a bastion for PvP combat. Most serious PvPers wouldn't play LOTRO on a bet. Raiders? Are there any Raiders left in LOTRO, and if they are, what could they offer to keep players in-game? LOTRO isn't a game for Raiders anymore. So it seems to me that RPers are the only community that is actively helping to keep players in the game by running regular events and trying to keep the community engaged. That would be why Turbine supports them.
  12. That's an interesting point. Maybe this new datacenter and upgraded hardware is preparation for WB putting more money into LOTRO overall? I know that sounds rather feeble, considering the age of the game, but EQ is still going nearly 20 years after it launched. If it meant WB could hold onto the MMO license for LOTR, I suspect they might just put some resources towards the game in the next few years. If they do plan on renewing the license, though, I suspect we won't hear about it until mid 2016 at the earliest.
  13. Turbine can't deal with porn spammers via automated tools, because they keep inadvertently banning legitimate posters. So rather than fix their tools, or deal with the problem manually (put an Intern on it!), they disable signatures, then blame the players for it? Same old Turbine. Only willing to do the absolute minimum, and never willing to take responsibility for their shortcomings.
  14. Well, I get to remove my six characters from Imladris this coming Tuesday (allegedly). I think I'm going to move them to Crickhollow, but some might go to Arkenstone, ones I don't plan on playing much. I chose Crickhollow (over bigger servers like Landy) because it's quiet and the people there are mostly laid-back types. Should be a nice place to settle, at least until Turbine again drives me away from their game in disgust.
  15. Between this and Lebanon, not a good day at all.
  16. That's why I only pay attention to Guild chat or messages from friends in GW2
  17. This does not surprise me in the least. The MOBA market is a very small potential playerbase, and that market has effectively been cornered by LoL and a few other games. New MOBAs will have to do something significantly different to stand out in the crowd, if they want to have any chance of surviving at this point, yet most are just trying to mimic LoL, IC included. I would expect to see more MOBA projects cancelled in 2015, including IC, as it really has nothing going for it other than the DC characters, and that simply won't be enough to break out from under the LoL shadow.
  18. Weirdest broadband situation I have ever seen is in the town my wife and I were looking to move to in a year or so. Quaint small town, about 18 miles outside of Portland, the biggest city in Oregon, so it's a bedroom community of sorts, with about 6000 people living there. I was excited to find that they have FIOS available in town, because the town I currently live in only has Comcast and DSL as broadband options. When the house we were looking at in town fell through, though, we started looking at places to buy just outside of town, and discovered something really odd. Within the first five miles outside of town, if you were near the highway, then you could go with Comcast, but not Verizon/Frontier FIOS. If you went into the hills just south of town, like even just a mile outside of town, you couldn't even get Comcast, and because they seem to not have any cell towers around, no cell phone access, either. Five miles into the hills and you lost cell coverage entirely. So if we do decide to move there, we either settle for a house with only a small plot of land in-town (which my wife would hate, as she wants at least 1/2 an acre), or buy a place outside of town and probably have no broadband access. No bueno.
  19. This. I liked both of Abrams' ST films, along with several other films he has made (Super 8, Cloverfield), so I feel Episode 7: The Force Awakens deserves a shot. How it turns out to be will determine if I ignore Episodes 8 and 9 (The Force Goes For A Morning Run and The Force Takes A Shower).
  20. I loved Voivod back in the 80's and early 90's, and followed them here or there since. But I just recently got their newest album "Target Earth", and it is absolutely fantastic! Here's a taste: Then again, I was an even bigger fan of Sanctuary back about the same time (1988-1991), before they broke up and saw several members go off to form Nevermore. Now, over 20 years later, Sanctuary is back!
  21. I've already paid for Star Citizen, but I think I'll be trying out Elite Dangerous when it comes out, because it sounds awesome.
  22. My wife and I are going to cut back on our normal huge purchases of Halloween candy, because we don't think there will be many Trick-or-Treaters out this year. Just like in 2001, after 9/11, the parents kept their precious darlings home on Halloween, I expect a lot of people will be afraid to have them going door to door with so many scary diseases floating about. Not just Ebola, but my area is also having a rather nasty panic over something called "Non-Polio Enterovirus", that mostly strikes children, and has killed a handful so far in the western US the last few months. For those few kids we do get, I've decided for the crowning scare of my always-impressive Halloween display this year, I'm going to come to the door each time feigning a cough and looking like I'm bleeding from the eyes. The kids might not get the scare, but their parents will.
  23. According to this chart, I am currently playing the game I should be: Rift.
  24. I've been holding off on buying a Collector's Edition until today, because I wasn't even sure I was going to buy one this time. After perusing the available options, I ended up being a sucker and paying for the $150 Ultimate Edition (or whatever it is called), the uber one with all the goodies. Why? Because I'm a sucker.
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