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  1. Gondor is better than rohan but not by a lot GW2, WOW:Legion and SWTOR were all much better than the quests in LOTRO starting in rohan and ending in gondor. This was about as lazy as quest designs can be. and epic battles? what a waste of time and resources.
  2. The quest design in this "content" was simply horrendous and it triggered several of my MMO pet peeves 1) lots of menial fetch quests - picking up and carrying things from one area of town to another. 2) giving a handful of quests for an area, finish them and then be forced to go back to those areas again and sometimes again after that 3) copy pasta quests galore throughout rohan - where each town is like that last one My plan was to grind deeds for traits after hitting 105 but man it was rough leveling. So I uninstalled for now. This game has gotten so bad compared to it's first year or two. If it wasn't the only Middle Earth MMO it would be shut down already.
  3. LOTRO is HORRIBLE for leveling alts in, I think you should get a 100% bonus to XP if you have a level capped character.
  4. well leveling alt specs also slow down your main spec since it's not global for all three specs.
  5. The WOW design has caused some dissent in the playerbase. The amount of time required to level it up means that serious raiders are wasting time by playing alts.
  6. 100%? well no I don't agree. But websites that review games rely on game publishers to advertise on them so it really is a mess though. I generally rely on watching people play games on Twitch before pulling the trigger.
  7. I think they just underpolished content after a while and went lazy. It's a very dated leveling system, there's no way I'm going to level alts that's for sure.
  8. I'm in wildermore right now at lvl 87 or 88. It's slightly better imo but not by much. I was already led to Fangorn to find the hobbits and do random stuff. I'm a couple of levels above the content so maybe I can skip woodhurst.
  9. I stopped playing just when the Great River came out. With the renewal being up in the air, I decided to return to start leveling at 75. The Great River was fine, but Eastern Rohan is about as tedious as leveling can get. My pet peeves are quests that 1) require you to run around from NPC to NPC just for lore reasons. At least keep them nearby each other 2) Quest hubs that send you somewhere, make you come back and send you back again East Rohan is filled with these types of quests. Add in the fact that almost every village has the same quests to help them and you have a really boring expansion. Anyway, I'm slogging through about a level a day of this and have hit level 85. This expansion couldn't have helped their subscriber numbers. I've heard Western Rohan is better as is gondor. Others suggest doing Warg Pens quests for leveling but I'm sticking it out.
  10. Um yes I am the same poster. I'm not sure i was a main reason, but I made the post a simple straightforward question in hopes that it would help. As far as the LOTRO renewal: Waiting to announce the renewal, once it's official, is bad for business. I wouldn't spend money on an MMO in it's last year of being licensed. I'd love to know how far ahead of the 2014 renewal it was official. I'd also love to know if it's last minute, if that's due to the license holder or Turbine/WB being careful. Everything after the fall of Sauron will be anticlimactic, but better than nothing.
  11. With the current licensing expiring in 2017, I'm curious to know how much notice turbine provided prior to past renewals. How many months before the license expiration date was the renewal announced. If we never knew the actual date, was the renewal announcement made the year it was to expire or the year before?
  12. I've been putting in a lot of time each day. the AA of the artifact is pretty fun.
  13. I bought it at the last minute. I was still burned out on the game when I started the expac. I did get bored leveling but have had fun once i hit the cap. That's more because I don't read their quests and rush to the level cap and then relax at 110. They have absolutely made improvements and corrections to WoD. I'll definitely try to play as a DH as they look fun.
  14. Didn't Christopher remove a family member from the official Estate for supporting the films? He's just a confused and grumpy old man. Anything that gets people to read the books is a great thing.
  15. lol. april fools joke is obvious. Christopher Tolkien needs to die first and even if that happened there's no evidence the estate will change their stance.
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