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  1. PatchClientDLL:: CheckDatFiles Failed. [Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the data downloaded from the server] I downloaded LOTRO through Steam, deleted the game entirely and reinstalled only to be welcomed back with the same error. Anyone seen this error and were able to resolve it?
  2. Thank you, I was afraid that was all there was available. That's where I submitted my request but haven't heard anything back (not even an auto reply) and it's been a week.
  3. Title says it all really, I've been trying to get support for a week without so much as an auto reply. That makes me think I am going about it the wrong way so I figured someone may know how SSG provides support for LOTRO. Any tips, hints or suggestions would be much appreciated!
  4. So for more than a week I have been stuck at downloading DAT files with this one "client_general.dat~16840 @99% " I submitted a support ticket last Thursday but haven't received any response, I would have thought I would hear something by now but haven't. If I can't get past this error I can't login to the game. So far I've run the Launcher as Administrator, closed the launcher and deleted the client_general.dat~16840 file and restarted the launcher and still I get stuck at 99%. Nothing I have tried seems to get me past this issue. After this latest update from LOTRO the launcher itself updates then downloads a few new DAT files but still sticks on client_general.dat~16840 at 99%. How can I get past this?
  5. To be fair I couldn't find anything authoritative on the fractured orbital bone claim, the best I could find was that the Officer was beaten and his face had substantial swelling. There are pictures that were taken at the Hospital where he was treated that shows the Officer's face which will be provided to the Grand Jury, we might see those after the Grand Jury has been dismissed. There also appears to be a video taken by a local Ferguson resident that directly contradicts the claim that Brown had his hands up when he was shot. I've not see that either just read several claims that it existed and would be Grand Jury evidence for the Officer's defense. That Ferguson resident's video along with the security video from the robbery Brown committed might be overwhelming enough to remove the idea the Officer should be charged with a crime...
  6. This is closer to the truth of what happened than most of the other things I've seen here. It's convenient to blame cops and scream racial hate, it lines the pockets of attorneys so what the hell right? The kid's attorney made the statement that the Police were trying to tarnish this kid's reputation by providing the security camera footage of the convenience store he just robbed, seriously? While the cops face wasn't crushed he WAS beaten as reported by an on scene news agencies (KMOV of St Louis) and not just speculation created by a bunch of self serving right/left wing bloggers. I'm pretty sure the cop was not beaten AFTER he shot the guy and the cop WAS treated for injuries after the incident. My own opinion of this whole fiasco is that this kid was on the wrong side of the law for many years and statistics bear out that someone following his CHOSEN path would end up in prison and/or causing harm to other individuals. While I've personally seen too much death to wish it on anyone, this kid was complicit in the end results of this incident. The cop wasn't at fault here, I would have done the same thing under those same circumstances.
  7. LOTRO was my first MMO as I previously just played FPS so Life after LOTRO for me was slow to start because I really like the MMO. I started with ESO as I always thought GW2 was a bit too......cartoonish for me but at a friends request I got the game and started playing it in earnest. What a huge improvement from LOTRO in game-play, customer support, creativity and pretty much every other category I can think of except the actual story line. Lets face it, there will only ever be one Tolkein... I always though Turbine was just an average studio but after branching out and playing other titles I'm convinced Turbine should find something else to do...
  8. Good riddance to one of the largest detriments to the game! Frelorn will be a HUGE improvement for the LOTRO Forums, can't wait for the Sap to hit the road. As for whether or not he'll be a good CM with the charity he's going to? I'd say the entire paradigm is different, you don't treat the people you're trying to extract donations from the same way you treat the users of a forum. That said I honestly do not see quality people skills displayed in the vast majority of interactions Ricky boy has had over the years so I'm not going to be surprised if he fails hard where he's going. Working for a charity is hard, long hours and low pay but there can be satisfaction in the results. I sincerely hope Ricky learns how to treat people with dignity and respect at his new job, it's a skill he's going to need and there are a lot of kids that will benefit if he can change his ways....
  9. My apologies if you meant multiple pieces of hardware, I read that as a single piece piece of hardware Since you agree there are multiple pieces of hardware, you might also agree that my point has merit and merging servers could reap some cost benefit.
  10. I find it next to impossible that this entire game runs on a single piece of hardware. the instances are likely virtual and split up by virtue of the resources they need to run, one host machine for each number of instances that host is equipped to handle. Could the host machines under their current load assume another instance or two? I don't know but I bet they could and consolidating the instances could free up entire host machines.There's also all of the supporting applications and appurtenances as well such as the load balancers, firewalls, switches application servers and the rest of their infrastructure in their network.All of these devices contribute to their DC footprint and reducing that footprint through consolidation would save money. I think the largest costs savings would come in manpower hours though, that's always the largest cost in any operation like this. Consolidation could potentially save them the salary of an Admin or two and I bet that would be fairly significant.
  11. It's not just calculating how much it costs to merge the server that's relevant, one also has to calculate long term administrator/network savings as well. What would your racks look like with 1/2 the current servers? How much would you save from reduced DataCenter costs? How many Admin hours do you save by reducing the number of servers that need to be kept updated and backed up? Enough to lay off one or two Admins? Wouldn't a server merge be a good time to prune F2P accounts that haven't had activity in say 2 years? Reducing the size of your storage always has cost benefit. While there would be considerable pain in server merges, I honestly think the savings would balance the long term scales of the debate...
  12. You guys talking about this? https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?545402-Bug-Hack-Early-really-bad-idea-for-April-Fools Nice!
  13. I'm not perma-banned and I made a post yesterday to be sure. Perhaps it's because I have a ton of overall infractions most of which were overturned? The weird thing is that it's not there at all, not just that it may be inaccurate.
  14. Interesting, I don't have that listed in my posts on the OF...
  15. I think if Turbine is actually paying for the love-fest going on over there they should demand a refund. Obvious shill is.....obvious and generally not very intelligent or overly clever. I think it's more likely they are pure sycophants and just want to be the in the know. I honestly don't think there is actual cash exchanging hands, but I bet Sapience rewards the most ardent supporters with things like Beta Invites or other in-game perks though...
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