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    New World

    How did this work out so far? Does it have a store and if so how heavy is the in-your-faceness of the advertising for it?
  2. WTF are Legendary Servers? I am so out of the loop.
  3. Are they still trying to use datacenters in New England? I don't live there anymore, but traditionally you would not experience lack of excitement if you were having a farm there.
  4. The 4k version of the Harry Potter movies is part of Amazon Prime day. $99, and somehow it got down to $79 for me. I dunno why I need them in 4k given I have the BluRays already, but it is a good deal. Couldn't resist.
  5. I wanted a fix of MMORPG and fired up SW:TOR again. Looks in meh shape. Only 2 US servers left? And the launcher hangs at patching the game at 82%. What can I expect if I went through the trouble of fixing my install?
  6. I think we have seen in the last years that it is not that simple. MEE licenses from the estate, and the estate has demonstrated that they are willing to fight when MEE sublicenses in a way that the estate doesn't think is covered by their own licenses.
  7. I am still sure that the large settlement of the lawsuit this summer included all the specifics. Christopher Tolkien stepping down when exactly. LOTRO stopping what and when exactly. Amazon's TV series. All this stuff is in my opinion guaranteed to be found in there. Those settlements tend to be very exhaustive and clarify everything. Otherwise the negotiation positions are not clear. Once it takes a while every bit related to the issue at hand is clarified. Whether there is a shutdown date for LOTRO I don't know. A development stop? Certainly.
  8. Microtransactions in general are an issue entirely separate from in-game gambling that is rooted at real-world money and leads to any kind of potential reward. Regardless of whether the reward is real-world or in-game. If it starts at real money and there is a large chance to lose the money it is gambling for money. I don't think anybody can expect the latter to stand up to scrutiny in jurisdictions where gambling for money is regulated. LOTRO is just too small to go after them with the attorney general here in MA.
  9. Well, I don't think this is a bad thing. If I had it my way they would give out licenses to make something very liberally and very cheap (with profit sharing in case of later success). It is easy for me to not consume the garbage that is made and it clearly increases the chances that something I like is being made. Myself I perceive the Hobbit movies as clearly inferior to the LoTR movies, to the point where I don't watch the Hobbit movies. This isn't a good situation. There could also be a varying degree, which Amazon seems to have gotten already. Highest tier includes the actual Frodo or Bilbo storylines. Second tier is other actual stories. Third tier is the universe as defined, with only small integration of story characters allowed (as history or whatever). My understanding is that JRR Tolkien intended the latter to be free for all anyway. If so, that wish has never been respected by Christopher.
  10. Does it get better or worse now? https://io9.gizmodo.com/j-r-r-tolkiens-son-resigns-as-director-of-tolkien-esta-1820476459
  11. I have high hopes for this. Amazon TV series aren't quite where Netflix is, however they mostly use the same actual production companies. Setting the right priorities and allocate some cash (mostly for actors, no elephant sized CGI wargs please) would go a long way. Unless it is a miniseries I don't think they follow the epic storyline from the books. I would expect a region-hopping thing, e.g. parts in the Shire, parts in Breeland, building some characters there, interactions between them. Trouble will probably be in the form of attacks on their homes, I don't think they will start a TV by going out questing.
  12. That should work on segfaults, right? How do I get the backtrace out of the dump?
  13. Looks to me like it might have been intended to make character rendering a bit cheaper. Wondering how LOD develops as distance increases. I bet you see a lot more similarity at some distance now. They might have been scared by mass player events. Is Weathertop still happening in LOTRO these days?
  14. Did anybody attach a debugger to get a backtrace? Does WinBlows even report whether we are looking at a segmentation fault, or an exception, or what here? How do you debug these "didn't work" error messages?
  15. I'm more concerned that this kind of idea can get a patent granted.
  16. I'm also quite disgusted how they just fired everybody involved with the more serious game (PC game with some depth), simply re-staffing from scratch. Apart from the human treatment it also means that they will mess around brand new technology (everything Android and IOS for games is brand new) with a team that don't know each other, and that have probably been hired under rocky interview conditions. Which location is supposed to be doing this? Boston?
  17. For x86 64 bit code would be a bit faster generally, however doubling the RAM requirements for pointers by 2x can be a serious problem. For example, code that make use of linked lists, not to talk of double-linked lists which are the default kind of lists in C++1x. If you cons up a list of 32-bit integers then 32 bit code would use 32+2x32 = 96 bits per cell, 64 bit code would use 32+2x64 bits = 160 bits, which is a solid 1.66x. If you have problems fitting into the virtual address space available under 32 bit code (2, 3 or 4 GB depending on OS) you often end up introducing random hacks to deal with it. Those can slow down code. However, in the transitions I observed this effect was generally overrated. People remember lots of terrible hacks, which they might have been, but the actual resulting technical slowdown was a lot less dramatic than selective memory indicated. Of course dropping 32 bit versions does change the demographics of the computers that run the code. You kick out a lot of older computers and you force a lot of other people to do a fresh install of the OS. That has a serious impact on average execution speed. Your compiled code also has the benefit of always expecting a new generation of CPUs, which means your compiler can drop a bunch of outdated sequences, and new instructions are available (especially SIMD).
  18. It is perfectly reasonable to have a computer optimized for older games, and run Windows XP on that one. Even some contemporary but underdeveloped games like LOTRO are single-threaded, so you would throw a computer with very high per-core speed at it. Such a computer could reasonably run Windows XP. Of course you never surf the web with it.
  19. Why do you think that an i7 with its more cores and hyperthreading will help a single-threaded game?
  20. Can't say I'm very happy with lots of youtube videos with little commentary on part of the person posted. This is a forum for you to say something. As for the topic at hand, I find Trump very hard to analyze (which might be by design on part of him or his team). I can say for sure that I am not comfortable with Bannon on the NSC and a whole range of other people in the administration. It isn't so much incompetent people. Trump has the right to nominate people with no expertise in the matter at hand, just like it is done in many big companies. The Senate is supposed to guard against too much damage being done. Not his problem. I seriously question, however, what kind of security clearance review process lead to some of the current team went through. Past connections, past speech and past actions would keep most of us here from getting as much as a random low level clearance to work on some statistics for the department of derp. But white house, NSC, heading intelligence services? I think it is fully justified to ask the FBI to explain their decision making in more detail.
  21. Asylum seekers are an entirely different matter compared to people entering illegally and keeping away from the government. I don't see any of this week's action going against asylum seekers. What it says is that if a person feels they are a legitimate candidate for asylum in a western country then it would sound unwise to plan for the U.S. as a destination. It is nice to say they should go to Canada instead - but from where? Greenland persecuted politicos? Latin America has its fair share of conditions that qualify people for asylum under Western rules, however going to Canada needs to be done by air or maybe ship, and then you can as well go to Europe. Canada's immigration policies are also a lot less welcome than European countries. Not sure where the Canada bashing in this respect is coming from.
  22. It is impossible to enforce a law "don't lose your gun" when any random idiot can have one and there isn't even a license to take away on first signs of sloppiness. You can control the flow of guns at the manufacturing and import level. That is a couple of magnitudes more enforceable.
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