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  1. Pot. Kettle. Black. That's called hypocricy. Actually it appears you are the one good at drama since you brought my LOTRO forum name here without even knowing me.. I surely do not know you. I vaguely remember a very rude kin leader (who I only spoke to once several years ago lol) who did not want me in her kin since I was a dps mini and yes this person said that .. you know what, it's ok. her/his kin and they have the right to run it the way they want but honestly there was no need to be rude and offensive about it.. and I'm merely here to explain things a bit but I did that so now I'll leave. If I were you, I would get that chip off your shoulder. This is only a game. No reason to be so angry and hold onto game grudges from 2 years ago!! Life is too short for that. Chill out.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm not good at multi-quoting so I'll just make one post and be done with it. First of all, please accept my apologies for posting to a dead thread but since I (Norwrei) seem to be the topic of this gossip fest even though I was not here to defend myself, I felt better late than never.. even though at the end of the day it doesn't really matter, does it? I'm not responding in order, just as the thoughts come to me.. sorry for that too. I'm not really a big forum poster. I actually only came to this forum today after not being here for several years to find info about the servers being down. Out of boredom accidentally came across this thread. To the person about the Moors mini, it was not me since I'm not good at pvp and don't do the Moors.. I'm only rank 3. I haven't changed a ton of servers either due to conflict. When I first started LOTRO it was during early beta way back when I used to work with Codemasters as a contributing writer, game events person, some gm related stuff, etc. This is how I fell in love with the mini. I remember once we were doing an event for players and my colleagues asked me to heal or something, I said I don't know how so they said just kill stuff lol. Of course in god-mode, that's easy enough haha. After beta, I became a normal player and continued to dps my minstrel even before warspeach existed. That wasn't really easy but I still did it. My original server was Snowbourn and that's where I still am... and I'm very happy there too. At one point I did request to be transferred to Elder where my son was... by mistake got transferred to Evernight and then the transfer were closed... so as soon as they were open went to Elder. I did enjoy Elder despite some rude people. But rude people can be found anywhere, just as in real life. I missed Snowbourn and wanted to go back forever but at that point it was not possible due to technical issues to be transferred back to a server previously on...so once again tried the RP server on the EU side for a few days while they tried to move my character to Snowbourn. That was a few years ago and I've been on Snowbourn since. On all servers there are both good and bad people. I've encountered both. Sadly the way I would play my Minstrel would attract some of the bad... you know the kind of people who feel the need to throw insults at you simply for how you choose to play a game. Bullies. Everyone has the right to play their game the way he/she wants. I never dictated to others how to play yet often I would get uninvited messages from people I did not know ranging from how to trait my virtues, etc to my gear to flat out calling me names and if I ever dared to stand up for myself then I was the bad one. Since most of these comments did come from men, or at least people who claim to be guys.. yes I also felt descriminated against as a woman... sometimes even as an American because being on an EU server back in those days, I did see a lot rude comments against Americans. I just basically had enough of the crap and rude people who want to destroy your fun, you know the same kind of people who have nothing else better to do than gossip about someone who is not even here to defend themselves. In most forums that is simply not allowed. Despite the negativity there was just as much support if not more. There are a lot of nice people who play this game so I really don't want to give the bad ones too much credit. Alot of people allowed me to play in their groups as a dps mini but sad sometimes there would be players who did not like it and would order me like I was some slave to heal.. etc and if I did not, then I was being a selfish player. But if I was invited to dps, then why should I take orders to heal? Anyway, that's all ancient history now and it's become a moot point since now all classes have become hybrid (which I think is great) and I've not run into too many people who have issues about dps mini.. sure occasionally there is the odd-ball but for the most part everything is good. I see game is up so thanks for letting me have my say and have a nice day in Middle-Earth!
  3. Concerning Turbine ingame cs in general.. based on my personal experience, it has been horrible. The phone support has been much better though. Due to unresolved issues, I submitted several tickets on the same subject because unlike CM, we cannot edit or reopen our ticket once it has been closed. Instead of answers or solutions, I was contacted by ingame support and warned if I submitted another ticket on the same subject that I would be banned. I could understand if I was spamming or abusing the system but I was not. I had submitted 3 tickets and the only kind of reply I usually get are auto responses...such as a redirect to the knowledge base, etc... not real answers. I filed an official complaint.. even contacted Turbine corporate office.. but no apologies, nothing. I feel like we, as an EU lotro community have lost so much with this transition. It makes me sad. I try to remain optimistic but it's not easy. So yes, I very much miss CM.. imperfections and all. At least it felt like a real community and they seemed to care..I wish Turbine and CM would reconsider and forge a new contract but I doubt it will happen. sighs :-(
  4. Yes and my son is already wanting to spend it on a new outfit for his charactor, lol.. poor mom doesn't get a chance.
  5. I just received an email apologizing for the ban. They said it was an error and compensated me with 500 TP's for my troubles.
  6. Phone support was useless. They said that ingame did the ban and they could not see why I was banned but could see how long. He said that an ingame support senior staff member would eventually contact me when they got around to my ticket (2-4 business days)... he was rude so then I was rude and he hung up. Then I called a second time.. and waited 15 minutes before someone finally answered. This last person was able to help me. He told me that the gm's were overwhelmed and just banned everyone, reporters and gold spammers both. So if someone copy/paste the offending text into a ticket.. for some reason the system also saw it as the reporter being the spammer. Makes no sense to me. Anyway... now unbanned.
  7. I tried calling but got a message saying they are closed. Just tried again 5 minutes ago. Are there others banned for this as well? I know I saw the one forum post.. so I assumed I may not be alone but then again, hard to know since usually when you're banned forum access is blocked. Forum access is now blocked again for me. I guess the reason I could access it previously is because the servers, etc were down. By the way, been banned since early this morning.
  8. I'm sorry but I think Turbine support is horrible. I miss CM.. the forums.. the support.. everything, even if they were also not perfect. That's just my personal opinion of course. But that's life and we move on.. just as eventually one day LOTRO will be nothing more than a memory and we shall move on. As for the gold spammers..Yes I reported it and I think it's not my fault if someone made a mistake. I did submit an appeal as soon as I was banned and still no reply. I never even received an email to explain the ban. Why would a GM speak with certain players and not the rest? That is also something I detest. There is no room for favoritism and corruption in customer support.
  9. @Rarehero, Please don't jump to premature conclusions yourself. :-) I said I was upset but that I assume it was some kind of bug. And yes, still upset. No idea if I'm unbanned or not yet. I only hope that I am. I assume that I am since I can post on the official forums. About compensation? I seriously doubt that, lol. I'm not asking nor expecting it either. It would be nice if they would at least apologize. Somehow, I doubt that too. Thanks everyone for your comments.
  10. I can finally login to the official forums again. I assume I am unbanned but really have no idea since the game is down due to an update. Thanks all for allowing me to vent. :-)
  11. To be honest, I have no idea why I was banned. I am merely assuming and putting 2 and 2 together since it appeared to happen immediately after reporting the gold spammers. I was barely logged in.. received the annoying "tell" and it was like.. report and kick within moments. I've submitted several tickets but no replies as of yet.
  12. I have been banned immediately after reporting a gold spammer tell and it seems that I'm not alone.. so upset.. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?419807-One-of-my-accounts-was-banned-today-after-i-put-in-a-gold-spmmer-report! It seems from this above listed thread that he was banned too probably for some wierd reason or it is bugged.. no idea at all. Great way to treat their lifetime members and paying customers.
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