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    I had dream about LOTRO

    Did you have something intelligent to counter my point with, or were you just going to stay with what you wrote? Just curious.
  2. Dalthalion

    I had dream about LOTRO

    Not really. Paragon Studios had a similar moment in the real world regarding the City of Heroes MMO, when they looked back at what had gone before with Cryptic Studios and determined that development trends and the game's quality were anti-player rather than pro-player. I remember Matt Miller's producer's statement when Paragon took over from Cryptic, where they admitted that the game had gone off-the-rails and they pledged to do better for the players. And Paragon kept its word. The game development became attractive, dynamic and bearing a good road map for future development. Unfortunately, NCSoft decided to make the game a scapegoat for some of the colossal failures they engaged in (e.g. Tabula Rasa and Wildstar). The game was loved, nevertheless, because the design studio and its producers gave a player-driven priority to the game. So, to say that the OP was a dumb post is essentially saying that such a thing couldn't possibly happen ... except that it did ...
  3. Oh, I completely disagree. I was laughing my head off. 🤣
  4. I must be part of the exception, then. Having played ESO in the past year, I find that combat system to be less rigid than LOTRO's. If a new MMO had play mechanics that were an obvious improvement, I'd strongly consider moving, despite my lifetime investment (which has already paid for itself several times over). My only hesitation would be the ownership of that MMO by south Asian interests, which have a different business model than American and European game companies. I got burned during the City of Heroes shutdown by NCSoft (at the game's peak, not its decline), and I'm not eager to repeat that experience. I love seeing Tolkien's world in digital form, but that wouldn't override my standards.
  5. Fundin, is that you? You never seem to be able to see an end to the game?
  6. Every so often, it's nice to see justice in iambic pentametre.
  7. I remember that first-hand. That was a major lie, one that Ricky did everything he could to hide from public view (up to and including bans).
  8. Too bad there isn't a Talislanta MMO. No elves. 😀
  9. Dalthalion

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    As someone who signed on to blue line early (before it was "cool"), I noticed the changes right away. When I played blue, I relied heavily on critical damage, speed and focus generation as ways to buff damage, using a little red line to do so. When they moved Deadly Precision very far down the red tree, rather than near the top, that did slow me down a bit. Having a longer Barrage cool-down didn't really help, either, especially as I used to turn on Rapid Fire and alternate between Barrage, Penetrating Shot and Merciful Shot for quick kills. Yes, I have more healing options than before, but I shall miss the way I used to be able to hit fast and hard while on-the-move.
  10. Dalthalion

    Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    First, the LotR licensing is done through Middle-earth Enterprises, not the Tolkien Estate. Second, Middle-earth Enterprises (FKA Tolkien Enteprises, not related to the Tolkien Estate) has not gone the way of GW's model at all. While, like GW, they license to anyone with a pulse, unlike GW, they don't put any real IP quality control behind their decisions, focusing instead on the return-of-profits for licensing. Laurie Battle of MEE, said it quite plainly, in an interview (cf. Other Hands Magazine, Issue 10/11) with Professor Chris Seeman, noted Tolkienologist and publisher of the Other Hands fanzine (before MEE shut him down without mercy): So, unless MEE has changed its focus since that interview, they will be unequipped and, frankly, uninterested in pursuing GW's model.
  11. Dalthalion

    LOTRO Crickhallow Discord

    It's Crickhollow.
  12. That reminds me. I forgot to use the term "narcissistic". Thank you for necessitating its use, by your predictable responses. Oh, that's quite impossible to believe. Your posting history shows a complete lack of restraint in that regard.
  13. If you are able to do so, I would ask that you examine what I said in context. You said: This was something you, posted right after my comment concerning the chilling of expression on the forums and my recommendation that people leave it behind, and it was, in part, reactionary to what I had said. I said, as a part of my reply: You had a flawed perception of why I come here. I chose to correct it. Here is a ladder, by which you may dismount from your horse. It seems a bit high.
  14. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Hurin's objections are only expounded on by him because they affect him, not because they affect others. A selfish jerk will continue to be a selfish jerk, and his dismissive and self-satisfied actions towards others, who maintained valid complaints for years, are not forgotten, either by me or by others. For him to be banned from the forums for voicing a complaint and a challenge would be considerably ironic. As for why I come here, Amenhir - as I have since nearly the creation of this board - was to have a place to talk about the game in general without draconian moderation hampering my expression. To this very day, my motivation has been proven right. I can, in fact, discuss the impact of SSG's actions - and the impact of other players - without thought of being retaliated against, which is something I do not have a guarantee of on the official forums. Why should I not come here?
  15. Unless I've missed something, attempts to make changes have been chilled since the days of Heaton. In the end, Snook isn't very different. I've shaken the OF dust off my feet long ago, and other players should do so, in my opinion.
  16. Hurin would not be undeserving of it. His ego needs to get knocked down a peg or twelve.
  17. Dalthalion

    Windows XP?

    It would have been nice if they had that sorted while both OS's were relevant. I started out playing on XP and later Vista. I agree that it's rather moot at this point, now that 7, 8 and 10 are currently mainstream.
  18. Dalthalion

    High Elf Race to be added to LotRO...

    High Elves are those who specifically saw the light of the Two Trees of Valinor, specifically the Noldor, the Teleri and the Vanyar. Of those three groups, only some of the Noldor remained in Middle-earth. Some Noldor dwelt among the Elves of Beleriand who moved to the Grey Havens, but many moved to Ost-in-Edhil in Eregion to join with Celebrimbor and his smiths. The precise number of those is not known. When a number of them fled from the influence of Annatar/Sauron, some fled to Rivendell, others to the Grey Havens and others crossed the Misty Mountains and followed Galadriel (who was of the High Elves) and Celeborn.(who was not of the High Elves) to Lothlórien. The precise number of that remnant is unknown. A number of the more famous High Elves have been mentioned in this topic (Galadriel, Glorfindel, etc.), saying that there is only this-or-that number of them is like saying that the more popular or successful rugby players constitute the whole of the sport. Can SSG keep their use lore-appropriate? Given the prior track record, not likely, but what will happen will happen.
  19. Dalthalion

    Have you voted? ;)

    Stop whining, Darmokk. My candidate didn't win, either, and I'm not showing even an infinitesimal fraction of the infantile angst that you are showing. Tell me, did you go door-to-door, do any letter-writing campaigns, work for the local fundraising outlets, hold any rallies, host any banquets, or do anything to see your candidate gain more ground? If you didn't, then shut up and sit down and take your lumps and, maybe, think about better ways to get your next candidate of choice across the finish line.