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  1. Talisman

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Oh, and DF defended her participation in Cord's stream by saying that he had not been an LOTRO player before he became the Community Manager, and she was there to "instruct" him in game play.
  2. Talisman

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    I took one on the chin and listened to the archived version of her stream. She said that, due to the new job, she won't be here for the next two weeks, and she's not entirely sure she'll be back afterward ("there's a 50/50 chance I won't come back."). That certainly applies to her own show (Gondor Has No Druids) on lotrostream, and it sounds very much like she's no longer going to be on Cord Of the Rings, either. She hasn't been on Cory's Mythgard in Middle Earth stream in quite a while. She not going to stop streaming, however; she'll just be streaming exclusively on her personal channel. She mainly complained about she's been done wrong by both SSG and the community. She said that she's tried to be a liaison between the community and company, to bring questions and concerns to the team, but has gotten no where. She claimed that she created a document with all the questions that have been asked in the official stream, but no one at SSG ever bother to answer then. She also claims to have created training guides covering the basics of each class, but then got slammed for that content. She also seemed to slam Severlin for not managing the game very well. It does sound like Ballie's post is a huge part of her decision.
  3. There's a new build on Bullroarer with a preview of the Stout-Axe race. Bullroarer has been updated to build 2403.0061.8296.4454. Bullroarer will be available until Friday (09/20) 5:00 PM EST. Time is subject to change! News and Notes: A new race, Stout-axe Dwarf, is available for preview. Meet the lost civilization of Stout-axe Dwarves, and live their story of reemergence. Emotes The Elevenses Emote now works more consistently, and food items will disappear if the emote is interrupted. Items Some stats have been updated on Isengard gear to be more in line with modern values. A new big bumblebee cosmetic pet has been added to the game and is available for GĂșlmarks in the Vales of Anduin. A new pig cosmetic pet has been added to the game and is available for Vales - Elf Tokens. Monsters Fixed a locomotion issue with Stone-Giants in the Vales of Anduin - Gladdenmere. PvMP High Elves now drop Elf-ears. The Monster Play Character Selection screen has been updated with a more modern look. Quests and Adventure Areas Corrected an issue that could cause travel vendor mounts to lose their established travel routes. UI Class selection in the Character Creation screen now shows iconic class-specific armour appearances. The visual change is only for character generation, and does not affect the appearance of starting character armour. Capped Earning Virtue alerts will no longer display on login when all Virtues are capped, and clicking on the alert will open the Virtue Traits panel. When a player joins either a Quest or Instance Grouping Request, a new alert will show with a tooltip that shows a player is interested in grouping. Clicking on the alert will open either the Quest Grouping panel, or the Instance Finder, depending on the group that was joined. Unlike other alerts, this alert will auto-dismiss after 30 seconds. Miscellaneous The OpenAL Soft DLL has been updated.
  4. Talisman

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    I'm not a fan of DF...Her moderation style drives me crazy. She's often just plain rude, and interrupts Cory or Cordovan to assert her power. I'll admit that I'm not the greatest of players. My main is a LM, and I really should have chosen an easier class. But I know enough that I don't often die (and enough to realize that I'm a liabity to groups). But I have listened in, and DF often gives incorrect information and advice. As far as I'm concerned, the SSG folks should regularly monitor their lotrostreamers and ensure that they are operating within some kind of truthful and helpful guidelines. And, frankly, DF needs to go. The only streamer with a modicum of knowledge and experience is Bludborn, and I he is no longer streaming on the official channel.
  5. Talisman

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Wow is an anomaly. At it's peak, it has something like 12 or 13 millions subscriptions. LORtO has never even been close to that number. Based on what that QA guy said a few years back, it struggled to make 80K (or was it 800K?), and that was pretty much at it's peak. The game has always coasted on the IP. I suspect it'll continue coasting until at least the new Amazon-backed MMO comes out. It has a community that is comfortable paying for their subscriptions and buying the fluff and stuff from the Store, and a third-tier development staff willing to recycle content so long as they get their paychecks. Don't expect much, and you won't be disappointed.
  6. Talisman

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Andang founded lotroplayers.com, which basically took over as the primary LOTRO podcast after Casual Stroll ended.
  7. Talisman

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    Correction: it's a race, not a class. They also announced they will stop offering race changes (with restriction).
  8. So, during the meet-up in Indianapolis for Gen Con, Severllin announced that SSG is working on a new class, after all... The Stoutaxe Dwarf. http://lotroplayers.com/2019/08/02/breaking-new-race-stout-axe-dwarf/
  9. Talisman

    Same shit different week

    The game engine used by LOTRO and DDO is the same that was used by AC. It is a proprietary engine that was built in house. The base code is over 20 years old, and was probably badly written to begin with. Maybe Turbine could have re-written the game engine in 2003 or 2007, or licensed the Unreal engine, when they were flying high with 3 MMOs, but there's no way SSG has the funding or staff to do either these days.
  10. Talisman

    Captain Build Advice

    IXP is not an issue. The blue pills drop like crazy. I was finishing up Vales last night, and had a quest to kill 10 deer, and ended up with 5 runes of varying amounts. I don't even look at the IXP amount any more, I just dump them into shared storage so the storage mule can pick them up in case I need them later.
  11. Talisman

    Captain Build Advice

    Unless SSG changes things, you can always get relics by running the Moria instances solo. Not only do the relics drop from the boss chests, but you can trade the rusted tools and Khudzul tablets that randomly drop from the trash for relics at the class-specific LI vendors. You can also trade some of the old regional currencies for relics. Most areas have repeatable quests so that you can pick up extra tokens, though the effort might not be worth it. In some cases, the regions offer a basic token and a golden token; though there are some special tokens. In general, the higher level tokens can be converted to the basic token, but not vice-versa. There are a few special cases: Unhatched Spider Eggs can drop in the Roots of Fangorn instance in The Great River. While an Egg cannot be directly traded for the Anduin Tokens, it can be bartered for a Seal, which can then be converted to Medallions. The Resource Instances in Eastern Rohan reward Tokens of Effort, but the instances are not available until you've rebuilt specific portions of Hytbold. The Tokens of Effort can be directly bartered for relics, or they can be converted into Silver Tokens of the Riddermark. I would suggest NOT converting them, because you can earn the required number of Effort tokens daily, but not enough STotR. For a long time, the only repeatable quests in Western Rohan were the Warbands, but now you can earn Westemnet Iron Coins for completing Tasks. It's the only region where tasks have a purpose other than reputation and xp. Warbands typically drop the regional currency, but most of the Roving Threats do not. You might also get extra regional token or two from the box rewarded for completing the daily Warband quest (Completing the quest for killing a Roving Threat rewards Gift-Giver's Brands, which cannot be bartered for relics. You can also be rewarded with a GGB as loot from the corpse of the RT). I wouldn't start buying relics until you've purchased everything else you want (cosmetics, housing items, pets, steeds), but they are a good way to burn the old tokens once you move on.
  12. Talisman

    Be Virtuous!

    To pretend to be answering player requests, and to hook yet another system to the store when their solution proves to be poorly designed.
  13. Talisman

    Same shit different week

    I believe there are a few things interacting. 1. The game engine. It was probably never well-written to begin with, and the mess has gotten messier over the years. 2. The game code. The base code was probably just as badly written, and, again, the mess has gotten messier. 3. The interaction between the modules. Can you really predict what happens when one mess interacts with another mess? 4. Knowledge. Most the people who knew anything about the game engine are no longer working for SSG and so the current devs tinker around blindly. 5. Current resources. The devs are shared between LOTRO and DDO, and SSG just doesn't have the resources to produce quality code. 6. The development process. This is a two-fold process. The first is that coding seems to continue right up until the release date, and then QA doesn't get a chance to fully test the feature. The second is that there never seems to be any full-system testing to ensure the changes haven't broken something else. I sometimes wonder if there is a QA group. 7. The dismissive attitude toward players. They ignore people with expertise in their classes, charge ahead with releases and features despite concerns raised by the players, introduce complex systems and grindy mechanics despite feedback, and generally treat the players like the enemy. 9. The Store. All shall bow to the almighty store!
  14. Talisman

    Captain Build Advice

    Players are starting to grumble about the grind for empowerment scrolls and star-lit crystals. I know several people who had multiple toons at level cap (many had at least one of each class), but are now only leveling only one or two toons at most because the grinds - essences, reputation, LIs, and now virtues - have made it nearly impossible to maintain alts.
  15. Talisman

    Captain Build Advice

    This is the one case where I'd suggest using Mithril Coin. It's only 10 MC to unlock each level.