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  1. Talisman

    Just Another Day in Monetezation

    The LOTRO Market uses Digital River to process your payment. If successful, it returns a code that you then have to enter into the in-game LOTRO store. This is by design, so that people can buy xpac codes to give away. In the past, the LOTRO team has given away xpacs as charity rewards or other events.
  2. Talisman

    Just Another Day in Monetezation

    Well, yeah...I did say they would introduce it. It's kind of a no-brainer. I'm just surprised it happened this quickly and was announced. Usually they slip these things into the store without fanfare.
  3. Today on his stream, Cord showed the notes for an upcoming release, and a Virtue XP accelerator is being added to the store. That Didn't Take Long...
  4. Talisman

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    I didn't realize that. I only ever transferred everything to Ark during the server merge. One of the things I hate about LOTRO is that it doesn't offer the ability to move or delete items in bulk. I would love to select multiple items to drop in a vault or simply delete. Even if I had to confirm the action, it would be worth it.
  5. Talisman

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    It's fairly easy. Let's say you have a toon on Arkenstone, and your wardrobe has 409/270 items in it. Technically, you can't put anything in the wardrobe, but you have a nice, shiny new pair of pants that you want to keep as a cosmetic. Well, transfer your account shared item (for free) to Landroval. Now your wardrobe is 0/270, and you can put those pants in it. The your transfer (for free) your account shared items back to Arkenstone. Now your wardrobe has 410/270 items in it.
  6. Talisman

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    A friend joined Bludborn on his stream yesterday; this friend is a returning player who rolled an RK and valared him. He got all the trait points, massive amounts of virtue XP (I'd say most traits were about 1/2 finished), and an first age imbued LI set. The LIs were not maxed out, though. And a decent set of armour/jewelry. His hew toon was in better shape that most of my existing level 100-110 were. It is quite disheartening.
  7. Talisman

    I guess it's happening...

    They opened. A few people were able to play (Stine was streaming on Twitch).
  8. Talisman

    I guess it's happening...

    And were promptly closed.
  9. Cord just announced downtime for tomorrow - for the release of Minas Morgul.
  10. Does Justin even have a level-capped character? Last I heard, he was intimidated by Moria.
  11. Talisman

    Minas Morgul Preview

    The first map is a new area - it fits between the crossroads outside Osgiliath and Lhingris. The Mordor Besieged map is just Dor Amarth reskinned. The rangers of Ithilien camped in the ruins of Dingarth, and Amon Fum is obviously Lughash.
  12. But, the servers are supposed to be rebooted weekly. Lately the scheduled reboots have been preempted by near-weekly patches and updates. And even with the frequent reboots , there are still a number of unscheduled reboots. Now, there is this (https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?&postid=7965207#post7965207) : Do other MMOs have this issue? Or is LOTRO literally being held together with chewing gum and duct tape?
  13. Talisman

    Minas Morgul pre-order

    Well, this is a new sort of vault. I seem to remember that Cord (or someone else) said that there were technical limitations that prevented them from adding to the existing vault and shared storage caps. This might be their attempt to circumvent those caps.
  14. Talisman

    Minas Morgul pre-order

    I think the Carry-all bag is useful (and long overdue), but it's stupid to limit it to 1/server. It should be an item that you get on every server. In fact, I think, as a perk, if you're VIP and do the pre-order, you should get 10/server - that would cover any VIPs who have multiple crafting alts. But, since this is not being "advertised" as an exclusive item, I'm sure it will be in the store. Not only the bags, but also additional slots. BTW, here is the announcement from Cordovan: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675847-Announcing-New-Crafting-Carry-alls-for-our-Ultimate-Fan-and-Collector-s-Editions!