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  1. Talisman

    Be Virtuous!

    I think this posts sums it up nicely: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?&postid=7934324#post7934324 What the OP fails to note is the motivation for the changes: to drive people to the store. Now the deeds will be designed so that you can't get to max level on all virtues, and will need a tome of VXP or a VXP accelerator to get there.
  2. Talisman

    64-bit gossip

    I ran around on BR during the first night of beta, and, I do think the game's performance was better. On the 32-bit client, I don't experience regular client crashes, and what crashes that do occur usually are in the first two weeks after a major release. The client, of course, does crash more often in Minas Tirith. But, usually I experience crash when I attempt to port to another location. Other than that, y biggest issues are rubberbanding and hitching on the warsteed, and there's always a brief slow down when I encounter other players. One of the first things I did was to jump on my warsteed. I have the steed / bridle traited with a good turn radius and a lot of agility, and I use a light horse, so it's always been fairly nimble, but I was almost unable to control the thing in the beta. There wasn't any hitching, but I was rubberbanding more (because I was way ahead of the game engine's ability to draw the objects). It was also slightly nauseating. I jumped several times between MT and Bree, and didn't experience a single crash. I also noticed that the slow-downs were virtually eliminated.
  3. Talisman

    This is gonna hurt SSG

    From the article (emphasis mine): I doubt this law will affect LOTRO of DDO, since Daybreak's terms of service specifically require a person to be 18 to play. From the ToS (emphasis mine): https://www.daybreakgames.com/terms-of-service SSG/Daybreak would have to start enforcing the ToS, though.
  4. Talisman

    12 Year Anniversary Failure

    They are never out for the Anniversary Festival.
  5. Talisman

    64-bit gossip

    During Pax East, DruidsFire interviewed Severlin, and he said that the 64-bit client is being tested on Palantir right now, and they are planning on releasing it to Bullroarer in a few weeks. http://www.mmo-central.com/2019/04/05/pax-east-2019-interview-with-standing-stone-games-rob-severlin-ciccolini/
  6. Talisman

    Reclaim Moria Bundle

    The Hollin Wall Engraving and Welcome Mat have been added to the store. The engraving is 295 LP; the mat is 195.
  7. Talisman

    Reclaim Moria Bundle

    Update...the Hollin Gate and doormat will be added to the store as standalone items. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?671800-Reclaim-Moria-Bundle-store-only&p=7922326#post7922326
  8. Talisman

    Reclaim Moria Bundle

    It includes an account-wide Goat of the Moria Sentinel steed and a single account-bound package for one character, with all individual contents account-bound, containing: Sentinel-in-training Pet Goat Gandalf /Emote Moria Welcome Mat for your house Hollin Gate wall engraving for your house Hollin Gate permanent fireworks launcher 50x Yellow Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x Red Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x Green Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x Blue Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x Orange Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x White Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x Purple Dwarf-candle consumable item This item is available to players on both the Legendary and non-Legendary worlds. All yours for only 3,495 LPs. The pet goat, emote, and candles are all available as separate purchases, as well. The goat is 595 LP, the emote is 250 LP, and each type of candle is 100 LP/25 candles. Normally, account-wide steeds are 2,495 LP. I'd expect the Wall Engraving to be around the average price of 495, the welcome mat to be 295, and the launcher to be around 195. So, just considering the standard prices, it's fair price for what all you're getting, even without the candles.. If you have the points, this might be worth burning them.
  9. Talisman

    22 Hours

    If the servers aren't up by the latest deadline, they won't be up until at least sometime Monday. The data center folks will only work half a day tomorrow (Saturday) and not at all on Sunday.
  10. Talisman

    22 Hours

    I think the data center is in New Jersey.
  11. Talisman

    22 Hours

    It's Turbine/SSG. They always oversell and under perform.
  12. Talisman

    22 Hours

    And now it's 2pm on Friday... From twitter... Downtime Extension: 2:00 PM Eastern Friday, March 8th The LOTRO game worlds will remain offline for work at our data center through 2:00 PM Eastern on Friday, March 8th. We will have more information tomorrow morning. Thank you for your continued patience.
  13. Talisman

    22 Hours

    27 hours now... From the LOTRO twitter: We apologize, but an issue encountered this evening will require us to take a bit more time to reopen the worlds. Our downtime is now extended until 5:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT). If anything changes we'll let you know. #LOTRO
  14. Talisman

    22 Hours

    It seems like it takes about 4 hours to reboot the servers (per the weekly reboots), so that gives the data center people 18 hours to do the physical move. I'm sure the estimate was exaggerated.
  15. Talisman

    22 Hours

    From Cord The LOTRO Game Servers and http://myaccount.standingstonegames.com will be offline for maintenance on Wednesday, March 6th from 2:00 AM to 12:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT). Thanks for your patience, and we'll see you back in the game soon! Note: We apologize for the lengthy downtime, but this downtime is due to some significant data center work being done. We hope to reopen the worlds early, but that will depend on how things go throughout the day on Wednesday. In another thread, it was stated that Cord announced it during his stream today (Friday, 3/1). The servers are being physically moved within the data center.