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  1. Talisman

    Game Down

    Harbingers of the dead, indeed.
  2. Talisman

    Another Attempt to Bump the Login Numbers...

    And there was zero testing on BR. Most of these issues would have been found easily and quickly. Not that SSG would have actually fixed them.
  3. Talisman

    Another Attempt to Bump the Login Numbers...

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand...in typical Turbine/SSG fashion, the Ill Omens event is bugged. You are supposed to be able to do it at 5 levels under your current level, but no one is getting credit unless they do it on level. In a nutshell, there is a new NPC that gives a daily quest requiring you to complete 3 out of 4 skirms per day. You don't really have to complete the whole skirm, but kill the special "harbinger of the dead" encounter that spawns in the skirm. And for doing so, you earn new barter tokens, which can be turned in to the same quest NPC to get some new cosmetics and cosmetic pets. There's a deed for killing 60 of these guys and for completing each skirm on T3.
  4. Talisman

    Another Attempt to Bump the Login Numbers...

    I suspect the LS will experience a lot of ups and downs. People will jump on long enough to complete the landscape and non-raid content, then go back to their regular servers. They will then log back in only when the raid locks reset. So, there will be a lot of activity for maybe 2 weeks after a expac goes live on the LS, and for the remaining 3.5 months, the servers will be dead zones.
  5. Talisman

    Another Attempt to Bump the Login Numbers...

    Skirmishes were the Mirkwood gimmick. However, because they changed the 2.5.5 instances into skirms, they will become available when Moria opens up on the LS.
  6. The Ill Omens Skirmish Event starts Feb 7, 2019. They are adding an additional objective to Skirmishes, and it appears that you'll have to log in daily for 30 days to complete the deeds/rewards. From the release notes from today's update:
  7. Talisman

    New Raid

    It was live for barely a day before SSG had to close it due to exploits that they claim were never reported on Bullroarer. There have apparently been a number of bans, including members of raiding kin that completed it in under 3 hours, even though the kin claims not to have used the exploit. BTW, only T1 has been released. T2 and T3 are still in development/testing. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?670558-Raid-Closure
  8. Talisman

    Legendary™ Servers

    Right now, it seems like there's no financial gain for SSG. It's being opened to VIPs and Lifers, not FTP/Premium players. Maybe at a later date, they'll offer access to the server as a for-pay product. They aren't even offering the Moors, at least at launch. In general, though. I don't really see the point in this, since players can already use the Stone of the Tortoise on live and achieve the same results. It's typical Turbine/SSG - strike so close to the target, but miss it entirely. Players don't want to play the game in its current state; they want to experience the game as it was originally released in 2007/2008. Turbine/SSG already said they simply cannot do that, because the old code is simply gone: it's aged out of the version control system, disappeared in hardware/software upgrades and changes, or has become unusable due to modernization of hardware/software. Even if they had it, they would have to create a separate architecture - much like Bullroarer - to run it.
  9. Talisman

    Go Polish Your Brass Neck, You Gobby ...

    Toklien might have gotten it wrong, but at least he finished his work, instead of letting TV writers finish it for him.
  10. Talisman

    Who owns Lord of the Rings Online?

    The game is now developed and maintained by Standing Stone Games; development is funded by Daybreak Games, who also acts as the publisher (supposedly handling advertising and marketing research). Sierra Online originally developed the game in the late 90's, but they fell on hard times and were purchased by Vevendi Games. Vevendi dismantled Sierra and eventually partnered with Turbine to continue developing the game (as Middle Earth Online). By 2005, Vevendi had sold the rights to Turbine. Turbine was then purchased by Warner Brothers in 2010. It's very likely you'll find documentation containing the names of each of the former owners all throughout their site. They have not bothered to keep the main website up to date (though Cordovan has said recently that they are taking a look at things); they certainly are not going to keep other materials up to date. I doubt no one working for SSG now even knows where those materials/documents are stored or how to update them.
  11. Talisman

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    SSG, like Turbine before it, is a developer's playground. There is no real project management going on, and it shows. They "develop" features right up until the release date, and drop whatever is done (or half-done) as a completed package. Severlin is the Executive Producer, and I assume that means one of his jobs is to act as a project manager. The PM typically determines the projects that should be included in a particular release, defines the scope of each project, and works with the development QA managers to determine the amount of time the project requires for completion and testing, as well as to determine which resources should be assigned to the project. None of that really seems to happen in the Turbine/SSG world. It seems like the developers are given a general direction and set loose to code on a whim. In this type of environment, QA is a joke. There is simply no way QA can test and sign off on a feature when it is changing in fundamental ways 2 days before the release date. It shows when obvious bugs like the Lingering Wound or War-Chant issues were allowed to go live, not to mention the issue with some LM skills like Water-Lore not ticking the initial damage/heal or the missing cocoon in an intro quest. I was in the closed beta for both RoI and RoR, and finally gave up trying to give feedback or test because they were literally changing the landscape and quest flow every few days, right up until the release dates.
  12. Talisman

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    You haven't heard that Amazon is developing a LOTR series? From what has been reported (and I really haven't been following the news), it will not be set in the "present" of the books, but it will follow Aragorn's adventures in the past.
  13. Talisman

    The Latest Debacle

    SSG has created a new lootbox containing meta-deed horses. It can be bartered for ash. The community is not amused. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?664390-Bullroarer-Update-22-2-(Build-4)-Preview-and-General-Feedback&p=7839582#post7839582
  14. Greetings! Thank you for being a part of the Lord of the Rings Online community as we celebrate 11 years of adventure. Happy Elevenses! I'm writing today to let you know a bit about our plans for the rest of the year and beyond, and hint at some exciting announcements you can expect to read more about in the future. We've been enjoying exploring Northern Mirkwood, the "There" part of "There and Back Again". We plan to continue our expansion of the broader region throughout the year. We will also be using 2018 to work on classes, festivals, and quality of life improvements based on your feedback and suggestions (including, in a near update, the ability to see sheathed musical instruments). Let’s look ahead to Update 23! We will be journeying to the Lonely Mountain, and from there following the eastern paths to the Iron Hills, and north to the Grey Mountains. We're excited to put these important parts of Dwarf culture and history on the map. Update 23 will also come with an instance cluster and, later in the year, a new raid. Our new instances will be designed for both groups and solo players, allowing everyone to see the storyline that unfolds in those instances. Full groups will also be able to enter into the more dangerous tiers of these adventures. The new landscape has 80 new quests, and the Black Book of Mordor will continue its story into these new regions. Update 23 will also increase the level cap to 120. Beyond Update 23, we have some threads to tie off before we are done with North Rhovanion, including Gundabad, the Vales of Anduin, and landscape contiguity with Lothlórien. You may recall that I initially talked about plans to bring you Minas Morgul in my letter earlier this year. We've re-evaluated that plan, and have shifted the Morgul Vale into 2019. We have big plans for Minas Morgul, and are shifting its release out slightly to allow for an expanded vision of the content. One of the longer-term requests we have heard from you is a desire to take a holistic look at our ten classes. This is a challenge for our relatively small team, so we had to take a look at how best to bring this to you. Instead of a comprehensive overhaul of each class, one at a time, we will instead make targeted adjustments to many classes at once, and continue these incremental improvements over future updates. This allows us to improve all of our classes in a shorter time frame and better balance power and group utility in a more responsive way. You can expect the first wave of class adjustments to happen in the coming months, and continue for some time to come. Speaking of shorter-term plans, we will be bringing you something new this summer: Seasonal Instances! Two Instances will be added, which will run during the duration of the Summer Festival. First, we are remastering Thrang from the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu as a standalone, scaling Fellowship Instance. Secondly, we are introducing "A Perfect Picnic", a Festivity Instance that allows groups of varying sizes (including solo players) to enjoy a challenge at their level. Our Festival plans don’t end there, and we will be adding to the Harvestmath Festival as well, although the Boffins have suggested we not reveal more at this time. There are several significant initiatives that are still in the planning stages, so I can’t reveal details today. Expect to hear exciting things throughout the year and beyond! Thank you again for taking part in this journey through Middle-earth with us, and I will write more in the future. Sev~
  15. Talisman

    LotRO Dev Halt?

    If it's the stream I'm thinking of, Cordovan clearly said that resources were being diverted because they are finalizing the Mists of Ravenloft expansion for DDO. It's due out next week. He also clearly stated that they are sharing certain teams, including art assets. If there's any controversy surrounding this, it's either because SSG or the LOTRO players are being super-sensitive.