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  1. With Raninia joining the SSG development team as the LOTRO-specific producer and EG7 pouring money into the game, could it be heading for a Renaissance? EG7 seems to value communication between their teams and the players, and Raninia, Cord, and Severllin seem to be trying to communicate more. But will it last? I can't help but remember how many gimmicks the LOTRO team has introduced as a means to attract new players, and then just abandoned them: Skirmishes, Warsteeds, and Shadow/Light, as just a few examples. I can't help but wonder about the future of the Missions system. Will they bother to continue? Honestly, I find them tediousj/
  2. There introduced 2 new Legendary Servers: Treebeard, which is designed for slow leveling. The amount of XP you receive for completing quests, killing MoBs, and doing other things is reduced. The xpacs will be applied every 4-6 months. Shadowfax, which is designed for fast leveling. You get normal XP, and the xpacs will be applied every 2 months Both servers have a new mechanic that allows you to set the difficulty of the landscape. There are something like 10 levels of difficulty. You also periodically get the Eye of Sauron debuff that increases the amount of damage you take.
  3. The Release Notes for Bullroarer Update 28.3 - Preview #1 includes these gems: So no more grinding the Minas Tirith dailies to get SoEs. And there seems to be relatively few chances to get SoEs from the current end-game content. It seems the only way to get them is to grind one or two a week or buy the scrolls from the store (or using Mithril). Plus, the change to the reputation accelerators means that end-game reputation becomes that much more of a grind (unless, of course, you buy the large ones from the store). I haven't been playing the game much lately, but have been putting off cancelling my subscription because I still love it. But I just logged on and cancelled.
  4. For only 2495 LOTRO Points, you get the ability to change your race or gender and to grind out the racial quests/deeds yet again.
  5. I am referring to the original press release and FAQs from 2016, when SSG was created. I seem to be wrong about it being employee-owned (but I clearly remember this being discussed somewhere). https://www.lotro.com/en/game/articles/standing-stone-games-–-message-rob-ciccolini and https://www.lotro.com/en/game/articles/standing-stone-games-transition-faq
  6. Actually, Turbine was not sold to DBG - Turbine remained a part of WB, which also kept Asheron's Call, although the company was at the time fully integrated into WB and became WB Games. In the same press release, it was said that SSG was an employee-owned company, with DBG as its publisher. However, because neither SSG nor DBG are publicly traded, the exact details of their relationship has never been disclosed (until now). It is now clear that DBG owns SSG. If there are truly 41K subscribers (not including lifers), their revenues would be on the order of 5.5 million for the 3 quarters. That would mean they generated around 4.4 million from the store. Overall, though, it seems the game is surprisingly healthy. Projecting out to the end of the year, the revenue from subscribers would be around 7.3 million and from the stores would be around 1..5 million - for a total of 13.2 million. BTW, the numbers do not include any revenue from the War of the Three Peaks mini-xpac, since it was released in October.
  7. From Severlin: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?684810-Daybreak-Acquisition-News-and-Standing-Stone-Games&p=8049624#post8049624
  8. I just can't believe these prices, or that anyone would be stupid enough to pay them.
  9. https://www.mmorpg.com/lord-of-the-rings-online/editorials/opinion-lotros-mini-expansion-pricing-feels-tone-deaf-2000119417 Isn't this the site Druidsfire writes for?
  10. I think SSG is in financial trouble. They've been offering too much to VIPs for free for too long, and it's now coming back to bite them. I don't mind paying for content, but the pricing for the packs beyond the basic is ridiculous.
  11. If they have to change out hardware or install security patches, it could very well take a big chunk of time, especially when you consider that each world is hosted on a cluster of servers.
  12. SSG has designated Wednesdays as the regular day to restart all the servers, if there's not a patch or update. Cordovan comment on the forums today that they sometimes use this time to perform any additional hardware maintenance.
  13. Bombadil is the "special events" server - it just hosted the Tournament of the Twins event. What should happen is that an existing character that has not been logged into for more than a year is supposed to be renamed with at ~1 at the end. What is actually happening is that the character being transferred onto the server is always being renamed.
  14. I don't necessarily have a problem with charging for this feature. I do have an issue with the fact that 1) they did not advertise that there would be a cost associated with the feature and 2) at 20 MC (200 LP, or roughly $2.00 USD), the cost is just too high. It should be 1-5 MC at most.
  15. Maintenance on premium houses is waived for VIPs/Lifers.
  16. A deluxe house costs around 400-600 MC or 17-22 writs A deluxe meed hall costs around 900 MC or 36 writs. Writs are 250 LP or 25 MC each. There's only one mead hall per housing neighborhood, and they are in high demand. Oh, and you now have the ability to convert mounts and cosmetic pets to housing decorations. At a cost of 20 MC each...that's a bit steep for a freaking housing decoration.
  17. I suspect Cord will make an excuse to not do his live stream tomorrow.
  18. Cheapest hardware + cheapest data center + cheapest internet provider = disaster in the making.
  19. Technically, you don't have to do the store. There are several in-game sources of empowerment scrolls - chiefly, chasing down roving threats and completing dailies in Minas Tirith. And you can get the crystals from the festivals. Per Lotroplayers, it takes about 42 days to get enough SOE to cap your weapon. They just introduced the embers route recently. You can deconstruct old gear to get embers.
  20. At this point, we're basically chasing down the Gúrzyul, the former disciples of Sauron. This mainly includes Dulgabêth, the Mouth of Sauron; Karazgar the Weeping Warrior; and Urudanî Stonemaiden, previously the mistress of Nargroth and currently a fire-wraith. Karazgar is involved most of the Black Book story in the Three Kingdoms (Felegroth, Dale, and Erebor) and The Dwarf-Holds (Iron Hills and Ered Mithrin). He also appears in the Vales of the Anduin. His story is never adequately completed, before you are whisked away to help Isildur (himself now a wraith) find a final peace in the final chapters of the Black Book. The other ongoing antagonist is Lhaereth the Stained, the Lady of Blight, a Morroval who is adept at brewing up plagues and poisons. The new area, Wells of Langflood, has started a whole new epic line. In it, players are headed to Gundabad with the dwarfs - Prince Durin (Son of King Thorin III) has decreed that the dwarfs are destined to reclaim it. This area is relatively easy and has no real endgame - there's an ongoing series of quests to defeat some named goblins in various instances. The epic doesn't really go anywhere, and the main non-epic story involves a Rohirric scholar trying to suss out the history of the people. End-game instances are still related to Minas Morgul. There is a series of rep tiers - the reclamation quests - that require you to run them endlessly until you max out your rep with this faction. As you unlock each tier, you unlock an associated quest chain that involves destroying a particular artifact so that you can defeat some random baddie named Thargaun. The state of gear is still bad. The best landscape gear is still obtained from lootboxes, and it's still all about essences. Crafting is still a waste of time. The new virtue system is just another grind, unless you're willing to buy stuff from the store. If you've not played since HD, you have a lot of catching up to do. If you intend to imbue your LIs at lvl 100, you'll be grinding scrolls of empowerment for months (unless you're willing to spend MC), as there is no good solution even now. You'll also need starlit crystals for the main LI stat, and the crystals are even rarer (and I've found it's easier just to MC the tiers - it only costs 10 MCs per tier). They have added both the scrolls and crystals to the embers NPC now. Overall, I feel that the game has become repetitive - it's always kill 10 of these, pick up 10 of that, grind the rep for this faction, and spend the tokens for some cosmetics, housing items, or cosmetic pets. One note: the Minas Morgul currency is account-wide, and capped at 999 sigils. This is perhaps the stupidest idea ever, especially if you intend to take multiple characters through the region. There is very little to spend the sigils on, and so you end up losing them.
  21. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?680590-Take-the-game-down-immediately&p=8012410#post8012410
  22. So, transfers are back (https://www.lotro.com/en/worldtransfer). And the community is losing their minds because SSG has decided to charge to transfer shared items (storage, currency, wardrobe, etc) if you don't also transfer a character at the same time. This is what happens when people abuse a system.
  23. Available for preview on Bullroarer:
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