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  1. Yes, the Snowman instance takes place during Yule Fest. IIRC, there's no wrapper quest for the Farmer's Faire Festival. That's probably because it's extremely easy to earn tokens, since both the Egg Scramble and Mushroom Hunt can be repeated hourly. The reward for completing the Egg Scramble is 5 tokens, and for completing Mushroom Hunt is 10. Plus, you get token for "consuming" the eggs and mushrooms.
  2. Yep. During the Summer Festival. It's called the Perfect Picnic, and it takes place in Greenhills Country in The Shire. It's more like a skirmish. Your goal is to escort Penny the pony to a picnic spot on a hill, while battling fire- and heat-based illusions, including drakes, fire grims, worms, etc. At one point, you go through Woodhall, where you have to thwart Hungry Hobbits. There are also optional encounters.When you get to the picnic spot, you have to protect the picnic food from a swarm of bugs and hobbits that are trying steal it. At some point, the final boss will spawn. The main reason to run it is for special tokens, which you can trade for cosmetic pets, a stead (of course), and a picnic blanket housing item. And now, to earn VXP. It can be run solo, or in 3, 6, or 12-man groups (supposedly, each has a separate chest, but when I ran it last year, I first ran it solo, and then in a group, but I didn't get any rewards for the group). It's not a terribly hard instance, but it does take some coordination at the end because a lot of enemies swarm, especially in the raid.
  3. - Deeds that used to award a virtue will now award 2000 virtue experience. Deeds that used to award two virtue ranks will now award 4000 virtue experience. - Featured Challenge quests and the Vales of Anduin endgame weekly quests offer virtue xp as an additional reward. - Summer Festival: Forgotten Errands, Too Much Festival, Thrâng's Challenge, and the Heat of Summer wrappers now award virtue xp. - Fall: Valuables Gone Astray, Gourds and Goblins, and the Bountiful Harvest wrappers now award virtue xp. - Yule: The Traitor's Loyalty, Seasonal: Storvâgûn's Riches, and the Festive Flurry wrappers now award virtue xp. - Spring: A Fistful of Flowers, Pretty Parched Party-goers!, and the Bustling Bloom wrappers now award virtue xp. - Anniversary: The Yearly Yield wrappers now award virtue xp. - Eyes & Guard Tavern: Temerity once again has 3 different virtue quests. Each will award you some virtue xp for your earning virtue and an assortment of virtue xp items. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?673033-Bullroarer-Update-24-Preview-3-Release-Notes&p=7936256#post7936256
  4. Per Cord's stream yesterday, they are planning a down time next week. He did not come out and say it, but they will be releasing Siege of Mirkwood on the Legendary servers.
  5. But that's not Turbine/SSG's fault. Tolkien designed the city. It's essentially a 7-walled city, with the ramps and tunnels under the prow acting as choke points. The buildings and streets were designed so that they could also act as additional choke points. Turbine/SSG's quest design was horrible...many of them take you up one level, down three levels, back to the Citadel, and all the way back down to the Main Gate and out to the Causeways at Osgiliath. And then kills some random number of things until the RNG was kind enough to drop the item you need. And the back trough the Main Gate, back up to the Citadel, then back down three levels before returning to the original quest giver on the original level. Or run repeatedly through the Cisterns.
  6. I remember being disappointed because there just were not a whole lot of quests, and many of them required moving up and down the tiers of the city or going out into the Pelennor Fields.
  7. I believe that the Defenders of Minas Tirith was the first "real" faction to have rep tiers above Kindred (Respected, Honoured, and Celebrated). The Crafting Guilds were the first to introduce the concept, though, when the Westfold crafting tier was added in Riders of Rohan, and a corresponding 5th tier of rep was needed for for the guild recipes. The Host of the West and Conquest of Gorgoroth factions also have 3 additional tiers above Kindred (though for the Host, the second-to-last tier is Esteemed instead of Honoured), and the Dwarves of Erebor faction has one additional tier. I haven't heard anything about what the max tier is for the Wilderfolk faction in the Vales of Anduin.
  8. I think that it's worth getting your main items up to max. The difficulty of landscape mobs takes a big jump in Mordor (although it settles back down when you get into the Dale Lands. I don't know if they rebalanced Mordor since I took my first character through there. You can use MC to swap and upgrade imbued legacies, including the DPS of the weapon or the main stat on the Class Item. Launch the Legendary Item panel (shift-I) and To replace a legacy, click on the MC button at the right of the legacy, above the current/max tier numbers to buy the upgrades. To swap a legacy (just to see what is available), click on the Replace Legacy button at the bottom of the panel to swap legacies. If you don't want to use MC, you can also buy scrolls and crystals in the store, including: Legacy Replacement scrolls (there are different scrolls for non-imbued and imbued items). Additional Legacy Slots (Crystal of Remembrance). Legacy Tier Upgrades (Scrolls of Empowerment). Legendary Level Cap Increases (Scrolls of Delving). Legendary Item stat upgrades (Star-lit Crystals). Why they didn't keep the names consistent is beyond me. BTW, you cannot imbue bridles.
  9. There are no level 120 LIs. At level 100, it's expected that you should imbue your LI. You might look at lotro-wiki for how this will affect your legacies. Save your scrolls and crystals for after imbuing the item,.
  10. The release goes live tomorrow. Update 24 Release Notes Here are the Release Notes for Update 24: Vales of Anduin, released on Tuesday, June 4th. Of Special Note Vales of Anduin Update 24 brings you to the Vales of Anduin, where the Great River courses down through Wilderland to the shores of Lothlórien. Help the Woodmen defend their lands from the goblins and wargs of the Misty Mountains. Delve into the region’s fabled past, when it was home to dwarves, Elves, and the ancestors of the hobbits and Rohirrim. Seek the aid of the Beornings and Great Eagles – as well as a certain Brown Wizard of some repute. But beware: foul things still roam the woods and marshes, some drawn by the legacy of the One Ring, which lay long hidden near the Anduin’s banks. Update 24 is Free to VIP players and Lifetime Subscribers and available in the LOTRO Store. Black Book of Mordor The storyline of the Black Book of Mordor continues with two more chapters! Pushed to the limit by the attack of Karazgar, the Weeping Warrior, and fearing his promised return, the Dwarves of Skarháld attempt to fortify their position in the Grey Mountains. If you have completed 'Chapter 8.7: The First Promise,' you can pick up Chapter 9 by speaking with Durin on the upper level of Skarháld. This storyline will guide you to the Vales of Anduin once your business with the dwarves has been resolved. News and Notes: Classes The healing percentage for Vigilant Roar Legendary Item bonuses have been corrected. Burglar: Gamble Chance now provides a chance that any gamble applied will upgrade itself by a tier after application. Even the Odds has had its buffs extended from 15 to 20 seconds, and had its progressions updated. Clever Retort's Self-Adulation bonus has been increased from 20 to 25%, and it no longer incorrectly states that it provides a pulse bonus to Mischievous Glee. Guardian's T5 Tenderize bonus has been corrected so that it is larger than T4. Guardian's Fighter of Shadow no longer incorrectly grants an area of effect flash of light with the base spec. The Minstrel's Mastery bonuses from the Trait Strength of Helm Hammerhand has been improved. Melee range skills now have a base range of 3.5m up from 2.5m. Items Most items in the Ironfold and Grey Mountains can now be used while mounted. Removed an unintended on-removal effect from the Hunter Essence of Freedom. Armour and Jewellery of the Traveller, when received by a character level 105 - 115, will have Light of Eärendil. LOTRO Store Up to 200 Epic Battle Promotion points can be obtained via the Promotion Points +10 offer. NPCs A confirmation dialog has been added to the Vendor's Sell All button. PvMP Monster play melee skill range has been increased to 3.5 meters. Quests and Adventure Areas The old river woman in The Crone's Ferry is now taller. A speed buff has been given to players during the quest Heritage Restored to make it more forgiving a run. Rhus Cornchuthur in Enedwaith is giving out quests again. Ivy Tunnelly is once again a barkeep in the Bird and Baby Inn after being fired as a Mote Craft Trader for failing to have any actual things to trade. Albra Lowbanks is no longer invisible. Unfriendly Eyes in Ost Forod now advances correctly for a Fellowship that carries the chest together. The Battle Under the Trees Session Play for the Court of Lothlórien Allegiance has been updated: Additional directions have been added to the quest to improve the flow of the instance. Monster spawns have been thinned and moved closer to cut down on travel time. Galadriel's animations have been adjusted. Mirkwood Archers now lead the way up the hill during the second part of the instance. The pace of Frodo's Burden has been greatly improved. Our Ringbearer still discusses the same subjects, but he doesn't take so long to get to the point. If you have already completed all of his adventures, George at Sandson's Farm might just have something new for those feeling a bit peckish. Bree, Michel Delving, Hobbiton, Duillond, Celondim, and Thorin's Hall all now have slow and swift travel routes to their nearest housing neighbourhoods. Virtues The Virtue system has been updated. The system now advances through Virtue Experience, allowing you to select the Virtue that will benefit from your Deed completions. Open the Traits Panel with (J) to navigate to the redesigned Virtues tab to examine your Virtues, select an earning Virtue, and slot any Virtues you would like active. All deeds that currently grant a specific Virtue will instead grant Virtue XP that can be assigned by players to the earning Virtue of their choice. A new Virtue, Wit, has been added to the game. The stats given by actively slotted Virtues are in the vast majority of cases going to be better than they were previously. All earned Virtues now grant a passive benefit that you will receive, even when the virtue is not actively slotted. Players who earned Virtue ranks that could not be previously expressed will gain credit when Update 24 is released. Virtue benefits will be capped based on character level, including the non-Slotted Virtues' passive benefits. There are numerous ways to gain Virtue XP, including deeds, end-game repeatable quests, festival quests, and Featured Challenges. Virtue Tomes and Bundles have been unpublished from the LOTRO Store, and are no longer available to purchase. All currently-held Virtue Tomes will convert into items that grant Virtue XP. For other sources of Virtue tomes prior to the release of Update 24: Virtue Tomes found in lootboxes will be replaced with an item that grants 1,000 Virtue XP. The Gift of the Valar (Level 50) will give five items that grant 20,000 Virtue XP, and 10 items that give 10,000 Virtue XP. The Blessing of the Valar (Level 95) will give 20 items that grant 20,000 Virtue XP. The Aria of the Valar (Level 105) will give five items that give 70,000 Virtue XP, and 15 items that give 20,000 Virtue XP. Note that the Virtue XP items from the Valars are acquired via a quest after consuming the Valar levelup item. UI Screenshots now save with a new timestamp format of "YYYY-mm-dd_HHMMSS". Pressing the Escape Key cancels targeted item usage. The Allegiance Tracker is now scalable. The scroll bar on the Raid Lock panel has been fixed. Fellowship Tradeable gear no longer loses allowed trade target information on Logout. Fixed a bug where quest font size changes would revert back to default when quest update events were triggered. Fixed an issue where zooming with the mouse scroll wheel would stop working when interacting with Lua plugins. Added Lua event triggering of EffectRemoved and EffectCleared for selected targets. Added binding to Lua for various Action definitions. The Quest Grouping panel has been rearranged to have the Quest selection at the very top. The Instance Finder panel has been expanded with a new Instance grouping section. The new section works similarly to Social Panel Quest Grouping in that you can create or join up to 5 entries that are persisted on your character. The new instance grouping section replaces the functionality of the Simple and Advanced tabs of the Instance Finder panel, and those tabs have been removed. Clicking "Show All" will show up to 100 entries. Clicking "My Instances" will show only the instances that you have either joined or created. Members are automatically removed from an entry when entering the specific encounter space for the first time. Shift+F is no longer mapped to the Instance Finder. Updated the Instance Finder tutorial, and added a tutorial hint button to the Instance Finder panel. The player command /lfp has been changed to /lfq (Looking for Quest Grouping). The Item Socket Replacement confirmation dialog now displays in the correct order. Miscellaneous The LOTRO game client can now be optionally run in 64-bit, which can improve game performance. By default, players will continue to run the 32-bit client unless they change the option in the launcher. This selection can be changed again if desired. A separate set of client preferences (userpreferences.ini) for the 64 bit client will be created to allow players to have different graphics settings for the different clients if desired. The sky in the landscape during Character Selection has been fixed. Known Issues: Quest - Good to Be Home - Some NPCs will initially be phased out (despite their quest rings appearing on the radar), but after certain quests are completed you'll be able to advance this quest. Quests - Befriending Critters - Knowledge of Taming items granted by Radagast during his Befriend Critters quests are missing text telling you not to remove the item from your inventory. Doing so will cause progress of the Tender of Beasts deed to be reset. Once both Tender of Beasts deeds are completed, the Knowledge of Taming items will be automatically removed from your inventory. Quest - Dredging Up the Past - Sharkey's Orders quest item is currently able to be destroyed, which it should not be. Removing the item from your inventory will cancel the quest and block you from progressing further in the region. Please do not destroy the item! It will be removed from your inventory upon quest completion. Quest - Rhosgobel: Cleaning the Anduin / Rhosgobel: Cleaning the Tributaries - Some of the items needing to be fished for these quests require a higher fishing proficiency, and some can currently only be obtained from other regions.
  11. There's no doubt that VXP tomes will be available in the store. They will either be time-based, like XP or deed tomes, or they will be a banked amount, like reputation tomes. The banked version is more useful, but they will probably sell more if they worked like xp/deed tomes. A combined slayer deed/VXP tome is also possible.
  12. Not much about the LI system has changed, at least until you reach level 100 and can imbue your weapons. Frankly, I wouldn't waste a lot of time trying to max them out at lower levels; just decon them when you need to. Unless, of course, you want to raid. The basics then are the same: Identify the LI at a Forge-Master, and then equip the item or slot it in the LI panel. Use Shift-I to access the LI panel. As you reforge it, it gets more legacies, or existing legacies get tiered up. Use the blue pills to add IXP to the items, and don't forget to spend your legacy points to increase the rank of each legacy. You can still use scrolls/crystals on the items: Scrolls of empowerment increase the tier of a legacy (the higher the tier, the less legacy points needed to rank the legacy). Crystals of remembrance add a legacy. It's typically a good idea to wait until it has all 6 base legacies before adding the 7th. Scrolls of Delving add an additional 10 IXP levels to the item (opening another reforge and the ability to tier up another legacy). Star-Lit crystals increase the power of the base, non-legacy statistic on the item (i.e., DPS or healing). By default, you can level 6 LIs at a time, but you can purchase up to 4 additional slots. Don't forget to slot your relics. Unneeded or non-class items can be deconstructed at the Relic-Master to get relics, as well as to get blue pills and shards. Shards are a special currency used in the relic system. If you decon an item of level 30 or higher, you also get a Legacy Replacement scroll. You can choose one legacy on the item to keep and apply later. You can only swap a minor legacy for a minor legacy; a major legacy can be replaced with either a major or minor legacy. However, if you do replace a major with a minor, the item loses that major slot forever. You can also get relic packs from the your class' LI vendor (21st Hall & the Docks in Loth) by vendoring Rusted Tools and Khadzul Tablets. Later, you will typically be able to barter the region's coin (Malledhrim Stars in Mirk) for relic packs (but only after you get any other rewards you want, because there's usually a finite number of these coins you can get). Each item still has 4 relic slots - a setting, a gem, a rune, and a crafted relic. The Relic-Master offers the following tasks: Relic-Forging: To combine setting, gems, and runes into better, more powerful relics. It is possible to crit when combining relics, and therefore get more relics, higher-tiered relics, and shards. There are Scrolls of Combination available in the store; the scrolls increase your chance of critting while combining relics of Tier 2 or higher. Melding: To convert setting, gems, and runes into relics that better fits your class (melding requires Shards - A single Tier 10 relic can be converted into another Tier 10 relic). You can also Meld relics into blue pills, stat legacies, unique legacies, or 3rd age items. Refining: To convert relics into Shards. The devs recently added the ability to identify LIs and combine relics in bulk. When combining relics, I usually just select 50 from the menu and let the game randomly combine them all. You can only combine relics of the same tier in bulk. At level 100, you can begin imbuing. Imbuement means that you no longer have to throw away one LI for another at different levels, and most legacies are converted into a percent-based skill/stat increases. But really, it just substitutes one grind for another, because you'll have to obtain star-lit crystals and 100s of Scrolls of Empowerment. Star-lits only drop in instances, although, of course, there are store/MC options available for practically every upgrade to each LI, legacies, relics, etc.
  13. Cordovan said they are planning another round of BR testing next week (May 27), and so Update 24 will probably be released the first week of June, unless something changes or seriously breaks.
  14. During his live stream today, Cord slipped and called the new virtue system a grind. At about the 15 minute mark.
  15. I've been working on deeds on my bear on Anor. I figure I need to max out what I can now before it becomes unwieldy.
  16. Sometimes killing an enemy nearby triggers the quest item.
  17. I think this posts sums it up nicely: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?&postid=7934324#post7934324 What the OP fails to note is the motivation for the changes: to drive people to the store. Now the deeds will be designed so that you can't get to max level on all virtues, and will need a tome of VXP or a VXP accelerator to get there.
  18. I ran around on BR during the first night of beta, and, I do think the game's performance was better. On the 32-bit client, I don't experience regular client crashes, and what crashes that do occur usually are in the first two weeks after a major release. The client, of course, does crash more often in Minas Tirith. But, usually I experience crash when I attempt to port to another location. Other than that, y biggest issues are rubberbanding and hitching on the warsteed, and there's always a brief slow down when I encounter other players. One of the first things I did was to jump on my warsteed. I have the steed / bridle traited with a good turn radius and a lot of agility, and I use a light horse, so it's always been fairly nimble, but I was almost unable to control the thing in the beta. There wasn't any hitching, but I was rubberbanding more (because I was way ahead of the game engine's ability to draw the objects). It was also slightly nauseating. I jumped several times between MT and Bree, and didn't experience a single crash. I also noticed that the slow-downs were virtually eliminated.
  19. From the article (emphasis mine): I doubt this law will affect LOTRO of DDO, since Daybreak's terms of service specifically require a person to be 18 to play. From the ToS (emphasis mine): https://www.daybreakgames.com/terms-of-service SSG/Daybreak would have to start enforcing the ToS, though.
  20. They are never out for the Anniversary Festival.
  21. During Pax East, DruidsFire interviewed Severlin, and he said that the 64-bit client is being tested on Palantir right now, and they are planning on releasing it to Bullroarer in a few weeks. http://www.mmo-central.com/2019/04/05/pax-east-2019-interview-with-standing-stone-games-rob-severlin-ciccolini/
  22. The Hollin Wall Engraving and Welcome Mat have been added to the store. The engraving is 295 LP; the mat is 195.
  23. Update...the Hollin Gate and doormat will be added to the store as standalone items. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?671800-Reclaim-Moria-Bundle-store-only&p=7922326#post7922326
  24. It includes an account-wide Goat of the Moria Sentinel steed and a single account-bound package for one character, with all individual contents account-bound, containing: Sentinel-in-training Pet Goat Gandalf /Emote Moria Welcome Mat for your house Hollin Gate wall engraving for your house Hollin Gate permanent fireworks launcher 50x Yellow Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x Red Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x Green Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x Blue Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x Orange Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x White Dwarf-candle consumable item 50x Purple Dwarf-candle consumable item This item is available to players on both the Legendary and non-Legendary worlds. All yours for only 3,495 LPs. The pet goat, emote, and candles are all available as separate purchases, as well. The goat is 595 LP, the emote is 250 LP, and each type of candle is 100 LP/25 candles. Normally, account-wide steeds are 2,495 LP. I'd expect the Wall Engraving to be around the average price of 495, the welcome mat to be 295, and the launcher to be around 195. So, just considering the standard prices, it's fair price for what all you're getting, even without the candles.. If you have the points, this might be worth burning them.
  25. If the servers aren't up by the latest deadline, they won't be up until at least sometime Monday. The data center folks will only work half a day tomorrow (Saturday) and not at all on Sunday.
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