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  1. There's now a beta client for Mac OS! I can't believe I haven't heard about this before. Nor that Turbine actually done it. I haven't been to Middle-earth for a year now. Haven't had time to play much of anything, really. And I hardly ever boot Windows these days. So this truly is a good reason to check up on things. So far I've only downloaded and installed it. Quite a hefty client with around 27GB, when installed. It shall be interesting to see how the client is quality-wise. http://download.lotro.akamai.turbine.com/largecontent/lotro/Mac/Live/u08_0/highres/LotroLauncher.dmg
  2. I thought somewhat along that line, too. The list may not be insulting, but even while meant in a humorous way it does sound a tad elitist to me. And, as was written above, it's rather without a point. Before the election I had some good discussions with US friends of mine. Some conservative, some liberal, but none as simple as the US often gets pictured. Which doesn't mean, that some people's views aren't truly frightening. But one should tread with great care when writing about things like anothers political system. Besides some other points, I find the language thing becoming rather annoying as well. There's a fun article from a British journalist, stating how he loves US English: "Even the Queen doesn't speak the Queen's English" (while the Queen's English Society gave up and shut itself down anyways). And the "u" in humour is due to French influence, innit? When such was thought of as being quite posh. That happened a long time ago, but didn't that disfigure "pure English", too?
  3. Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen want to pay for the pub license. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120321/04223018180/hobbit-actors-stephen-fry-ian-mckellen-pay-license-hobbit-pub.shtml Since it's not really that expensive (for now) it sounds a bit like a PR stunt. Or them two were really that ashamed of their industry. Nice move either way.
  4. EULA is one thing, and they can put it however they like. But if it crosses some federal law it gets overruled. I think what many (US) companies fail to realize is the complexity of EU, and its countries, laws. Turbine might reap more profits since they took over EU publishing themselves. But it's a difficult market if you don't know all the ins and outs. That's why one Austrian law student could force Facebooks CEOs to have a six hour meeting with him to talk about privacy issues. Because Facebooks EULA and business practice clearly cross local laws. Would be nice if the EU officials stepped in themselves, though, to go against these things. But Turbines case is somewhat different. Facebook, like many others, have a subsidiary in the EU to save taxes. But that makes them more vulnerable as well.
  5. I always mix this stuff up myself. Lets just settle on "they might lose something". Just look at the new Spiderman movie. I thought Hollywood gone even more insane than usual by just restarting from zero. But one reason they did (and keep pushing all them other super heroes) is, that they lose the film rights if they don't actively use them. Still, quite a lack of creativity there. And lots of other companies sue small businesses over mundane matters. Like Jack Wolfskin going against anyone that puts some kind of paw on their products. Last case was someone selling handmade cushions (or such) that had a cat paw on it. Sounds crazy at first, or evil if you like, but if they ignored that kind of stuff they could lose the trademark (?) altogether. The saddest thing about all this is, that law, most times, just completely lacks common sense. Trying to rule black and white where life is full of nuances just doesn't work right. *sigh*
  6. Seems SZC kinda backed down. They're now asking for a 65 Pound licensing fee per year, which does sound quite reasonable to me. Unless they ask for back pay of them last 20 years as well. I'm wondering if it really (just) was the public and online pressure that made them turn friendly. Or if there really is some legal thingy about losing copyrights when another squatted on them long enough. Maybe they're just afraid to lose if it turns into a legal dispute? I believe there is something like that with house squatters in UK? Or was it Netherlands? Forgot.
  7. Not sure what to think of that story (which even made it to some German newspapers). Did the pub owner just love LotR and wanted to pay homage? Or could she just not think of something creative herself. She could have easily based it on similar mythology without ripping it off Middle-earth. Should she just consider herself lucky, that no-one official noticed the pubs name before? She must have known back then, that, theming her pub on Tolkiens work, could cause trouble. On the other hand, thanks to the Honourable Warriors of The Internets, it could cause SZC worse publicity than it's worth. Not that they ever cared much about it before, so long as their profits may be endangered... Lots can change in a decade; a companies strategy isn't set in stone. Especially with directors changing every few years. Focus could well have shifted from the bank helping their customers, profiting from their success, to only caring about own profits and thinking of your customers as milk cows. But I did find it highly amusing how one Goldman Sachs boss talked about them doing Gods work. Considering that it used to be illegal for Christians to charge interest at all.
  8. I'm using Adblock for Firefox. Their latest update sets it, by default, to allow non-intrusive ads. I have adblock disabled for this forum, but was wondering if this might be of interest to you. Not sure if your ad supplier fits into adblocks category, but I do support this sentiment. I don't mind advertisement if it's to finance a site I enjoy. I just hate it, when all that blinking and flashing and popping-up doesn't let me focus on the text I want to read. (I'm also using Ghostery, which blocks Doubleclick and Google Adsense. Too bad I can't allow it on lotrocommunity only. I have to manually unblock, click the ads and block it again )
  9. Undo

    Tribes Ascend

    Added you by your forum name by chance. Figured it was you, when it went through. Playing lots of deathmatch for practice. I mostly tried Soldier or Ranger, but it seems Pathfinder, light class, is still my most useful one. Just had a rush. Once a capper... /edit: PM'd you a key. Your buddies shouldn't wait. And it's the first beta I know where you get to keep your chars beyond release, hah. Or where you can spend money (besides pre-order) before it's even out. Time to work on the head start!
  10. Undo

    Tribes Ascend

    Haha, yeah. It's good, that there's a 'skiing' tutorial. But, as the series has always been rather unknown, they should really tell players the importance of it. Besides the jetpack it's the most important game technique. No skiing, no fun! For those who don't know skiing (which originally was a physics bug but made a feature by popular demand): when going downhill you can go frictionless, gaining speed, by holding down the space key. Combined with jet-packs when going uphill, and maybe a well placed disc-shot at your bum, you can cross the map at some 200+ km/h. Down on the ground, walking, you're a dead duck. The Hi-Rez beta forum has some infos (like this basic info thread: PSA: things that you should know about tribes ascend). There's also a wiki, though that's still rather tiny. I still got no clue what the 'stopping speed' bonus is supposed to do... What's your callsign? P.S.: If anyone cares for a beta key...
  11. Undo

    Tribes Ascend

    Sweet, enjoy! If you see 'Undo' somewhere don't shoot.... errr, too much. Seems Ascend is highly geared towards competitive play and eSports. North American Star League (NASL) just announced to add it to their selection. Which was reason for a new video, depicting the skills it takes to play. And shows a nice selection of gameplay moves. Albeit, most of it looks staged. But do believe, that there are players like that. This homage to the original game gave me goosebumps. The kills shown are just such impossible shots!
  12. Undo

    Tribes Ascend

    Yes, Global Agenda was even described as "somewhat like Tribes". Which made me pre-order that one as well, heh, but I just couldn't get into the gameplay. But this now? Harrr! So far only four maps and predefined load-outs that need to be unlocked. But I just couldn't stop playing last night. Completely forgot (repressed?) my former addiction to this series. When a friend first showed it to me he warned, that by playing it my grades would drop by one. Found out later, that he wasn't kidding. I think I got three invite keys. I can send you one tonight if you like.
  13. There's a new Tribes in closed beta now, scheduled for early next year. How could I've missed it until now?! When all Germany was going for whimsy (8vs8?) Counter Strike I was completely stuck in that other game. Even played ESL for a time, heh. I hate shooters. Especially realistic ones. But this sci-fi scenario, with jet-packs, immense speeds, deployable defenses, vehicles and up to 64 vs 64 players, caught me at once. Just read about this and pre-ordered to get in right away. Already addicted. Oh did I miss those epic battles! And those quick-key voice commands. V-V-S for "Shazbot" or V-D-G "Defend our Generators". Who needs voice chat? Not sure I'll like that F2P bit, but hey, at least I'm pre-order VIP, heh. The older releases can be freely downloaded and played if you want to check out the feel.
  14. Two lifers and one F2P. Which I really just use for musicing and some very rare multi-boxing. The way I see the game and my interest going I doubt I'll ever spend any more money. Except for expansions for my main.
  15. Könnte an der gleichnamigen Taschenfirma liegen. Oder weil es im Englischen für zwei, drei Beschimpfungen steht? Schwer zu sagen.
  16. Just found the info about PvP on PvE servers in a German thread. You have to activate PvP to battle other players outside of the designated PvP zones. So it's possible, except in 'Sanctuaries' (starter areas, capital planets, ...). There's also an option to create guilds on a RP-PvP server after launch. But, as this decision was made just recently, they cannot be created in the pre-launch headquarter.
  17. Not sure yet if I'll buy it. Waiting for the beta test to try first. But if I do it shall definitely be PvE. I made the mistake of following friends onto a PvP server once and hated it. Sure, it's more of an adventure and gets your adrenaline flowing. But no way to do some "peaceful" solo questing during busy hours without getting ganked ruined it for me. Can one activate a PvP flag on SWTOR PvE servers? Like an on/off switch, that each player can set for their character? Perfect for me: 99.9% PvE and, whenever I feel suicidal (err.. on purpose) I tick the flag.
  18. Das war auf den EU-Servern schon immer so. Nur für die deutschen Server galt bis F2P eine eigene Auslegung. Nach dem F2P-Umzug hat Codemasters die dann selbst beerdigt. Turbine wird daran sicher nichts mehr ändern. Da kann man schon fast froh sein, dass die RP-Regeln überhaupt noch gelten. Läuft bei uns genauso. Immerhin hat man manchmal was zum lachen. Oder zum Kopf schütteln. Aber irgendwie wirken, hmm, Fantasienamen auf englisch oft eher lustig denn idiotisch.
  19. Maybe they figured they'd get away with it since there probably weren't many German PAX visitors = mp Cremello on German servers. But, yes, there's been recycling before and I guess it makes sense. Creating a skin for a one-time special that only few people can get may not seem worth it. But Turbine should hold back with calling things exclusive or limited. Or add: (for this week). /edit: oh, and thanks for sharing. While I despise the CBS I think I'll get me that horse nontheless.
  20. Hah, almost forgot about that. While I often tried to look at things from the other side of your common critics complaint, aka the usually rather quiet side of Turbine, I do like to think of that as being a different 'quality' than it is nowadays. And, of course, one can hardly have a hearty discussion when all share the same views...
  21. That was pretty much what i felt about the official Codemasters forum. Seeing them close their doors was a sad day for me, so the effort of Muer and others, to bring this forum to life, is much appreciated. And maybe the migration of so many EU members helped save some of that old community spirit, too. Most of what I hear of the Turbine forums is third hand information. The site is just way too slow and cluttered for me to even try getting into it. But if it's just half as bad / restricted as I come to understand then I doubt I'll ever feel at home there. This coming from one who used to be put into the category 'fanboy' on CM forums
  22. I really don't mind clicking a few ads whenever I visit to help support the forum (advertisers may not like it, as I'm not too interested in what they offer ). So thumbs-up to the ads... I'd prefer it at the bottom of the site, but would probably forget to scroll down myself. One thing I'm not sure about is, that they open in the same window as lotrocommunity. But so far I didn't encounter a site that didn't let me use the back button, so no real problem with yet. And possibly less annoying than pop ups. Hmm, out of curiosity. How much are the fees for running a forum like this? Not server costs, just the license. So far I, naively, thought that was some open source thing ado. /edit: sry if this went OT /edit2: interesting that my GlimmerBlocker (works as local http proxy for ads) doesn't filter them.... ah never mind. Seems latest OS X update disabled Java. Hmm, once I get it back working I'll have to find a way to support the site without seeing ads
  23. I was always impressed about the swiftness and quality of CM support (though I mostly used it after it was moved back in-house). Once I was stuck in an instance with a new bunch of WoW refugees, who just couldn't believe the support. If Turbine doesn't think it's worth the costs they are dead wrong. It's not a position which benefit they can see on their data sheets. But poor support, especially on buggy grounds, will make for bad player experience. Too much of that and the player will leave. Whereas good support can soothen a huge lot of bad feelings.
  24. Hah, sweet stuff! Now they only need to include grenades. And the way of walking looks a bit weird. But that simulator would nicely fit next to the Need4Speed one I have in my garage... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hNFP7P6060 So, when will we get a LotrO one?!
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