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  1. If it possible to install LOTRO on my computer using the disk I got from CM when it was released etc, I have the Original SoA and MoM disks, then after installing would I be able to just update it to the Turbine launcher? Its much quicker than and much safer than downloading vio their link.
  2. Don't know if this has been posted already but has anyone else lost the Rescue in the Rift Skirmish in the Skirmish Panel? Bobs
  3. Before: around mid 20s Now: Around 95-105
  4. Might not be much use but its case sensitive
  5. I was looking to free up some space on my computer and I came across a Lord of the rings file, in it it has Lotrosetup-1a-i lotrosetup-2a-b It also has a lotrosetup that when I run it asks to install lotro? Does this need to be here or can I delete? The actual folder that has all this in is about 9GBs Thanks in advance Bobs
  6. I hope they come up soon I'm very bored.
  7. Hmmmmmm interesting, very interesting. Mounted combat?
  8. Haven't had time to read the entire thread, but Turbine won't be offering any GM assistance in events? -.-
  9. Had a man Rogue on Argentdawn, can you guess its name?
  10. I've wondered about this for a long time, so far I have only come across two people ingame who come from Essex, I'm extending my search to the Interwebs So is anyone actually from the mighty county that is Essex, where the girls are orange and the boys are orange?
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