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  1. Hmm.. I have pretty much stopped playing the game, apart from an occasional visit to admire the views... but I have to say that things like this are a natural consequence of adding the store to the game. It has created a direct link between "real world" money and stuff in-game that never existed before the P2P era. Yes there was cheating before, I am sure, but now it is actually worth someone investing the time and effort in creating these cheats because they may gain an "advantage" that the cheater can sell on for "real money" in an economy exchange rate that has been created by Warner/Turbine. I am saddened that a game that I thoroughly enjoyed for 4(?) years or so has deteriorated in to it's current state that is dominated by a "Pay2Win, or cheat to get there" culture. ByeBye LoTRO (Oh look, 6 days to Skyrim )
  2. I understand how cookies etc work, but if you have changed your password then the auto-login should NOT still work, surely, as it would be a cookie with the wrong login in info. Or am I missing something?
  3. Although I said this in mere jest... I have not being playing much recently.. and have been wondering why... and I think I now know. What I used to love about the game was the underlying story based theme to it. I loved the way the game followed the "back story" to LoTR, picking up on small one-liners and making whole storylines about it. I feel that Enedwaith and beyond has lost that somehow. Whilst the tale of The Grey Company has been "fleshed out" I do not feel that it has been done in a very creative way. To me it just feels like "padding" and "waffle". It has not added anything to the story, it has felt like it is just filling in time. (A bit like books 7-11 of The Wheel of Time ).. and, as such, I have not been encouraged to play.. Which is a shame, cos I have been in love with LoTRO for a very long time
  4. Gold? Got none of that.. some hacker nicked it... .. ..hmm... or did I spend it all in The Pony... ?? I forget...
  5. I am an ex-CM lifer since pre-order thingy wotsit time. I have received no email asking me to change my password. When I tried changing my password via the forum it locked me out of the forum (with IE, but not Chrome), and then, 5 days later, locked me out of the game client too. I had to use the Forgot Password link on the game client to reset it. Oh, and by the way, the auto-login to the forums via Google Chrome, with saved password, worked throughout, but trying to log in to the forums via IE with either old or new password failed every time Their system is obviously pure sh1te. EDIT; I reset the password back to the original password in the end, so if anyone wants to hack my account.. carry on.. I can't be arsed playing any more
  6. *Guffaw* *giggle* *smirk* Oh, and I loved this post from a comment on the YouTube vid; "Here at Blizzard Entertainment, we have run out of ideas and/or originality for a new antagonist. Due to this, we are pleased to announced that instead of brainstorming some new, epic ideas for the upcoming expansion, we took the easy way out and stole ideas from Kung Fu Panda. Therefore, rather than a new goal to strive for, we offer you a race of Kung Fu Pandas in which you can´╗┐ do whatever you want with, so long as we don't have to try anymore. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, Blizzard"
  7. Yes, me EDIT; but I guess this is the scheduled maintenance thingy wotsit :$
  8. I have a vague recollection that Ogres & Trolls were to Ents as Orcs were to Elves, but would have to go searching for the quote (if it even exists outside of my fading memory)
  9. LOL.. no mate, you got it all wrong, I never actually thought you meant me, I was just playing at starting a conspiracy theory. But as you have NOT denied being Sapience, and you brought it up,.... maybe YOU are Sapience and are trying the old double double bluff thingy and are trying to throw us off the scent before we even got the scent in the first place PS: Ignore me, it's Saturday and I am on my second bottle of Chilean red stuff
  10. Before any rumours start, I would just like to say that I am, officially, 100%, NOT Sapience. Just thought I would make that clear
  11. :$ :$ Sorry, it is childish, I know.. but am on the 2nd bottle of red and couldn't resist the misquote PS but an interesting thread all the same
  12. Hmm, I got the same error message when changing password, and cannot now log in to the Turbine account page with either old or new password, but can log in to the game with the Old one!? Slightly concerned
  13. I think, maybe, your first thoughts were correct.... that Aloe is but a wee thing..
  14. Couple of thoughts; I am not sure if "gameplay" alterations would stand up as a reason for a refund as there is quite a big "rider" concerning that and would have to be a real lawyers argument I think, however game "content" changes that are made after a pre-order is sold are definitely covered by the legislation. So when a pre-order is sold with promises of, for example, a raid and then the raid is delayed I would imagine you are entitled to the refund, even if the raid is still scheduled for a "later" release.
  15. any chance you could add "Abuse of the English language" to that list (or is that a "lizt"?)
  16. S S S S S S .. it is a fekin S ITEMISATION! EDIT: just tweeted back to LOTRO people that it isn't the "Rize of Izengard".. I love being a grumpy ;-)
  17. Exactly, so an NDA is actually really only "worth" the "value" of the Beta Access, which is ermmm... well... an individual thing. It just makes a bit of a mockery of the "you can't say if you are in Beta or not" clause, because.. well ..so what.. why does it matter just saying that you are in? If you do not "value" you Beta access the sanctions involved in an NDA are pretty meaningless. Now if you were in Beta and released, for example, some exclusive screen shots, or some such, I guess Turbine could be a bit more ruthless, but again, I wonder what "damages" they could claim through a legal process.
  18. Hajile, I am mightily impressed by your tenacity! Always worth standing up to the big boys, especially when they are wrong. I must admit I enjoyed my foray in to the world of the Advertising Standards Authority and the suddenly downgraded Mirkwood offer but you have gone whole light years beyond... Respect to you! definitely deserve one of these....
  19. Well.. by saying you have been offered you would immediately be in breach of the NDA if you accepted, so I am afraid you are no longer allowed to accept, even if you wanted to.. And as for one or two of the posts above..... I wonder if anyone is telling "porky pies" (lies), and actually are in Beta, but are only saying they aren't so that they don't break the NDA, but then by even mentioning the word they break the NDA and thus are in breach and will probably be kicked off for "not saying nothing"...? Has anyone ever actually been taken through a legal system for breaking an NDA in so far as saying they are in a Beta test? I really can't imagine that it would hold up in court. "M'Lud, we would like to sue this young chap here for damages caused for saying he was participating in Beta when we asked him not to" "And so exactly what damage has he caused?" "Ermmmm... well.. he let people know there was a Beta test going on, and said he was involved" "But didn't you advertise the fact that you were Beta testing?" "yes, but.. we wanted to keep it secret" "So what secrets did this young man divulge?" "That he was in the Beta" "So what exact damage did that cause you, assuming he revealed no in-game detail?" "Ermmm.. ermmm..." "Case dismissed"
  20. Just thought I would mention that I am NOT in the Beta, not at all, no, no really I amn't and if you saw someone in it who looked like me, then that was just coincidence because I am really truly truly NOT in the beta. So.. glad I cleared that one up before someone mistakenly thought I might be in the Beat, which, of course, I am not, because if I was I wouldn't be able to say that I was, or wasn't, so as I AM saying I am NOT that sort of proves that I am not.
  21. There is a debate which BioWare haven't commented on, as to whether the voice stuff will be streamed, or downloaded. If it's streamed I guess 20Gb is more realistic, but if d/l'd it could well be pushing 40Gb. Not sure what effect the streaming of the voice stuff will have on fluidity of play but would expect it to cause some issues especially at peak times
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