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  1. Wow! Clear and open communication. How refreshing.
  2. I didn't find a thread on this. Is anyone else having a real problem recently with simultaneous (affecting everyone at the same time) green light, red light lag? There is a long thread about it on the official forums, but no response from Turbine. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?450209-Please-fix-the-lag Thought I'd save my post to that thread here just in case: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?450209-Please-fix-the-lag&p=6072572#post6072572
  3. The system serves its function over there in that it's controlled by the moderation team.
  4. You should write fantasy games. Seems you have a knack for it.
  5. That is no longer true since we began displaying ads. I have no idea about the state of Dutch law in this matter, but it is settled law in the US that being paid for advertising on a website makes it a commercial enterprise no matter how little the revenue received.
  6. Yeah, but they do seem to be trying a little harder to phrase things in a less derogatory tone over there at the moment.
  7. Look how fast she can run! Grrr... I hate when I compose a post over there and the thread gets locked before I can post it. So I don't feel my time was completely wasted, I'll post it here: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?428147-I-am-getting-REALLY-tired-of-being-spammed-these-nasty-emotes!&p=5804099#post5804099
  8. I nominate that for this year's "Most Ironic Statement Seen On the Internet" award.
  9. You know, the pro-Turbine baiters seem to have calmed down a bit across quite a few threads at the moment. I've also seen a few baiting posts removed from what I've always assumed where the untouchables (since they never were). And the Sap has made an appearance trying to pour oil on the water. I wonder what's up. Coincidence? Have new marching orders been given? It'll be interesting to see how long it continues. Perhaps it's just a fluke. EDIT: Synchronicity? We both mentioned the same metaphor. EDIT AGAIN: What a shame. Even when he appears to be trying to keep things smo
  10. Oh, I'm quite sure the CMs follow everything they can find and even pass some of it on up the chain. That leaves the problem of who is doing the filtering. For example, I doubt Sapience passes on everything that is said about him, or that he himself says or does. Would anybody? Well, maybe to Fernando.
  11. First of all, welcome to the forums Hammerfast! While I think you make a few salient points, I hold a slightly different viewpoint on a few things you have mentioned: This does not take into account that Turbine has become a rather small operation in a much larger corporate structure. Remaining marginally profitable is no longer good enough. Ever increasing profits is what the big boys are looking for. Divisions or subdivisions that show sinking profits are quite likely to find the chopping block long before they actually start losing money. And in that context, having already
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