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  1. Wow! Clear and open communication. How refreshing.
  2. I didn't find a thread on this. Is anyone else having a real problem recently with simultaneous (affecting everyone at the same time) green light, red light lag? There is a long thread about it on the official forums, but no response from Turbine. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?450209-Please-fix-the-lag Thought I'd save my post to that thread here just in case: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?450209-Please-fix-the-lag&p=6072572#post6072572
  3. The system serves its function over there in that it's controlled by the moderation team.
  4. You should write fantasy games. Seems you have a knack for it.
  5. That is no longer true since we began displaying ads. I have no idea about the state of Dutch law in this matter, but it is settled law in the US that being paid for advertising on a website makes it a commercial enterprise no matter how little the revenue received.
  6. Yeah, but they do seem to be trying a little harder to phrase things in a less derogatory tone over there at the moment.
  7. Look how fast she can run! Grrr... I hate when I compose a post over there and the thread gets locked before I can post it. So I don't feel my time was completely wasted, I'll post it here: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?428147-I-am-getting-REALLY-tired-of-being-spammed-these-nasty-emotes!&p=5804099#post5804099
  8. I nominate that for this year's "Most Ironic Statement Seen On the Internet" award.
  9. You know, the pro-Turbine baiters seem to have calmed down a bit across quite a few threads at the moment. I've also seen a few baiting posts removed from what I've always assumed where the untouchables (since they never were). And the Sap has made an appearance trying to pour oil on the water. I wonder what's up. Coincidence? Have new marching orders been given? It'll be interesting to see how long it continues. Perhaps it's just a fluke. EDIT: Synchronicity? We both mentioned the same metaphor. EDIT AGAIN: What a shame. Even when he appears to be trying to keep things smooth, he just can't resist taking another little dig at the OP when closing her thread (at her request): http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?429592-What-can-and-what-can-we-not-talk-about&p=5802333#post5802333 That's pretty sad. Especially for someone with a bit of clout in customer relations.
  10. Oh, I'm quite sure the CMs follow everything they can find and even pass some of it on up the chain. That leaves the problem of who is doing the filtering. For example, I doubt Sapience passes on everything that is said about him, or that he himself says or does. Would anybody? Well, maybe to Fernando.
  11. First of all, welcome to the forums Hammerfast! While I think you make a few salient points, I hold a slightly different viewpoint on a few things you have mentioned: This does not take into account that Turbine has become a rather small operation in a much larger corporate structure. Remaining marginally profitable is no longer good enough. Ever increasing profits is what the big boys are looking for. Divisions or subdivisions that show sinking profits are quite likely to find the chopping block long before they actually start losing money. And in that context, having already cut development costs is not a good thing; it's a bad thing. It means they are less able to cut costs to increase profits than they would be if they hadn't already done so. I disagree with you here. I think most of us are very aware of the value and profitability of micro-transactions. And, while I think the number of F2P players that eventually spend money on the game is extremely significant, I doubt it approaches the fifty percent mark (as in "MOST"). If you have enough players though, the cumulative effect will definitely be significant. It is even possible, if not likely, for it to significantly outweigh income from subscriptions. But, once again, I'm not sure that "viability" is the proper yardstick to use when attempting to determine the future of LOTRO. I find it a little hard to swallow that the most profitable by far MMO in history had higher expectations and designed for them. But, I suppose it's possible. There is also another difference that you may not have considered. While Blizzard is majority owned by their own conglomerate (Vivendi SA), that is not the same as being a wholly owned subsidiary. While Vivendi can exert a great amount of pressure to continually increase profits (and I'm sure they do), they are much more likely to accept whatever profit they actually acquire. They cannot as easily unilaterally disband WoW as Warner can LOTRO. The term "viability" has a lot more significance in this context. I personally believe that total disaster is in the making and has been for some time now. We may be closer to the end than you believe. But, that's just my opinion. One of the things that Turbine has going for it though is the IP. That might buy them a bit of latitude. Enjoy your shopping! As to who created this place: Once again, Welcome!
  12. You know, I am frequently surprised that the granddaddy of MMOs is hardly ever mentioned in these discussions. Runescape had chit for graphics and incredibly intensive grinds just to "level" your abilities that make all other grinds I've ever seen seem like a breeze in comparison (I'm not kidding about that). Yet they were able not only to compete, but by far outpace all other MMOs (including WoW for active players). What was their secret?
  13. You'd think so. And, I'm sure it's true of most companies. But, Fernando Paiz has come right out and publicly stated that basically he could care less about what customers are saying. It's not so much the effort to silence that's the main problem. It's the concerted effort to ignore that is leading to Turbine's demise. IMHO
  14. I believe the fact that for a new forum, which basically covers the exact same ground as the official forums, to pick up over 2,000 members in the first six months is something of an indicator all in itself. And, as Nirsul so eloquently points out, the number of members is not necessarily indicative of our potential influence among MMO players in general and LOTRO players specifically. But, I wonder how many Turbine executives and how many low level potentates at Warner Entertainment (itself a division of mega-giant Time-Warner, to whom Turbine is far less than a small pimple on their buttocks) even know we exist. Or even what goes on within the official forums (although it does appear that the Sap may have been reined in a bit over the last few months). I would suggest that generally the only "web stuff" they may ever see is major reviews and awards. I doubt they even see (or are aware of) the major Turbine blogs, much less what the community itself is saying. They have "more important" stuff to deal with.
  15. When bonuses are predicated on short term goals (quarterly and annually) and especially when there is no long term track record for F2P to compare against, this makes perfect sense. Amazingly bad short-term thinking is all you can hope for. Especially when all goals are revenue based. I seriously doubt they have set goals for "industry trust" or "customer appreciation." Or "long-term viability." Brain dead people at the helm. Or, rather an attitude of cash in, cut and run. It's what many are striving for, especially those who handle the day to day operations. IMHO
  16. I think you've hit one of the nails on the head here. They appear to have complete faith in F2P without any understanding whatsoever of why or how it works. They also appear to have no understanding whatsoever of some real basics of business. Store pricing frequently makes no sense at all. For example, would you rather sell 10 mounts (applied to a single character) in the store for $20.00 each or sell 100 mounts (applied to the entire account) at $10.00 each? Which makes more business sense, $200.00 income or $1,000.00 income based on approximately the exact same cost? Do they actually believe that some sort of macho value of being one of the very few to own a certain mount it will overcome the income from massive sales? They truly, truly do not understand their customer base at all, in my humble opinion. You make a very good point here. Intentionally devaluing someone's previous investment is the most likely reason for them to throw in the towel instead of continuing to chase it. What, I wonder, do they teach in MBA programs these days?
  17. Thanks. Don't let this thread die until they close it. What they are attempting to pull is not only morally reprehensible, in many cases it's illegal. And people should know that.
  18. I basically agree with you, but in the case of MMOs I believe it goes even further than some form of addiction. MMOs generally require a great deal of investment in time, relationship building, and frequently money. People have a strong tendency to become attached to large previous investments and will sometimes hold on to them no matter what. Hence, the phrase "throwing good money after bad." Where the Paiz scheme falls apart, in my opinion, is twofold: 1) Eventually nearly everyone will throw in the towel when it becomes just way too much to take. No more throwing good money after bad. 2) It also becomes increasingly difficult to get new people to become heavily vested in the game after seeing that it is extremely unlikely to pay off. Also, the fact that the options in MMOs will soon be increasing significantly for customers means that it will soon become much more of a buyers market. That means it's even more important to dedicate resources to customer service. Basic Business 101. But, why should they care? Take the money now and run before it all comes crashing down. We as players will, of course, lose and so will the investors eventually, but they'll make out just fine (literally, like bandits). And, there'll always be another company out there to sack later on. You know, businesses have learned since the beginning of civilization that keeping customers happy is key to continued success. But, their argument seems to be that this is a new age and a new market where the old rules no longer apply. Sound familiar? (Think dotcom, finance, and mortgage.) They are no doubt personally making a fortune off of "customers be damned," but I seriously doubt that the business itself can possibly survive the hit if it goes on much longer. IMHO
  19. Who is actually in charge of security over there, Dumb or Dumber? (My money's on Dumber.) What strikes me as even more of a blunder than the actual exploit itself is that some genious thought it a good idea to warn people of a possible security breach through emails that not only contained links to change the password, but the links themselves don't even link directly to the page they say they are!?! They actually link back to a link counter at the email service and then are forwarded on to the correct page. So, people are reading this official email and becoming concerned about security and the email itself is actually disguised as a phishing scam. How brain dead do you have to be to pull that stunt? Then to go on the forums and tell everyone the email is fine. So, the next one they get which actually is a phishing scam... It's truly almost unbelievable. There really ought to be a wall somewhere where we could line some of these people up...
  20. Thanks. That's very sweet of you to say. I don't think I'd be able to work all that well with the current management team, though.
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