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  1. Greetings everyone. Been away for an absolute age. They never did change my Bounders Bounty name. Thought I would check back in here and see how the saner folks of the community are. OF is still a mess.
  2. Well they do say prevention is better than cure
  3. Obviously ... as i didn't get it
  4. Doro that video did something very odd to my head. It made me feel very uncomfortable with myself. it was like i knew what it was saying but my brain couldn't process it.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul3nQsM-Hmc the oddest thing i have seen in a long long time
  6. I'll be honest, I am shocked John Smedley is still with SOE after the SWG fiasco he led people into both the CU and the NGE. I recall them having to give out refunds on the Trials of Obi-Wan expansion becasue so many people where incensed with the changes. That guy really shouldnt be anywhere near mmo's
  7. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/texas-boy-suspended-bringing-ring-power-school-article-1.2099103 I loved this article found it hilarious
  8. Just glad to see the back of Justin Olivetti, of the LOTRO of his I read not one of them was an accurate reflection on the game
  9. You have no idea how disappointed I was to find this had nothing to do with Harry Ramsdens
  10. They are off the beaten track a bit, so as to avoid such things happening, but dont forget there is precedent for this, as they added level 55 orcs to the Lone-Lands years ago and also the daily ixp bounty quests way back when.
  11. no need to think i explained what they are in the post above yours.
  12. very true he was indeed. perhaps we are on to something. dont let the folks over at Gallifrey Base know though they are even more self-righteous and opinionated that the folks on the OF
  13. i suppose their is a case to be made that Bond could be a timelord ..... he changes faces often and yet seems to be the same man.
  14. yes i am a fully paid up whovian but even i cannot get behind moffat on this. it was a terrible thing to do.
  15. The *new* feature is as stated above akin to shard droppers and War-Bands, the only differance is this time they drop barter items to collect and there is a deed and some quests associated with them. They have been in game since Gondor. Roving Threats they are called. Solo and Fellowship Nemesis mobs around the world map. The ones in Gondor where gated behind rep for the quests to kill them but the new ones with 15.2 are not. Some of the rewards for barter are FA Weapons, A new 2 socket essense pocket and a pet frog. Prices for the FA and Pocket are 200 of the new barter brands. My burg Sappelia got the killing blow
  16. Or .. a female Doctor.... which i would hate to see.
  17. The hope to have a schedule up next week, i imagine they will have at least some idea by then.
  18. for me that would be the first Silent Hill movie, i played the original game on the playstation and had a habit of staying up till the earlyhours in the dark while playing. When i went to see the movie i couldnt sleep for 3 weeks without the light being on as it brought up nighterrors and panic attacks from my childhood... I guess the game really did something to my psyche back then. I have never watched it again. The same as House on Haunted Hill - the remake i only watched that one once out of fear.
  19. I udated the thread on the OF with todays bullet points. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?562441-Some-clarifications-as-i-understand-them
  20. Not any one particular film but I find (and i hope im not the only crazy) that whenever im choosing something to watch, as soon as I pick something the entire movie goes through my head in a flash and I then dont want to watch it. It's hard to put into words but I then have to choose something different. Just really odd i guess. This can happen multiple times when trying to find something to watch from my existing collection,
  21. i'm going to keep it updated, i did send a pm to frelorn asking for a sticky but nothing back yet.
  22. Well that was my intention but from the main thread it seems people have overlooked mine and are still asking the same questions and are still just as muddled as before.
  23. thats why i created the thread, was pretty clear they where not going to.
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