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  1. Amorey

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    So sad about this I know you care deeply about the game Kick, and I hope to read your thoughts about LOTRO here. *Big Hug*
  2. Amorey

    Legendary™ Servers

    The usual suspects are out and about talking nonsense as always because well.....that is what they love to do; Given you enjoy quoting my posts ( stalking much ?? ) here is one I made earlier in the same tread: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?668512-Since-the-Legendary-Server-is-a-PAID-service&p=7885631#post7885631 So you are wrong, I am not praising poor quality, I simply chose not to pay for it, Anyway have fun in your little bubble, I am off to play Fallout 😎
  3. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Fun raid, worth a run for sure.
  4. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Nice post Doro, I really like that so kudos to you
  5. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Incredibly as it may sound to you, I tend to agree with your methods. This is an open and free forums so in general I would go along with the 'light approach' when it comes to moderation, the only issue I have is when does an 'opinion. become full on harassment ? On official gaming forums things usually are a bit different because the community team has a set of guidelines they have to follow. We must agree it is important to let people freely express their own views even if those views are different. I can easily take a step back and I will, but others around here must do the same, that to me is a fair game.
  6. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Sure thing, you are the boss here, though of course 'preventing' things to escalate this far would have been maybe a better option in the first place, I did try to get in touch with you before jumping in, but obviously you did consider that kind of abusive posts I reported like a fair game. Surely you would not expect me to take all this and not try to at least defend myself...right ? I was dragged here, I did not just started posting out of the blue. The ball is in your hands now, big boy pants may just need to come out.
  7. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    So despite Doro asking you to stop dragging me into this, you keep going and now attack someone that does not share your idiocy. I am sorry Doro, it was nice to see you try some moderation ( I am so proud of you ) but it seem it was not effective enough.
  8. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Still trying desperately to get some attention from me. Like all those lovely PMs you used to sent me on the OF trying to be 'friendly' while I was publicly arguing with you on the OF. You really never went over that did you? 40 pages of a woman making fun of you and showing what kind of loser you are. No one cares what you think , most people think you are a dick even on this forum , no one really cares that much about your precious manga-looking game, and yet you persist, believing your opinion is somehow important and that it will make a change to humanity . Of course you have 'minions' they are here in this thread, jumping on the bandwagon, trying ( and failing miserably ) to be funny, calling me names, it is really sweet to see how grown up guys can pump up each other against ONE person, ...and you call me irrational. I am not expecting anyone to come here and try to 'speak for me; , I am doing that myself, though it is nice to see there are at least 2 or 3 users that have enough balls to say what they really think and not just abuse and troll for the sake of it. I am moved by their courage because saying what one really think on this forum was never easy and some have been shredded to pieced in the past just for doing so . Some of you guys have personal agendas and vendettas to pursue, I know that well, but the only thing you are going to achieve by attacking me with such passion is yo look really and utterly stupid and pathetic.
  9. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    You are a dick , Papi is quite right there, and you are a really bad troll, predictable and rather boring . With nuclear Armageddon just around the corner I figured out it is better to have a bit of fun with some on you guys around here to show how weak and pathetic you can be, ganging up together to troll and bully one LOTRO player , then giving each other +rep thinking you are all so very clever. . What really must burn you and your fellow minions is that all this is coming from little me , this gives me much joy I can assure you. No one disputes your right to be unhappy with a video game or a company, but some of you folk have taken this to a whole new level of hate. It is consuming your online lives , it is everywhere. You bitch and whine, you bully and troll people , getting close and personal couse that is what makes you feel soooo good about your miserable little self. It is frankly hilarious to watch you falling over yourself to try to score a point about me, finding, making a nastier meme, creating a new insult, but hey...you said it, this is the internet and this is what troll do. It is quite incredible the amount of time and energy some folk around here use to whine about a game they openly state not to care about and play, but whatever rock your boat. My name was called at least 3 times before I decided to step into this cesspit , now you have to deal with it.........
  10. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    For the same reason you do....because I can. You have 0 high morale ground to stand on after the consistent personal hate campaign against me ( and others ) you have unleashed here on this forum and on the official forums. You can call me whatever you feel appropriate of course, but to think I would just sit in a corner and take it without defending myself is rather disingenuous. You have proves nothing , you have nothing other than a well deserved forum ban. You are making assumptions and accusation without providing any hard fact and expect me to sit back and just take your insults.. People like you are a blight to normal decent society, but you are just a nasty internet troll so you probably do not care anyway. I really feel sorry for you, your heart is full of hate and resentment, your mind is full of anger and spite, I hope you have someone in your life to love you. As I said before I am not scared of you ( or anyone else here) , your insults means nothing to me, but there comes a point when online abuse and bulling become too much and I am not one to just hide and pretend it did not happen, so I will respond when I feel it is appropriate. So here I am calling your bullshit against me out. Bulling people just because they like a video game is pathetic to say the least, but it seems you have little else to do while living under that bridge. So no we are not done, not as long as you keep doing what you do and mention me in basically every post you are making on this forum. LOTRO is just a video game mate, it will end one day, I know it and you do too, but that day is not today or tomorrow, no matter how much bitching and doom calling you do.
  11. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Your mum seems happy enough on it though
  12. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Something else we have in common Doro, isn't that nice ?
  13. Amorey

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Thanks for letting us know. So It is perfectly fine to troll, name call, cyber stalk, insult and make outlandish claims against people like some have been doing for months on this forum...right? That is perfectly ok as long as it is not someone else doing it. Like real tough men's chatter, you know.... the kind of chatter where grown up guys get together to bitch about a video game by insulting everyone that still enjoy that game over a beer....that is indeed very 'serious ' stuff.