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  1. Not really no. I have been a member of these board much longer than others, if I am not welcome then grow some and ask Doro to remove me from the community. Snowflake much? I mean really ? You and other dudes around here cannot cope with a different voice ? Aww yes, that is some strong stuff from me, almost as bad as 'Here is a forum banana for you, you won the forums' At least I have the balls to use the same name here as on the OF unlike you hiding under that lovely snowflake costume. Aww yes of course you would say that wold you ? I do not seek direct confrontation or use your kind of language. I say what I want to say calmly and sometime with humor. If some are snowflakes and cannot take a joke or a poke it is their own problem not mine. If you do not want me here Doro, just say so and remove me but give me a proper reason please. Let me remind everyone the definition of passive-aggressive : Dictionary result for passive-aggressive adjective of or denoting a type of behaviour or personality characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation. Nop, I am all good but it is true I am not particularly fond about some of you but I do in fact quite like others around here. Don't be a snowflake and learn to live with different voices. Thanks. Now if you are all done I would be very much like to read more thoughts of the latest news from LOTRO
  2. You got a 'like' instead Insults and personal attacks do say more about the people that do post such things that to the person receiving it. I am not expecting any sympathy or welcome committee here, I know very well we often disagree , but I am not in the mood to fight or argue with anyone . The dislike is reciprocal , the insults are not . I stopped posting on the OF a long time ago, I post here sometime, that is that. Ok sorry for the off topic, carry on
  3. Not quite 'watching' it but eagerly awaiting the Tolkien biopic that looks awesome
  4. It would not be the first time ? Sorry if i misread your post. Now I understand what you meant. As I said I've been away from LOTRO for a very long time and have no intention to endorse or support anyone, I just 'use' the game as a tool and when I am tired I stop. I made my views about LOTRO's problems known. Feedback was give now it is up to the people that run the game to make changes if they care. They are still working on it so it seem the game is not quite yet on its last leg, but it is struggling with many issues. I am stuck in between been a gamer and been a Tolkien's fan. The gamer in me is actually quite angry with how the game has been changed in the last two or three years , basically since Daybreak entered the scene. I truly despise Daybreak and I am someone convinced their influence is not good for LOTRO . The tolkien's fan in me is still able to see how beautiful some of the story telling and world building in game are. Ouch that really sucks LOTRO one day will sunset, and when it does I hope you and your friend will be able to find a way to rekindle your friendship in a new game. Sorry about that Kick, not much comfort I know , but here is a small *hug*.
  5. Or me, or you, or many that still follow LOTRO. It is true that many players are feeling disappointed and let down by the direction the game is going; I am including myself in the category. My issues with LOTRO today are mostly related to monetization ( store, loothboxes, F2P model ), performance, and use of never ending grinding. On the last couple of years my game time has been reduced to almost zero. It is also true that many players just refuse to let go. Many of these folk have spent the last decade playing the game and many of them are driven by the lore more than then game mechanics as such. These are those that will be there to the bitter end, no matter what. Wherever we stand on the scale of love/hate for LOTRO, we are all still talking about it, sometime arguing about it, some even hold up some hope to see some improvement. Letting go for good will only be possible the day the game sunset, until then people will discuss, comment, hate or love with a passion. It is as it is. I don't think LOTRO will sunset for lack of players, but sunset one day it will and I am sure we'll all have something to say on that day. This week I have been leveling a hobbit on one of the Legendary Servers, I have no plans or expectations, I just want to relax, enjoy and build a few more memories. Leaving arguments and bitterness behind, I just need a place where I can relax and escape from the shitshow going on in the real world, and LOTRO can still offer that.
  6. Not only that, also a crafting update, this is so long overdue. I am really excited about this letter, it sets a positive tone . I was finally able to resub again this week and I decided to give the legendary server a go. So far I am really enjoying the experience
  7. Well that is quite a solid plan for the future, new 64 bit client in the work and also a new expansion on the horizon. Also glad they did listen to the feedback about Mordor
  8. I do not share your take on this , not really a great surprise , but you are entitled to your opinion so fair enough
  9. Of course there are different kind of roleplayers and way to roleplay however elitist attitude is something I was always against , I really do not like people that think they are better than others just because they roleplay, just like I don't like people that think they are better because they do not roleplay. When I started playing LOTRO I was not a roleplayer, but I do enjoy storytelling , poetry and art so I used the game as a creative tool. Never attended or took part in Weatherstock , I dislike that kind of RP gatherings, but I know what you mean about songs about pie, my goodness I heard my fair share of those over the years on my server. I don't like the pie stereotype associated with hobbits. or any stereotype for that matter LOTRO provides a great number of RP tools , music system, emotes, cosmetics and so on, that is obviously done to encourage roleplay so people will use those tools and roleplay as they wish, some like that others don't. You call it 'bullshit' I call it 'creativity. There is plenty of rooms for everyone's point of view.
  10. Telling stories is an outlet for our imagination just like any creative medium - like music or painting. LOTRO gives players a unprecedented level of virtual immersion in a much-loved world and original lore. From my perspective, my RP characters are ones I like a lot and wish actually did exist within Middle-earth. RP is essentially like an interactive story, and for me It simply adds another dimension to the game. Roleplayers are not crazy or weird, they are just more creative and enjoy storytelling which is perfectly ok in a game inspired by a greatest storyteller. Someone that have invested much time and creativity in their character's stories is most likely to stick around in game longer or return often. This very forum has a RP section since 2011 so there was a plan to make RPers welcome here, shame it never really worked out. Anyway roleplayers are still making stories and singing songs in LOTRO and that makes them an important part in the game population although as I said earlier, the community is much smaller today. For as long as there are few RPers around numbers will most likely not hit absolute zero.
  11. I still remember the your olde 'RP Sucks' ( or something along that line :p) thread. We had a good run in that one. Those days are long gone, RP has changed too along with the game. The scene is alive and still thriving but on a much smaller scale. We have seen a huge drop in traffic on our RP web portal in the last year in particular. people still RP of course but not on the scale they used to. In the past you and I did not agree on many things but today I agree with your take . Funnily enough I decided to login game tonight and bumped in RP/music event in Michel Delving, about 40 people , not too bad for a weeknight. Total number on Laurelin tonight was about 600 but the majority are not RPers.
  12. I googled it and it looks interesting, I will watch it when I get Prime Thank you for the tip, much appreciated :)
  13. So it begins and I am super excited about it. I am not a huge fan of Amazon but I am planning to get Prime to watch this one :) https://twitter.com/LOTRonPrime
  14. I believe the child in my avatar is actually a very young Kristen Dust. She's been in a few movies including Interview with the vampire. I came across this avatar many years ago when I was working as a moderator on a forum and I thought it would be quite appropriate, it kind of worked and I have been using it ever since. The reason why LOTRO continues to be dragged along and still manages to survive is very simple and can be summarized in one single word : Tolkien If the game was just a generic fantasy MMO we would not be here today still discussing it, it would have closed many years ago. Calling the game Lord of the Rings Online was a strike of genius. If you want to compare the game to one of the races of Middle-earth Lotro is an elf - it seems unable to die so it lingers on in sorrow, fading away slowly, almost gone but not quite gone yet because people love Middle-earth and its stories. That book you linked there is awesome, it was released to coincide with the Tolkien Exhibition last year. I went to Oxford to see it and it was awesome. I believe the Exhibition is now open in New York. I do not play Lotro anymore, it is just too painful now so I'd rather keep my memories and move on. At the moment there are no real alternatives to virtual Middle-earth so I am not spending much time gaming. By the way of any of you guys like Tolkien as much as I do here is a link to a fantastic dramatized audiobook I am currently enjoying :) https://tokybook.com/fellowship-rings-audiobook-01/ https://tokybook.com/two-towers-audiobook/ https://tokybook.com/return-kings-audiobook/
  15. Say a guy called Tarantula with a huge creepy spider as an avatar ? Hope your girl is doing well though Could be worst ? Glad to see you guys still have a sense of humor. On topic: LOTRO is only a very pale shadow, faint memories of Middle-earth and epic stories I still love. I refuse to be a statistic, use the store or play a game just out of my passion for the work of Tolkien. The LOTRO I remember was awesome , not perfect, but a solid game, but this was many years ago. It is sad to witness its decline, sad to see how people prefer a mediocre/bad run instead of letting it go slowly and peacefully into the West. Anyway sorry about the 'creepy' avatar guys, I won't change it though, it has been with me for too many years and I am quite font of it
  16. Hope your father gets well soon Kick, my best wishes for a speedy and full recovery
  17. So sad about this I know you care deeply about the game Kick, and I hope to read your thoughts about LOTRO here. *Big Hug*
  18. The usual suspects are out and about talking nonsense as always because well.....that is what they love to do; Given you enjoy quoting my posts ( stalking much ?? ) here is one I made earlier in the same tread: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?668512-Since-the-Legendary-Server-is-a-PAID-service&p=7885631#post7885631 So you are wrong, I am not praising poor quality, I simply chose not to pay for it, Anyway have fun in your little bubble, I am off to play Fallout ?
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