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  1. Original Sammath Gul. So many different compositions possible and each had its own flavor. 6 Captains was fun. 5 Champs and a Mins. 6 Burgs.... The list goes on.
  2. Optimism is an odd beast. There are some who find optimism in death even, as there is the afterlife to consider... I think most people's time is better spent on a boat that rests solidly above the waterline. That would not be LotRO. The game has gone downhill overall for the past several years - getting worse every year. It's so predictable that it's hardly even worth paying attention anymore, much less paying at all. The game will not turn around because it serves WB's purpose for now. It's all about monetization. The entertainment factor is a mindless afterthought.
  3. It is truly amazing to me that anyone can still sense even a single photon of light in the dark tunnel of LotRO - hell, Turbine in general. Not to be a dink about it, but the past is gone. Long gone. The only possible way I could imagine having a shred of optimism about this game at this point in time would be if I started playing it tomorrow for the first time. But even then... The entire genre has grown old and stale for me, personally and Turbine is hardly capable of anything close to cutting edge. But I guess I can see someone who still warrants spending time in the game having interest in the Council. But then, there's plenty about human behavior I'll never claim to understand.
  4. RockX was from the first crop of devs who all collectively made the game much less enjoyable for me and many folks I played with. I believe he played a very large role in the Great Loot Revamp that slowly but surely sucked the life out of my kin. Thing is, he didn't even understand the systems he had a hand in putting into place. I saw countless examples of people educating him on the realities of his designs which were not in agreement with the ways he thought they worked. I wish no ill will on anyone, but certainly hope he doesn't get the chance to ruin another gamer's game.
  5. In 07, I'd guess LotRO and either Conan or Warhammer.
  6. Well, as we are seeing, tolerance for the microtransaction system is directly proportional to the quality of content available. The difference between LotRO and Farmville is the playerbase. Some players have higher quality expectations than others. Granted, LotROs base is much less critical than it used to be, but it's still no Farmville.
  7. Yeah, I wonder how all that's working out for him now? That prick is the worst thing to ever happen to MMOs... Dare I say computer gaming period?
  8. Your post pretty much sums up everything I feel about the council, Glump. I don't feel any of us should sympathize for the infraction, though, cause it only reinforces what we already know about the shitty mgmt over there.
  9. Well, I know a slew of Lifers/VIPs who didn't buy HD - won't buy anymore TP, etc. That's a decent chunk of change they aren't getting. If such is their mindset (and I'm not saying it isn't), I think we're seeing how it's not at all easy to replace them. There is no new market niche for a game such as this. After the initial rush post-F2P, they have no big cards left to play to get people in the door. Mounted Combat didn't do it. Helm's Deep didn't do it - and nothing in the future will do it. They should have held onto the little dedicated share of the market they had - because they had an extremely loyal player-base. Had. If WB is that content with the job that Sap is doing, then I feel even better about not supporting LotRO.
  10. Many of our core raiders bid high DKP for housing items. The first time the item dropped it always went in the kinhouse, but after that it was open for bid. It wasn't uncommon for a particularly rare housing item to go for as much or more than the rarest piece of equipment went for on any given run. As for Sap giving bans relating to this survey, I'd say that's a stretch. Especially since I can't see them affording to turn off any more players now that the HD verdict is basically in and even Kate Paiz seems to be in conciliatory mode. Honestly, if they are in as much hurt as I think they are, I'd expect a either a sea change in Sap's attitude or the appointment of a new CM in the not-too-distant future.
  11. 2014 predictions... The only safe prediction is that LotRO will increase its irrelevance in the fantasy MMO genre. You can take that to the LotRO Store, erm, I mean bank.
  12. That's why I think they're so incompetent. The game is old, yet they make all kinds of assinine changes wherein the only net effect is driving people away. Tell me the class changes resulted in a net gain of players. Tell me dropping raids and PvP support resulted in a net gain of players. Nothing they can do will result in a net gain of players, so they should have focused on keeping the loyal ones they had. Too late. To be fair, I'm sure many of these revamps are due to the new devs not knowing how to even begin working within the existing code, but it's still no one's fault but Turbine's.
  13. Pointedly deciding to not develop PvP or traditional raiding are the 2 main reasons this game sunk so hard after Rohan. There is a large contingent of players who may not focus on either, but the ones that did (in my experience) were the glue that held the game together - and kept lots of the other people around. Even if raiding and PvP were a minority of the total player base, these 2 sects of players undoubtedly spent more active time in the game than possibly all other player niches together. Their conscious decision to develop "fast food" content - content that requires minimal investment of time or resources to play - may have sounded good in theory, but it can't help but be generic and hollow in reality. Players who don't invest in a game do not keep that game going - and Turbine has all but made it impossible to invest in anything in LotRO. Just look at the development decisions they have made over the past few years along with the steady drop in player activity. How could they think they were on the right track? This game is a classic model of failure on multiple levels.
  14. Yeah, pretty hard not to see right through this. Stupid, really - to think they will benefit by 180ing the development philosophy back to what it was before they turned so many of us off. Way too late for that. Not sure who's best interests they think they are serving here other than folks who no longer play. Is that their new target market? lol
  15. What percent of official forum users are part of the current player base? Heh. The forums over there are far more compelling than the game. Poor sods don't know what they're missing... Even so, no one knows what percent of players use the forums - probably not even Turbine. Is a lurker a user? Is someone who only logs into the game to chat a player? Etc... I think the gifts are funny, but I sure wouldn't waste even .50 on the guy.
  16. Arma2. The standalone is still in development. Not to be a bubble-burster, but ESO is going to be lackluster at best - unless you desire more of the same only set in the Elder Scrolls universe. I have yet to hear anything exceptional about it from anyone I know and nothing I've read strikes me as all that interesting.
  17. The casual computer-gamer niche just cannot be that large. Those types of people largely play on different platforms, not PCs. In this age where PC mags seem to have to continually defend the PC's relevance, I don't get why ultra-dumbing down a game on the PC platform would be considered a wise move for the future. That's aside from the fact that they didn't need to abandon all other player niches, but that's probably more due to them deciding to offer as little as possible.
  18. It's still (sometimes) interesting to log in and see who sends you a tell out of the blue - or mess around in glff for a while. There are lots of people who were "fixtures" (for lack of a better word) in my daily life for years. Sometimes it's OK to reminisce... as long as you think it worth your time, I guess. But that's the social aspect having very little to do with the game. Sad, really. I honestly didn't even know HD was in the Store until yesterday. I've been a pre-purchaser up until this expac and I thought it took a few weeks for it to hit the Store. (?) Being that I can't see myself playing it, I probably won't even TP it simply because I don't want them to move that one unit. As a Lifer, there's not much else I can do other than not consume their Store - but obviously to each their own. Taking things from them for essentially free (pennies in relation to the monthly sub fee I've averted) is good, too. I figure right now, my Lifer sub has me paying a hair over $3/month for the game to date - not to mention the 33,000 free TPs I've accrued. Suffice to say they've not made much money from me other than my new content purchases.
  19. Some people, yes, but not all. I played for over 6 years nearly daily, raided 2-3 nights per week and led my kin. The day I decided to stop playing was the last day I played. Almost 8 months ago now. I was actually surprised how easy it was to walk away from, but most of the kin's core is still playing some game or another together and that made it easier I'm sure. I think part of it is admitting to yourself that if it wasn't for the people around me, I'd never want to be here. Once you realize it's no longer enjoyment of the game keeping you there, you can make other plans quite easily assuming your friends are of like mind. Honestly, reading the official forums has provided more entertainment than the game for a couple years now...
  20. I spend most of my time playing DayZ lately - the Origins mod. Very spooky and compelling gameplay if you're into the shooter/survival genre. Origins adds some MMO-like components like houses and NPC boss encounters. Haven't had this much fun gaming since LotRO launched, honestly. Of course, it's more fun with a few pals.
  21. From what I heard several months ago, the largest group size is 4 or 5 (can't remember). They were not planning raids in a traditional sense - more like dungeons. The few folks I know who played Beta over the weekend also felt leveling was really slow. None of them appear to plan on playing the game when it hits. Personally, it looks pretty same-old to me, though I always thought Skyrim would have been more enjoyable in a multiplayer context...
  22. My favorite raid fight in LotRO by far.
  23. Nice. We used a Cappo. At least to grab aggro and then ran him over to the main tank after the grims spawned. We did bring 2 tanks though, one for the 2 giants and one for the Grims. That challenge was so tedious. You knew a minute in whether it was a scrap or not. Some particularly bad nights we'd easily plow through a stack of food in about 90 minutes. I'm not sure if I miss those days or not... hehe. For us it usually hinged on the Hunters and whether or not they could kill that first Grim on time and in the right place. Needless to say, not many people outside our raiding core ever completed the challenge...
  24. For me personally - a 2 month ban (intended to be permanent) for using a proxy server from work and being implicated in "malicious" activity due to that. Completely unvalidated, of course. I don't know if Sapience was personally responsible for the ban (he said it wasn't him), but I had to remain very persistent and even file a BBB claim in order to escalate the matter to the point where someone actually looked at it. Dealt with Sap's boss, who's name escapes me at the moment who was a total douchebag (Scott something or other), so obviously it's somewhat of a theme they have over there to not give your customers the benefit of the doubt and treat them like children in the process. All of the Community Team underlings I dealt with were very short with me and never even hinted at the possiblity that I was being guilted by association (with the 1000s of other people who use the same proxy I did). The only reason I wanted my forum account was to be eligible for lotteries anyway, so I did get it reinstated as well as a somewhat contrite personal email from Sapience. So while I can't claim (with proof) that he's done me any wrong himself, I greatly dislike the way he runs his forum and I hold him 99.9% responsible for what the forum community has turned into over the past 2-3 years.
  25. Odd that, as I am the leader of said server first kin... I can guarantee you no one was sleeping. Just potting debuffs ensured no one could sleep through that fight, but we used our Champ to tank the Venom boss (only used one Guardian). Venom boss would put the serious hurt on any non heavy. Come phase 5, anyone who says they were sleeping either died or is full of shit.
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