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  1. I shall not leave Lotro completely, but I will be spending more time in SW:TOR for the next few weeks/months. We'll see how that goes....
  2. I see a lot of impatience in this topic... patience my friends.... everything will be sorted, just give them some time to work everything out!
  3. https://www.lotro-europe.com/forums I always use this link, but now it's not working anymore... has been like that since yesterday or the day before
  4. Seems like the forums are offline again. This time for good, or...?
  5. 12:56 and still nothing... hmm.... doesn't look good...
  6. The Defiant Daggers are recruiting! We are a Medium RP kinship, currently recruiting RP and OOC! We are rank 10 (maximum rank) and are 2 years old! We have a kinship house and Facebook! We are mainly a Man kinship but will accept all races. All ages are welcome to join the fun in this social kinship. We encompass as much of the game as we can, be it RPing, questing, crafting, Monster play etc and everyone of us is willing to help kinship members and non-members alike. If you're interested, send me a /tell (or a private message on this forum)!
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