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  1. LOL - only read it now. This cannot be true... I am also not logging in anymore except for the Orthanc raid with our fantastic group - so much fun. But i cannot bother to log in for anything else. Everything is a grind now - only exception could be moors (i am premium player) and some alts. But this steady shift to p2w is just laughable...
  2. I find it great. T1 is already what most kinships will think of quite hard. T2 is a great step forward - even managing to just kill the trash. And challenge mode is even more difficult. Saruman and Fire&Frost are too hard - this the devs stated and that will be reduced in the update (but yes - months after release only...). Our kinship finally managed to do all four bosses on T2 (only the lighning one with challenge mode). The loot is laughable (except for the first ager) but it is so much fun to try over and over to get a good strategy and defeat them. This is way better than the "raids" like Draigoch just for the fun - and not (so much) for the loot. @Jackalop: what rewards are you talking about? I know of none that you can get from orthanc raid as well as from the store.
  3. I really like the Orthanc raid - i like that it is hard to do. It is not so much about the loot - there is really nothing except for the first agers that i would need from T2. To beat Saruman T1 is really an achievement for this raid. T2 is a completely other story - i think only our raid and one other have beat more than one T2 boss on Anduin. From our raid many have left the game after the OD was farmed for much too long. Only one or two have left for sw:tor - and at least one of them is back. And for the global list: i do not have a problem if someone tells about their achievements. For everyone it depends and i will surely gz for some raid having their first Saruman "kill".
  4. yes - once vip and logged in to the character during that time: you have forever access to swift travel when you found the stable master - no matter if it was in the past or during vip time or at some point in the future.
  5. hmm... but for non vip i wonder why i should buy the questpack. I am at max level, the most interesting quests are ringquests anyways - and no instances were mentioned to be added. Well maybe they come at one point and i need the questpack to be able to join them - but they can be sold separately too. Soldier in normal environment? It is way too easy already to level. If we can use it all the time it will just get boring leveling some alt or such.
  6. My experience/what i think: it is not the total number of players that went to sw:tor (or left the weeks before isengard came out). But it is a good amount of active players/raiders/chat spammers that left. So it actually feels definitely more empty if you were/are an active player like i am. But if i compare the persons beeing in Galtrev or i come accross anywhere else i don't see much of a difference - only that i know way less of these peoples than i knew a few weeks ago when i entered twenty first hall or such. So i could imagagine that the number of logins may still be high/that still many play it but that even more of them are casual players.
  7. T2 macht schon echt Spaß und ist ne sehr schöne Herausforderung - aber schade finde ich es schon, dass es rein itemtechnisch "nur" erste ZA und diese Brosche öfters gibt und sonst kein wirklich großer Anreiz ist (evtl. Mal nen Schmuckstück oder so was marginal besser ist) Und das obwohl es deutlich schwerer ist als feste. Von mir aus muss es nicht mal so Super viel besser sein - evtl. Halt sogar das selbe aber ohne siegelkosten oder einfach anders vom aussehen her oder sowas - aber sollte schon nen Unterschied machen ob T1 oder T2
  8. I'm long term captain player and I'm considering making a minstrel now. Obviously it has more healing power and burst dps while in WS. But the thing that interests me is how is it with buffing? >>you have one (of a few) active buffs that gives e.g. 60 will/fate, or others that give resis, ... only one can be active - counting towards all the members of your fellowship within range While lotro-wiki has all skills listed it doesn't say anything how useful and easy is to use them. Does Your healing suffer when trying to upkeep buffs? >>yes and no. During hard fights/with people not firm with the ini where you nonstop have to heal you can't upkeep your buffs. Buffs run out depending how you are traded after 10, 20 or 30 seconds (for the attack buff - resis are longer). For me its pointless to buff if it is not at least 20 or for me always 30 seconds. Tier 1+2 ballads buff you only - Tier 3 buffs whole fellowship for the 10-30 seconds. If yes then what about taking 2nd minstrel purely for buffs and off heals? What about power usage while buffing? >>Only for buffs: rather take another DD with you i would say. it is only 10-20% more damage - which is really nice but not as much as a real DD class. Some "DD-Minis" will have different opinion here of course ;-) Every buff up to 3 increases your healing output (which reduces this number by one for every heal). So while playing ballads you can increase your heal output. In best case: ballad>ballad>ballad>heal>ballad>heal>ballad>... Next thing is medium armour and overall survivability. Having shield always equipped and capability to use also medium armour and of course heals, does it make mini sturdy enough, like for example hunters can be? Don't want to be tank of course , just curious can one strayed mob mean trouble or not. >>learn to kite and you will never need medium armor. Have not seen any 65 mini using medium armor. And even during leveling with kiting i never ever missed it (easy enough as mini anyways). Herald strike is the only melee ability I know of. Is it useful like Lore Master staff strikes and makes standing in melee range a thing to consider? Or is it more like with Rune Keeper where weapon is a cosmetic thing only? >>it is only used to remove corruptions and some use it for increased self-heals. If you kite you will be way way more powerful.
  9. For me (Minstrel 65) Dannenglor - it is by far the fastest one and has the best marks/hour ratio (except barrow downs of course). Often even doable in under 5 Minutes.
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