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  1. Being a noob, I have a Q. I made desktop acces on my Iphone to the link of mylotro (auto login). Everytime I have a look if the forums are back again it show a logged in page (I changed password already :-)). I know that those things are stored on my Iphone, but the strange thing is that the "new forum entries" keep changing.... how comes?
  2. I have seen the hobbit village too, but tried to acces it 2 months ago and it felt like I couldn't reach it anymore....but I could be wrong though
  3. If I have a look at my kin at the moment the folks who login allmost doubled after RoI. Besides that we have a growing amount of new people joining our kin. So not complete sure about how much this says....
  4. There often spelling mistakes in the emails. For example, I got a LOTRO related email send by Blizzard ;-)
  5. Welcome both! Nice to have you folks around! ****New event ***** The Suffering picnic! Friday 6-6-2011 Place: The Shire. If you are not a member of The Suffering and you're looking for a kin, come and join us!!! How late: 20:00 (uk)
  6. Well, I don't "love" codemasters, I just grab every opportunity to join a event and have some fun besides the raids and stuff. And at the end all we want is some relaxation and laughter. So if this is our way to do so, please let us be and let us have some fun!
  7. naked stroopwafel, hmmmmm! Or even better (my personal raid food) LANGE VINGERS!!! ( you can use wiki)
  8. Indeed, those gloves are perfect! I wish I had a pair of them in rl 
  9. After the last patch it seems that my power probleme is solved, but.... Now I loose agro all the time in fellowship or raids! Nothing changed on my gear or traits. Ok, don't tell me that I suck, I already know that part ;-) Any ideas??
  10. I think we should do this on Snowbourn too! If anyone from the SB-event team is reading this....please contact me ingame ;-)
  11. Sssst, don't mention Gazz's joke book! You could scare folks with that!!
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