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  1. UKIP - 12.9% ... 1 seat LD + SNP - 12.6 % ... 64 seats Having over double the percentage of the vote of two parties combined, and still being worse off.
  2. I decided to bite the bullet and remove all my co-workers from all social media sites. The only way people will be able to see what I post now is if they intentionally go looking for it. If that's what they want to do they have no right to complain.
  3. It's a shitty world we live in where I can't say things that aren't even connected to the company I work for,and still get my wrist slapped for it. Looks like I might just have to remove all my colleagues from social media then.
  4. My employers you mean? No I haven't given them any of my social media information. Only some of my colleagues I have added, or have added me. I'm from the UK, but thanks anyway.
  5. As the title suggests I've recently got in trouble at work for a facebook post that 'offended' someone I work with. I've been warned by my manager that I'm not to post anything that may offend anyone who I work with on any social media, or I could risk losing my job. Now my question is can my employers truly have a say in what I post on social media in my free time? Is it my fault that certain people are so thin skinned? The person who was 'offended' chose to be anonymous, and didn't specify what it was on facebook that offended them, so it's not just a simple case of deleting that person. I have quite a few people who I work with on facebook, and other social networking sites, so I'd rather not have to delete everyone because one person got offended. Just wondered if anyone here has had similar experiences before, and what the best thing to do about it is.
  6. Just got back from seeing the film, and I have to say I'm disappointed. By far the best part of the film was the opening scene with Bard killing Smaug. I'm still not sure as to why that wasn't the end of DoS. Everything else just felt a bit meh following on from that. The Dol Guldur scene was good, but unfortunately it was shorter than I had hoped. Characters like Radagast and Beorn were hardly in the film at all, I think they had three very short scenes between them. Characters like Tauriel and Alfred got more screen time than them, which was disappointing. The battle scenes were quite good, but I wouldn't say they were as good as anything from LOTR. A lot of the time I wasn't sure what was even going on, and then the eagles appeared at the end and took out the entire second orc army that showed up. The ending even felt quite rushed. There was no funeral for Thorin, Bilbo just sort of said bye to the Dwarves and headed back to the Shire. There was nothing on what happened to the remaining forces from the battle, or what other main characters like Bard were doing. It was more focussed on Tauriel mourning over Kili, and what Legolas was doing next. Overall I'd say this was just as bad as the other two films. Too much focus on characters and plots that didn't exist or weren't relevant in the Book. And far, far too much greenscreen.
  7. This one has to be my favourite. And this one too.
  8. This has been happening to Runescape for the past four days too.
  9. Drostan is that NPC involved in the Crannog's Challenge questline in Angmar. Looks like your sister-in-law is one of the Trév Duvárdain.
  10. Did anyone ever see the Ventrilo Harrasment videos that are on YouTube? Or has anyone ever had this happen to them? There's some good ones out there.
  11. 7 out of 10. I guessed a couple though.
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