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  1. My quest arrow became really small when I changed layer in Galtrev and did not return to normal till I left that layer
  2. Amazon.co.uk have it priced at £18.22
  3. I have got a few items including some skirmish marks
  4. Same here I wants it to work I wants it to work now Preccciousssss
  5. I know of at least 2 others one of which I go to the pub with
  6. US forums are now down hope this is to add EU servers to list
  7. Message from EU Species 8472 just try it we are going to invade your space
  8. *Salute to CM* Thank you and good luck to you all
  9. Not sure if you got my message

    But thank you I had lots of jelly and Ice cream as well as a large amount of alcahole :)

  10. Best wishes to all at Codemasters it has been a fun 4+ years.
  11. Thank you lots of cake and jelly for me today :)

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