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  1. I wondered about that, too. My guess is that lawyers or accountants are involved and they couldn't make the announcement as soon as they had hoped.
  2. The Hobbit Liberation Front's activities are not open for discussion in public.
  3. Cordovan will be a guest on tonight's episode of LOTRO Players News, at 8:30 PM U.S. Eastern Time (UTC -4). http://lotroplayers.com/live/
  4. I want to publicly thank Cordovan for taking a leap of faith by reviewing my infraction history and restoring my access to the official forums, without me even specifically requesting it. I'll do my best not to make anyone regret it. I won't be disappearing from this community, though. I was here long before my departure from the official forums, and I enjoy the camaraderie, conversations, and commentary you all bring to LOTRO.
  5. That's kind of you to say, but I've made peace with my absence from the official forums. I'm proud that the Hytbold guide I helped write has been viewed almost 1.3 million times over the last 3 years, and part of me is itching to update it with the changes that have been made in LOTRO since then. But with two foster kids now, I have very little time to actually play the game, let alone contribute to the official forums. If I ever do want to go back, I know where to contact support. In fairness, I don't think those articles were primarily about me being banned from the official forums. They were about Turbine's community team publicly blaming an unpopular change the developers made in LOTRO on a suggestion I made in the private closed beta forums. In fact, Turbine only implemented a very small part of my suggestion (the unpopular part) and didn't even mention the rest, giving players the impression that I was somehow responsible for their unhappiness. A small number of gaming sites picked up on this (even before I did), and reported some mildly unfavorable things about Turbine as a result. I do still get a kick whenever I see someone say "Blame Fredelas!" in chat, though.
  6. Thanks for taking the time (and the leap of faith) to engage with us over here!
  7. I've heard people claiming to have done that. Another player even claimed to have reached level 105 just by farming taters in the Shire! If I remember correctly, your character will be defeated in Volume I Chapter 9, so you might want to skip that epic quest.
  8. Most studios get rid of phone support as soon as their titles go free-to-play. (Examples that come to mind off the top of my head are Trion Worlds and SOE/Daybreak.) Turbine did pretty good by keeping their phones going for six more years. Even Blizzard stopped offering phone support for its games 3 years ago. (Blizzard does offer live chat now, though. For some cases, I think that can actually be superior to phone support.) Turbine's phone support was very helpful to me on both occasions I needed it, so I'm sad to see it go. But I'm not surprised to see it go. I doubt they had more than a handful of employees answering phones. At least players who were previously unable or unwilling to call will be in the same queue as everyone else, now.
  9. I also get the EX145 error message when clicking on a user's name to view a profile.
  10. Was it survivable, so that you could turn around after being hit and return to safety, like the stones in Angmar? I don't ever recall surviving an arrow from one of the Lorien archers, although I admit it may have taken me 2 or 3 seconds to die. I just don't remember.
  11. As long as the monsters you were killing didn't have grey names, they should have given you some character experience. And quests still give you 10% of their nominal experience even when they're grey. Did you happen to notice in your chat window whether you were gaining XP? The only other thing I can think of is you equipped the Stone of the Tortoise pocket item (a LOTRO Store purchase), which halts all character XP until it's unequipped.
  12. I would not mention these specific details to Turbine if you're actually sincere. The fact that you know the inactivity timer is precisely 23 minutes is somewhat suspicious to me, and I didn't even observe what your character was doing. I've been playing LOTRO almost 8 years and I couldn't even have told you that number.
  13. Looking at previous years, there's typically about a 10% drop in logins after the holidays. And on top of that, the servers have been unavailable for about 10% of the time since the move. However, to balance that out, players may have been logging in twice as often due to dropped connections. So it's possible the player base is down 60%! Or, it's possible 40% more people are playing LOTRO now, they're just logging in half as often. The truth is probably somewhere in between.
  14. For the past couple of years, I've felt like Moffat had been trying to turn Doctor Who (the show, not the character) into Sherlock (the show, not the character). Every episode had to have some sort of "clever" twist to trick the viewer, instead of just portraying a straightforward story. I hope this era is over.
  15. This is a very good point, and one I often forget. It's very possible that this relocation removed or improved some potential bottlenecks. But as long as other worse bottlenecks still exist either in the server, client, or both, we'll never realize the benefits of those other improvements.
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