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  1. Wouldn't explain why his client can't make contact with the patch or game servers though. He appears to be blocked from the SSG network as a whole. Either by SSG (hopefully erroneously) or a problem with the route along the interwebs.
  2. Cordovan has repeatedly stated that they block IPs and subnets in order to combat spam on the forums and/or gold-selling in game. An IP block can take many forms (as you probably know), at the application level, at the server firewall level, the network level, etc. I got the sense that in egregious cases, they are blocking at the network level. A block at their network border would block access to both the website and the game (gls.lotro.com and www.lotro.com are both on the same class C subnet). I agree that if everyone were savvy, using traceroute and such would be great. But before walking someone who may or may not be savvy with such things through their use, I'd rather cover some basics. . . and also determine if helping this person might actually get me into trouble since I would not want to help someone circumnavigate an intentional ban. Heh, UOTrace is still available.
  3. One other thing. While you wait. . . is your cable/dsl modem separate from your router? If so, sometimes you can get a different IP from your internet provider by unplugging power from your modem and router. Waiting 5 minutes (or longer, longer is better. . . up to an hour or so), and then plugging back in your modem, waiting a couple minutes until the modem syncs up, and then plugging in your router again. Once everything is running again, hopefully you have a new IP address from your ISP. If so, hopefully any (hypothetical and accidental) block on SSG's end is narrow enough that you are now on an IP that is unaffected. I can't stress this enough, this advice is only for someone who hasn't misbehaved in-game or on the official forums. I suppose it should be asked, do you have any reason to believe that you have been intentionally banned from either the game or the forums?
  4. Since your phone gets the error too while on the same home network (though plz confirm that as Laurinaohtar requests), we know (pretty much) it's not your computer itself. Unless you've mangled both somehow. Assuming you have a cellular data plan, you should just be able to turn off wi-fi on your phone to test whether you can get to the website from another network (the cellular one). Even if your cellular provider is also your home internet provider, the subnets used should be different. Then, finally, from your computer (or your phone w/ wi-fi enabled), go to google and type in "What is my ip". . . the IP it reports is your world-routable IP address that is assigned to your router. That's what you would want to send to SSG. Quite often people send their private-class (behind the router) IP. . . which isn't gonna help. You have already reset your router. So I doubt your router is the culprit (unless you have some VPN configured on it). Have you made use of any VPNs in the past (to watch sports in a blacked out market or anything like that)? Which really just leaves your ISP, its route, or SSG having (accidentally, I hope, or we shouldn't be helping you!) blocked your IP. You mention you're in the US, though, so it would be odd if they're blocking vast swaths of subnets in the US. Who is your provider?
  5. I'd contact Cordovan through social media, send him my IP, and ask him if I've been accidentally caught up in one of their gold spammer IP blocks. Do you have any other devices (a phone) on your home network from which you can try to contact the lotro website? That would rule out something specific to your computer itself. Leaving only your router, something along the route, or a block on SSG's end as likely/possible causes.
  6. Once upon a time a post was made on these forums that expressed disappointment in me for losing my way, and becoming too rancorous in the way I debated with people on the LotRO forums. That post always bothered me. Because there is some truth to it. I have indeed not always held myself to as high a standard as I should have. While I have no excuse, I feel compelled to explain. . . I can only answer/address/refute the same spurious "arguments" politely so many times before I begin to lose some composure. Case in point. Please watch how that devolves. Indeed, please note how I'm usually alone, fighting a tag-team of many "We'll never get to Mordor unless we sell out the game's integrity yet again. . ." folks for page after page after page, almost daily, week after week, month after month. But I hung in there and endured it as best I could --compromised as I was in my ability to be cordial at all times-- because I cared about the game and didn't want it diminished/easy-moded/solo-ified. No, I didn't always remain as cordial while arguing as I should have when faced with the same question for the fiftieth time. Indeed, a question I had just answered on the prior page and yet found myself answering yet again. I let my exhaustion and annoyance show far too often. And I'm sorry for that. I wish I could have done better. Anyways. . . to all who share a similar view. . . sorry. --Hurin
  7. P.S. I have to assume that you don't actually know what "invalidate," "contradict," or "proof positive" mean. Because you're certainly not using them correctly by any reasonable interpretation of reality.
  8. Sorry all. . . there will be no (ongoing) show here. I won't be going twelve rounds with the above. What there, exactly, would there be for me to address? It's just one long, undocumented, unsubstantiated, wild screed. What seems to be happening is that this person (and no, I have no freakin' clue who you are) lumps anyone who has ever disagreed with him into one amalgamous blob. . . and from there, reality doesn't matter. As demonstrated by how that bit about infractions was handled: "He would never be infracted! Never ever! Because reasons! Oh, wait, he gets infracted all the time!?! No big whoop. No change to my worldview!" I would have liked to have seen just one example, among all my posts arguing against pay-to-win, easy-mode, solo-focus, endgame loot for farming in the Shire, Hobbit Presents, quest tracker GPS supplanting well-written quests, Store-driven grind, etc. . . where I've ruined the game. Indeed, I'm tempted to go find the posts where I argue vehemently with two of the other names constantly dropped here as examples of those who have "ruined the game" and "driven off" vast numbers of players (*sigh*). Why do I get the feeling that had it been one of those other people who dropped by here, the response written would have been identical. Despite my having hardly anything in common with their views? I have never, ever proposed that a thread should be locked. I have, however, when someone is unable to address an argument I am making and yet can't stop themselves from replying had --on rare occasion-- a person say: "Stop it you meanie! You're going to get the thread locked because I can't stop myself from losing my poop at you because you keep out-arguing me! Yet I will keep replying to you! It's all your fault!" What sort of childish bs is that? As for crying to to the CM. . . having posts deleted? WTF? I loathe when posts are deleted. I have had masterpieces of argument dismantling () disappear in the blink of an eye. Gone forever. I have used the "Report" feature maybe twice in ten years. . . and have never, ever PMed a CM to step in. As others have noted, I can take care of myself, thank you very much. Yet another self-serving, fanciful rumination assumed to be true and the stated as fact. . . and if I were to prove it to be false, the response, again, would be: "So what? Everything I believe is still true." All of this "they are shills" or "they are paid in TP" or "they are buddy, buddy with the CM" I've seen on these forums over the years are delusions conjured up by people who can't fathom that others might legitimately disagree with them. But it's really sorta disturbing how fervently it's believed as fact. It's especially disturbing where it pertains to me given that I'm constantly (though politely) critical of so many aspects of the game. . . yet I too am just lumped in with the rest. . . do you folks (who make such claims) place no value on determining whether something is in fact true before stating it as fact? Or is the partisan drum circle the more important factor? But alas, I've done a little reading over here since I last posted. And I'm now fully aware of whom I'm dealing with here. There is zero chance of ever getting through all the unhinged hate and crazy. Absolute zero. It was clearly a mistake to reply. Still, just one example or rationally substantiated statement would have been nice. As it stands, I just have to chalk it up to sour grapes and crazy in a 50/50 toxic mix. --H P.S. Dalthalion, yes I noted the "selfish" charge. Why exactly am I in the avatar upgrade threads (to pick only a recent example) addressing bad/spurious arguments despite being almost completely unaffected personally? Couldn't be because of a principle that I value could it? I'm troubled a bit by how I'm blasted for both arguing just to argue by some, and for only arguing out of self-interest by others. Anyways, I'll endeavor not to reply, you have the floor. P.P.S. As I've said, I haven't always been a saint. I lose patience sometimes just like everyone else. But, nine times out of ten, when someone comes at me with teeth bared on this or some other forum, repeatedly, I can usually go back and find some thread somewhere where they were soundly out-argued on the merits. I don't say that to be (even more of) an arrogant ass. But to point out that some people can concede a point or an argument (incidentally, a google search of lotro.com, Hurin, and "I stand corrected" has a surprising number of examples of me doing so, to search just one phrase by which conceding a point can be accomplished). While other people engage in shenanigans for page after page until they eventually disappear to go lick their wounds and nurse their grudges. Only to emerge weeks, months, or years later to throw their little jabs. P.P.P.S. I realize I'm not everyone's cup of tea. Hell, sometimes I get tired of me too. Like, now, for example. P.P.P.P.S. Since I still value my ability to post over at the OF (where my plans to ruin the game are coming to fruition! ), I will not be replying here again. I suspect I would be pulled into evermore personal and virulent arguments over here and I cannot be sure that would then not affect the posts made over on the OF. Both by me and in response to me. So, if anyone has anything else to say to me, you can PM me here or there. Put more succinctly, I'm not going to come here to argue where "go f' yourself" (etc.) is apparently fine, and then expect that not to affect discourse on the OF. So, I'm out. Thanks all. P.P.P.P.P.S. Sorry to go on and on like that. But, well, over the years, I've seen my name pop up over here. . . but never quite so bizarrely. Try seeing your own name associated with things you know are false accusations, stated as fact with zero evidence presented, and see how easy it is to be concise. Consider this post several years in the making. . And sorry.
  9. That's not fair (to him, or to me). And I suspect you're trying to bait me or associate me with your words above. So I'll just leave them there. And bow out. It's worth pointing out that there is no language about discussing infractions (much less merely mentioning that you have been) anywhere in the Community Guidelines. Nor anything about posting a screenshot of your profile control panel. I think I'm good. Thanks!
  10. Nah. It is not in violation. It neither gives any details, nor "discusses/debates" infractions there or elsewhere. In fact, it reflects well upon the SSG community staff in that they infract impartially as well as they can (nobody is perfect of course). I've been infracted while being supportive, and infracted while being critical. Of course, if someone can show where posting that redacted image is in violation, I'll of course remove it. But I don't think it is. It's no different than just saying "I've been infracted before". . . which is not itself a violation. Especially because I'm not debating an infraction publicly, on the OF. Heck, at this point, I'd rather leave it there so that he can see it and see that it is harmless (even exculpatory regarding charges of bias towards "shills" for SSG). Were I to remove it, he might instead wonder what i had posted!
  11. Sorry to barge into another thread. But I'm honestly beginning to think you have me confused with someone else. I posted several times in the trailer thread that the trailer was terrible (I was just polite about it), and I've recently been disagreeing/arguing with the other person you mention above (we very seldom agree). I now note that more than a couple times you've gone out of your way to mention me as some reflexively pro-SSG shill. Would you care to give an example that others wouldn't just see as me being politely critical or (*gasp*) fair. . perhaps at the worst playing devil's advocate? Or, when they do something very, very right (like the housing hooks revamp, or the difficulty increase in Mordor), it is seen as some betrayal of the cause to say "well done?" Pointing out something good apparently obviates hundreds and hundreds of (albeit, cordial/polite) critical posts across a wide swath of topics? If you say so. . .
  12. Stated as a fact. With utter certainty. Because, it has to be true, right? Just as in your hyper-partisan worldview, someone who takes issue with an unfair/bad argument (regardless of its target) is guilty of being "inconsistent" or "taking both sides". . . instead of just being intellectually honest or fair-minded. And yet. . . . . . and that's just since the last reset of the infraction tally. Now, someone not wrapped up in their own personal, subjective, vindictive perspective on the world would actually think on that. They might even say: "Why would I assume that Hurin had no infractions? What fundamental thing do I have wrong here that would make me believe that and say it so brazenly when I had no way of actually knowing if it was true? Is it possible that this is indicative of a mindset I have on this topic that is not wholly based in reality?" More generally. . . There are multiple posts here on these very forums pointing out my threads critiquing Turbine/SSG and the direction LotRO has taken. Everything from its solo-focus, to easy-mode, to the business model and the slippery slope it creates. But, because I don't sling profanity until I'm banned, dial the hyperbole up to 11 in every post, and I show respect to the real people just trying to do their jobs behind the scenes, I'm a "shill" who somehow/somewhere constantly telling everyone that everything is fine. That is, I'm sorry, just an asinine, blinkered, and obviously biased interpretation of what I've been up to for the last decade or so on those forums. But, perhaps my worst sin is being "inconsistent" or "taking both sides" in that I will actually defend Turbine/SSG or one of its employees against unfair criticism that is based in bad logic, bad facts, or ridiculously mendacious parsing of language. The shame of it all! I seriously doubt anyone can point to a post of mine where I merely declared someone's "opinion" to be "invalid" and left it at that. But, apparently, I did this "repeatedly" to the same person which caused them to leave the game. Rather, I suspect what happened is that I provided a differing perspective and backed it up with an argument some found hard to substantively address. If that is in fact what is meant by telling someone their "opinion" is "invalid". . . I would kindly urge that person to grow the f' up. Some of you seem to demand absolute blind loyalty in some "cause" which includes being a complete ass-hat to well-meaning employees of a gaming company (you know, like those corrupt community managers who would never infract someone like Hur-- oh nevermind). Unless someone wants to actually point out an actual thread where I've engaged in the behaviors attributed to me, I'm going to just assume that I stand guilty of nothing more than not being enough of a zealot in that cause. And the rest of it, I'm sorry, just strikes me as sour grapes on the part of people who can't get over a lost argument. I haven't always been a saint. But some of the bizarre characterizations of my posts overall just beggar belief. And I appreciate the attempts in this thread (and in others, by others) to set the record straight whenever my name has come up over here. "Selfishly" Yours, Hurin P.S. The image above is redacted to protect the innocent. And to stay on the right side of the OF ToS.
  13. Oddly, I just built a new virtual machine from scratch with a fresh install of Firefox. Didn't get the certificate error. So either something has changed on Turbine's end, or Mozilla's. Or there's a flaw in my methodology. For several months, I could always count on a fresh install of Firefox showing the "issuer chain" warning. Not anymore.
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