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  1. Wouldn't explain why his client can't make contact with the patch or game servers though. He appears to be blocked from the SSG network as a whole. Either by SSG (hopefully erroneously) or a problem with the route along the interwebs.
  2. Cordovan has repeatedly stated that they block IPs and subnets in order to combat spam on the forums and/or gold-selling in game. An IP block can take many forms (as you probably know), at the application level, at the server firewall level, the network level, etc. I got the sense that in egregious cases, they are blocking at the network level. A block at their network border would block access to both the website and the game (gls.lotro.com and www.lotro.com are both on the same class C subnet). I agree that if everyone were savvy, using traceroute and such would be great. But before
  3. One other thing. While you wait. . . is your cable/dsl modem separate from your router? If so, sometimes you can get a different IP from your internet provider by unplugging power from your modem and router. Waiting 5 minutes (or longer, longer is better. . . up to an hour or so), and then plugging back in your modem, waiting a couple minutes until the modem syncs up, and then plugging in your router again. Once everything is running again, hopefully you have a new IP address from your ISP. If so, hopefully any (hypothetical and accidental) block on SSG's end is narrow enough that you
  4. Since your phone gets the error too while on the same home network (though plz confirm that as Laurinaohtar requests), we know (pretty much) it's not your computer itself. Unless you've mangled both somehow. Assuming you have a cellular data plan, you should just be able to turn off wi-fi on your phone to test whether you can get to the website from another network (the cellular one). Even if your cellular provider is also your home internet provider, the subnets used should be different. Then, finally, from your computer (or your phone w/ wi-fi enabled), go to google and type in
  5. I'd contact Cordovan through social media, send him my IP, and ask him if I've been accidentally caught up in one of their gold spammer IP blocks. Do you have any other devices (a phone) on your home network from which you can try to contact the lotro website? That would rule out something specific to your computer itself. Leaving only your router, something along the route, or a block on SSG's end as likely/possible causes.
  6. Once upon a time a post was made on these forums that expressed disappointment in me for losing my way, and becoming too rancorous in the way I debated with people on the LotRO forums. That post always bothered me. Because there is some truth to it. I have indeed not always held myself to as high a standard as I should have. While I have no excuse, I feel compelled to explain. . . I can only answer/address/refute the same spurious "arguments" politely so many times before I begin to lose some composure. Case in point. Please watch how that devolves. Indeed, please note how I'm usual
  7. P.S. I have to assume that you don't actually know what "invalidate," "contradict," or "proof positive" mean. Because you're certainly not using them correctly by any reasonable interpretation of reality.
  8. Sorry all. . . there will be no (ongoing) show here. I won't be going twelve rounds with the above. What there, exactly, would there be for me to address? It's just one long, undocumented, unsubstantiated, wild screed. What seems to be happening is that this person (and no, I have no freakin' clue who you are) lumps anyone who has ever disagreed with him into one amalgamous blob. . . and from there, reality doesn't matter. As demonstrated by how that bit about infractions was handled: "He would never be infracted! Never ever! Because reasons! Oh, wait, he gets infracted all the time!
  9. That's not fair (to him, or to me). And I suspect you're trying to bait me or associate me with your words above. So I'll just leave them there. And bow out. It's worth pointing out that there is no language about discussing infractions (much less merely mentioning that you have been) anywhere in the Community Guidelines. Nor anything about posting a screenshot of your profile control panel. I think I'm good. Thanks!
  10. Nah. It is not in violation. It neither gives any details, nor "discusses/debates" infractions there or elsewhere. In fact, it reflects well upon the SSG community staff in that they infract impartially as well as they can (nobody is perfect of course). I've been infracted while being supportive, and infracted while being critical. Of course, if someone can show where posting that redacted image is in violation, I'll of course remove it. But I don't think it is. It's no different than just saying "I've been infracted before". . . which is not itself a violation. Especially because
  11. Sorry to barge into another thread. But I'm honestly beginning to think you have me confused with someone else. I posted several times in the trailer thread that the trailer was terrible (I was just polite about it), and I've recently been disagreeing/arguing with the other person you mention above (we very seldom agree). I now note that more than a couple times you've gone out of your way to mention me as some reflexively pro-SSG shill. Would you care to give an example that others wouldn't just see as me being politely critical or (*gasp*) fair. . perhaps at the worst playing devil'
  12. Stated as a fact. With utter certainty. Because, it has to be true, right? Just as in your hyper-partisan worldview, someone who takes issue with an unfair/bad argument (regardless of its target) is guilty of being "inconsistent" or "taking both sides". . . instead of just being intellectually honest or fair-minded. And yet. . . . . . and that's just since the last reset of the infraction tally. Now, someone not wrapped up in their own personal, subjective, vindictive perspective on the world would actually think on that. They might even say: "Why would I assume that
  13. Oddly, I just built a new virtual machine from scratch with a fresh install of Firefox. Didn't get the certificate error. So either something has changed on Turbine's end, or Mozilla's. Or there's a flaw in my methodology. For several months, I could always count on a fresh install of Firefox showing the "issuer chain" warning. Not anymore.
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