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  1. Legendary Items ... failure ... They were supposed to "grow with you" from the get-go. Legacies and Relics ... failure ... They either made the weapon OP or worse than it already was. Then they got changed mid-stream. Scrolls ... failure ... Just a way of making you pay real-world money to reset and/or change your LI Crystals ... failure ... VERY rare drop, "convenience" store item, didn't really offer much of an additional buff Imbuing ... Our goal is to take the early promise of an item that “grows with you” and fulfill that ... Wow, that only took seven years. Excuse my french, but all they are doing at this point is piling shit on top of more shit.
  2. I enjoy GW2. I like the living story. I avoid the drama and don't live to play the dungeons, PvP or WvW. I don't play LOTRO anymore, Kate Paiz turning it into Farmville (literally and figuratively) killed the game for me. I tried Skyrim during beta and didn't find it better than either. To each their own, I guess. Will there ever be a "perfect" MMO? No, because each an every player has a different definition of what their "perfect" MMO is. Myself? I won't carry a "fanboy" banner for any of them, I just play em.
  3. They are probably putting early mechanics in for HoT which may have broken the chat. I am just glad they finally turned off the stupid sepia-toned-fly-like-an-airplane April Fools "prank".
  4. Where did I hear that before...? Ah, yes, way back in 2008 before the release of Mines of Moria when LI's were supposed to "grow with you" and were advertised as such. (...and still waiting for the 3rd failed incarnation of the new but-we-will-probably-never-see-anyway PvMP zone)
  5. Wow...three Executive Producers in one year...must be a new record. "We're working on a new PvMP zone for Mines of Moria!" - Jeffrey Steefel "We're working on a new PvMP zone for Riders of Rohan!" - Kate Paiz "The team is also seriously investigating a new PvMP map in Osgiliath." - Athena “Vyvyanne” Peters
  6. I just shipped my pants... https://help.guildwars2.com/entries/105801626-Guild-Wars-2-Heart-of-Thorns-FAQ I stopped playing LOTRO about a year ago. I did pop in the other day, though. I think there was 84 people online...on one of the biggest servers. A far cry from the 300-500 (or more) not long ago.
  7. I've stopped playing the game, have no desire to. Not even the new areas or the upcoming update can entice me to play. But then again, there are a lot of changes going on in my life (for the better), so that may be part of the reason as to why I don't play much anymore.
  8. I couldn't have said it better myself. I don't think they can merge the servers, and even if they could, they wouldn't because they would be admitting failure. They'd much rather have 10 people on 20 servers than 200 people on one server. On a side note, I checked out Update 14 on Bullroarer and it's not even worth my time. Sad...I used to look forward to updates.
  9. Once again, Turbine's marketing department is alienating their players. How? By giving titles out to people who follow with them on Twitter. However, the title can only be gotten by NEW followers, If you already follow them on Twitter, you're SOL. Granted, this might get them a few extra likes on Twitter, but they are alienating their current player base, or the ones that already follow them anyway.
  10. More challenging? Definitely not. More GRINDY? Most definitely. For example, to get a recipe in the new area costs 100 "leaves", and is only a single use recipe. Additionally, there are only a few quests, most repeatable, and you get two, maybe three leaves per quest, so you'd have to do the same quests several times over to even get something basic.
  11. "For civilization to survive, the human race must remain civilized." - Rod Serling "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." - Voltaire
  12. You can uninstall Netsessions once the BR download is complete as it doesn't require it anymore.
  13. And they are single-use recipes that cost 400 leaves to purchase. No thanks. No jewelry is worth repeating quests 200 times for just for ONE piece.
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