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  1. GW2 does at least one Twitch livestream per week...they've been showcasing the specializations for the professions, PvP, lore, all sorts of stuff. It's fun and entertaining. My only gripe is the chat, which I often have to close completely. It's loaded with trolls, kiddies, wannabe social justice warriors, and idiots spamming "SAB". They're often rude to the hosts and guests. Makes having any kind of a meaningful conversation there impossible.
  2. So far the only adverse effect to this I've seen is the occasional disconnect...I hope upgrading the servers is something they took into consideration when they made the decision. For the most part it's not even that much of a problem, but when you've spent around 30 minutes helping to organize a Tequatl map and you suddenly get booted, it can get frustrating. Oh, and that dreadful Mordrem invasion event from a couple of weekends ago, which I suspect was meant to tease the expansion to the newer players. That was, hands-down, the single worst event I've seen in this game to date.
  3. Be sure to hop into game and check LA out now that the patch has gone live. It's beautiful. Also be sure to whack a few world bosses while you're at it...the devs got a little carried away when tweaking DPS and condition damage. Tequatl melted like a popsicle. I'm sure they'll fix it soon because it's just too easy now, but it's kinda funny.
  4. Looks like Anet's addressing the outrage: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/pre-purchase-community-address/ This was pretty much a given, after the outcry. I've already got an extra character slot which is currently occupied by a lowbie guardian meant for helping newbies, but I'll gladly take another.
  5. Yeah, the reaction has been somewhat...mixed. I plunked down my money anyway, because I enjoy the game and the little tastes of Revenant gameplay I've experienced so far. I fully expect them to toss in some sweeteners, given the less-than-happy state of the community right now. Makes me really feel for poor Rubi, who's gonna have to host a livestream on Twitch later today...
  6. Pre-orders for HoT just went live, for those of you interested. Colin Johanson dropped that particular bombshell at E3 less than an hour ago.
  7. I did, but that's because I read the books. However, it's clear I'm going to have to re-read them. The show has caught up with and passed the books narrative-wise, and I'm no longer sure of what's going on. Has there ever been anything like this, by the way? A film or TV series based on a series of books that's still being written?
  8. Yeah, but she'd have to see the dragons first. Frankly, after Sunday, all I want her to see is a sword blade swinging toward her with Davos behind it.
  9. I think it did. The preview showed Melisandre pointing at melting icicles and yammering something about the Lord of Light's favor. But the price may have been too high. Davos' reaction aside, I noticed several of the soldiers turning away and wincing as poor little Shireen screamed out her life. That's a scene I'll never watch again, btw.
  10. ​Well, after tonight's episode...we're gonna need a bigger fan...
  11. Tanith


    You have my sincere wishes for a full and speedy recovery, Spidey. Over the years I've lost a parent, grandparent, other family members and friends to that damn disease. Fight it! We'll help you.
  12. "Aslan" seems to have completely disappeared, along with what was left of his fountain. Anybody spotted it yet?
  13. My guild made it onto Kotaku with our "airplane" video, thought I'd share... http://kotaku.com/every-guild-wars-2-character-is-an-airplane-today-vroo-1695067795?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow I know, a few days late. Been a busy week, don't ya know!
  14. They have since fixed the problem...in fact, my guild chat is working better than at any time since launch. Maybe they need to break things more often.
  15. Neil Gaiman on Sir Terry: http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2015/03/terry-pratchett.html I'm going to have to break this news in the morning to my dad, who's as big a Pratchett fan as I am. Damn it all to hell.
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