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  1. I've been away for 2+ years, pandemic seemed a good reason to pick it up on a lark. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how much fun LotRO is on Landroval, though I haven't tried PVP again (yet). Instances, some shocking epic quest turns, and still some friends playing make the experience good. Some of the game-killing things (aka helms derp skill trees, without enough skill points to cross-pollinate) have been mitigated to some degree, since we have so many skill points now. It's fun again! I was as surprised as anyone. Seeya there (once the downtime is over).
  2. Game is very fun again. There are enough Class Points to overcome the huge initial failing of trait trees, so you can cross-pollinate to a stronger degree.
  3. I wrote a potato game. It's a quest each day to see who is the Potatoiest™ in all the land.You simply type /roll in our shoutbox at the bottom of our msg board. If you don't roll 10 or less, it's added to the rest of your rolls that day. Highest total each day wins.Come to http://kinship.strayhold.com to see for yourself. It's silly, but it's actually fun. Let's see how many people we can get to play today.
  4. That's us. We have been active since the beginning, so coming up on 10 years. We were on Silverlode, until that folded into Landroval. Frankly, I have found Landy to be a much more personable server. We are active in raiding, we have our own voice chat, our kinship website is second to none (shoutbox, offline roster, member controlled header, schedulable events, crafting orders, housing, and much more). But, we are MUCH more than raiders. We do a lot of less-than-intense stuff, and holiday festivals are heavily attended, me included. Snowballs are more important than gear There is a lot to love about our membership, and a lot to get out of the game. So many extremely knowledgable players means that if you are thinking about coming back to LotRO, it won't be frustrating. Just hop in our Discord server or post on our msg board, and answers will be yours. If you are thinking about joining a kinship, Strayhold might just be where you fit. Come visit
  5. Geez, you negative nellies, I thought the Producer Letter was quite good. It laid out post-Mordor stuff! We are going to clear out Eastern Morder it would seem, which is a great area for vast evil. I'm fairly excited about the 3 big updates.
  6. Well, that's not entirely accurate. It costs about 1g to respec a trait line anyway you want, so you could have two done, and if you want to go straight yellow line, rebuy it on Spec 2. Also, you have "access" to all of them in each Spec. My "Red" spec has some blue and yellow in it. I know what you are saying, but there are multiple ways to set each of them up as well. I could have two very different specs for each of the lines if I wanted, which would be 6 prebuilts. I wish they had given 3 specs for free, but I honestly think the psychology of the thing would have been easier to take if they had offered only ONE to start instead of TWO.
  7. There were always skills that were locked unless you traited them properly. Epics come to mind. You would have to visit a bard to switch it up, now you don't have to, since you can switch your lines anytime you are out of combat. And you *can* get some of the skills in other lines, though not the highest ones. It's different, for sure. It's not better, it's actually not worse, it's just different. Since we have a lot more Class Points now, you can build viable hybrids. In fact, in my DPS line, I don't have anything else I want to buy, so I'm trying to smartly buy stuff from the other two lines. Yup, I have all 3 lines in a single build. And 100 MC is like $10 if you straight buy them, I'm not going to lose my shit over that.
  8. The problem during Helm's Derp, is that there were not enough Trait Points. But now that you can get 82 of them - I have only 75 - you can viably build a partial hybrid. You kind of have to, since if you spend all your points in one line, you now run out. There are still skills locked behind lines, like you can't have both shadow's lament and Valiant Strike as a captain. BUT, Valiant Strike now starts Battle-ready state, so you can chain DS off that. There is a lot more interplay between the skills, so knowing those subtleties is a big deal. I wish more skills could cross boundaries. But, there are enough skills, with new and varied applications, that critical mass is now achieved, of "this is fun". For me.
  9. Some of my issues - not ALL, but MOST - have been addressed, at least by a few more levels adding a few more Trait Points. Hybrid builds, while not as strong as they could be, are definitely possible now. I've been playing for a solid 6 weeks now, after a 2.5 year break. It's been very, very fun. And the epic on Pelennor Fields? Actually EPIC.
  10. This thread is good to see. Good on you, Cordovan, for engaging.
  11. ​I personally put a ton of effort into my own kinship's website; much of the distinctiveness relied on the MyLotro XML download. I was less than happy when that disappeared.
  12. ​Me too. Aylwen, just a quick question: did you get a 48/7 shirt?
  13. Wow, an internet toughguy. Even a NAMBLA reference. Take responsibility for your words. Anyone could have reported you for using ghey. It is a homophobic slur, however you try to phrase it. I would have. You already had strikes; you then struck out.
  14. It's not like any of them ACTUALLY are playing the lute. They click go, and listen. It is literally roleplaying as a musician.
  15. MERP is where its at. I have my own home rules too.
  16. Being charitable is a virtue. Thus, not everyone will display it, as evidenced here.
  17. I wore The Unwise or Chicken Chaser on Blackhawk. Blackhawk, Chicken Chaser. Seemed especially appropriate.
  18. I raise a monument in tribute everytime I string some words together and click POST.
  19. I run a MERP based campaign every three weeks. We just did some adventures near Dale. We have been adventuring using MERP for nearly 30 years. Any of you near Indianapolis?
  20. LOL. Awesome. I saw nothing wrong with Castorix' post. It highlights how easy the game is. OP could learn something about self-improvement from Castorix. Rather than casting blame at people who are currently better players, strive to be better. Pull yourself up, don't drag others down with you.
  21. Even more comical are the pages and page of Council input on Housing - literally 20+ pages of the stuff - that just ended up getting chucked.
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