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  1. cossieuk

    The Emperor Returns

    The Leia scene and the Emperor laugh, yeah I cant wait
  2. cossieuk

    Game Of Thrones Winner

    With the final season a week away, who do you think will win, not who you want but who you think will win Also leave a post saying who you want to win I want Tyrion to will but dont think it will happen Also I want the show to end with an old Sam writing the book a Song of Ice and Fire and everything we have seen has been him telling the story
  3. On Evernight I took my level 120 Hunter in for a bit of fun, it took longer to get from the start of the instance to the Turtle than the fight. Also soloed the Watcher just to get the gear for cosmetic reasons as I had never kill him before.
  4. First off never tell a Scotsman to his face that he is wearing a skirt, if he is in full highland dress he is carrying a skean dhu, which is a small knife you wear and keep in you sock. A kilt is a long piece of material, normally wool, that is wrapped around your waist and you wear a belt to keep it on. Also it is normally pleated at the back. A skirt is something that is tubular in shape and is not wrapped around. A kilt is also surprising comfortable to wear
  5. cossieuk

    Moria soon on LS?

    They might want the gear for cosmetic reasons. My Hunter is still using Moria gear as an outfit
  6. cossieuk

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    People can go an observe most cases here in the UK, there may be some cases that are not open to the public, normally due to national security. You just can't film it
  7. cossieuk

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    Something that I need to clear up about this, the courts are complete independent of the Government in the UK. The UK Government has no say in the operation of the court. Even the appointment of Judges is done by an independent body. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judicial_Appointments_Commission This case has nothing to do with the UK Government Also he was not in solitary confinement the whole time. He was in the Care & Separation Unit for the first 2 days while an assessment was made regarding his safety, his own lawyer said he feared other inmates would put a price on his head. He was deemed a high risk prisoner but was put into the general population, with some restrictions, ie no working in the prison, or going to the gym with the other inmates. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/tommy-robinson-i-lost-40lb-1857867
  8. cossieuk

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    I disagree about the law. The blackout is only during the trial, and the press can report that the trial is ongoing. What information they can say depends on each case, and also what is already in deemed as public knowledge. This ensures that people get a fair trial. Also it can stop a lawyer trying to get a mistrial saying that the press have influenced the jury. Source for original contempt https://www.kentonline.co.uk/canterbury/news/far-right-activist-jailed-for-contempt-183736/ Second source https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/edl-english-defence-league-leigh-mcmillan-jailed-paedophile-old-bailey-a8231231.html It should also be noted that Tommy Robinson's case was also initially covered by a media blackout. Journalists had to appeal to the court to cover the story. Their reasoning being that his arrest was broadcast live on his Facebook account and that his assistants had reported his arrest meaning the information was now in the public domain, the judge agreed and lifted the restrictions - https://pressgazette.co.uk/independent-and-leeds-live-win-legal-challenge-to-report-edl-founder-tommy-robinsons-jailing-for-contempt-after-video-live-stream/4/
  9. cossieuk

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    The case was trial by jury. However the judge had place reporting restrictions on the case, a common occurrence in the UK, to ensure that the defendants got a fair trail and that the case was not prejudge against them. Also in this case is was part of multiple cases that were all linked and a mistrial at one could cause the others to collapse. Robinson know this and also know about the reporting restrictions but when ahead and broadcast anyway. He was already on a suspended sentence for another content of court charge for attempting to film defendants in Canterbury court in another rape case even though there were signs all over the building informing people it was illegal to film defendants in the court. Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, has been jailed at least 3 times including for assault, travelling under false documents and mortgage fraud. This is likely the reason he doesn't use his real name. The travelling under false documents was him trying to use someone else passport to get into the USA as he would not be allowed because of his conviction for assault. He likes to say he is fighting to protect children from pedophiles, but when one of his friends in the EDL was charged with being a pedophile he was nowhere to be seen. He also refuse to answer question about this.
  10. cossieuk

    22 Hours

    I can remember the last time they had a long outage, this time it wasnt their fault, people were praising them for all the hard work they were doing to get the game back online. The issues was something to do with their ISP. I posted on the forum thanking the staff at the ISP for getting the issue fix as Turbine, who still operated the game at that time, had posted that there was nothing they could do. Well next thing I know I get an infraction fro Sapience for trolling
  11. cossieuk

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    The change to virtues sounds interesting. The passive bonus is interesting, I might even level ones that dont get used just for the extra little bonus.
  12. cossieuk

    What are You Watching

    The person they takeover was about to die, and in a way they still do. Also as they are from the future all they know about the person they are taking over is based on public records and social media that has survived. It is made by the same guy that did Stargate SG1 and stars Eric McCormack. Plenty of other people making random appearances that were in Stargate
  13. cossieuk

    What are You Watching

    Just wondered what shows people are watching Recently I have watched The Expanse - Amazon Prime - Really enjoyable Sci-Fi based on some book, season 3 just release with season 4 coming later in the year. Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime - A new show on an old character, was a enjoyable watch with some really good character development. Constantine - Amazon Prime - Fun DC comic, only half a season before being cancelled, but the character was well liked and is now on Legends of Tomorrow Travellers - Netflix - Interesting time travel show, where peoples consciousness are sent back in time to take over someones body before they die. They have to pretend to be that person as well as being themselves in order to try and change the past to save the future. Just been cancelled after 3 seasons but still worth a watch. Titans - Netflix - DC comic show focusing on Robin after he has left Batman, the violence is rather gory in places. This is a lot darker that the Arrowverse DC shows. Star Trek Discovery - Netflix - Season 1 got better towards to end and season 2 has started off much better with a proper mystery Not yet watched but on my list Punisher season 2 - Netflix Russian Doll - Netflix