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  1. Will be sorry to see this place go, but totally understand. I usually have this open on a tab but dont really post much any more.
  2. Have you tired creating a burner email account to use
  3. Have a good Christmas all
  4. Wonder if that includes lifetimers or if it is how many people are paying every month Revenues of $9.9 million for first 3 quarters on 2020 dont seem to bad. Also they mention bringing the game to next gen consoles and trying to capitalize on the Amazon TV show.
  5. In the emails they sent out begging for money for the lawsuits, in the small print it mentioned that half of all money received would be used to pay reelection debts
  6. Lets see Giuliani weasel his way out of this, and see how long it takes from Trump to back him https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/oct/21/rudy-giuliani-faces-questions-after-compromising-scene-in-new-borat-film?CMP=share_btn_tw
  7. Given the number of sexual assault claims against Trump which will most likely lead to trials once he is not president it dont think the Democrats will bother
  8. His breathing is pretty bad. My dad had COPD and this is what he was like trying to breath. When he got an infection and had to take steroids he would feel great within a few hours and was this feeling lasted a few days. If the infection didnt clear up within those few days he would often end up in hospital. He is trying to act like he is tough and he hopes this will swing votes his way, but I dont think people are buying it, except for the brainwashed who were already going to vote for him
  9. SO Trump is saying he is leaving hospital and he hasnt felt this good in 20 years This sticks of a ploy to open everything back up, scrapping all lock down measures. Nothing to worry about life back to normal. Just ignore the 200+ thousand dead. No need for mail voting. Cant help but feel this is the last gasp con to try and win the election
  10. Tee name Brawler sounds like a straight up DPS class. If it is what would separate it from Champs and hunters.
  11. Could also be Microsoft trying to reduce one of the biggest selling points of PS5, the console exclusives.
  12. There was an outage back in 2013 where Turbine blamed a 3rd party for the issues. It happened over a long weekend. When it got fixed there was the usual thread thanking Turbine. I made a post thanking the 3rd party that had fixed the problem and Sapience gave me an infraction from trolling. Here is the post https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?522348-Thank-You-Turbine!&p=6898804#post6898804
  13. To learn from history you have to know your history, and Trump clear doesnt
  14. Trump signing an executive order that Obama passed 6 years ago, as part of Obamacare, and claiming it has never been done before
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