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  1. cossieuk

    How to lose players and alienate games

    We all have a breaking point, but when you have just pissed off your player bases with a loot box scam and they called you out on it, maybe calling them ass-hats is not the best way to apologise. I suspect many off us here have had to deal with horrible customers at some point, but I doubt many would have say anything to the customer. Bitch about them internally with other staff but not to their face. That is a sure fire way to loose players
  2. This is not a story about SSG https://www.polygon.com/2019/8/18/20811014/apex-legends-iron-crown-skins-developers-rant-ass-hats-freeloaders-pc-ps4-xbox-one No matter what you think about the people playing your game, as a developer keep it to yourself.
  3. cossieuk

    Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

  4. cossieuk

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    Given that the racial traits are so small and insignificant, what is the benefit of a new race other that the look slightly different. As for the ability to change race, class restrictions applying, who has reached max level playing one race that they didnt like. Surely you would notice you didnt like the look of that race when you were still in the starter zone and reroll
  5. From 2016-2018 the woman's team had earning of $50.5 million where as the men's team generated $49.9 million. This is not during the world cup. Given the world cup this year I would guess that they would be higher again this year for the women. These figures are from audited financial statements from the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) as seen by the Wall Street Journal. In 2016 the Women generated $1.9 million more than the men
  6. The men's team came 3rd in the first ever world cup in 1930. Since then the best they have done is quarter finals. Other than this they seem to go between not getting out of the group stage and getting out of the group but them losing the next match. Although it must be said the standard of woman's football worldwide leaves a lot to be desired. Too many countires don't give a crap about it, unlike the US. The Woman's team bring in more money then the men's team but they get paid less, that is wrong. In the past the argument that the men's game brought in more money so they got paid more was commonly used, and for good reason, but that is no longer a valid argument. At club level it is a different story.
  7. cossieuk

    UK Ship gets Captured by Iran

    The last time he got involved with Iran it went so well didnt it
  8. cossieuk

    UK Ship gets Captured by Iran

    It was Obama's deal
  9. I love the one who says they are technically savvy but didnt think to put a password on
  10. They could make it a sub based game, with your Prime account counting as a sub
  11. I prefer Attack of the Lootboxes I think we could all agree we would love to see The Last Lootbox
  12. cossieuk

    WoW 8.2 is releasing against FFXIV Shadowbringers

    I wonder how much of that is due to younger gamer's being more interested in games like Fortnight and Apex Legends. People that grew up playing MMOs now dont have the time to spend playing them like they used to
  13. Loot boxes are the same as Kinder Eggs, so how do I get the chocolate https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-48701962
  14. cossieuk

    WoW 8.2 is releasing against FFXIV Shadowbringers

    Yes there is. https://freetrial.finalfantasyxiv.com/gb/ Here is the terms of the free trial, biggest one is only reach ;eve; 35 https://support.na.square-enix.com/rule.php?id=5382&tag=freetrial
  15. cossieuk

    WoW 8.2 is releasing against FFXIV Shadowbringers

    No idea how accurate these numbers are. Final Fantasy is popular all over the world, so plenty of people willing to try it at least. I gave it a go, being a huge fan of the single player games, but it was not for me. I did like the fact that you can play all of the classes on one character. https://ffxivcensus.com/