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  1. To learn from history you have to know your history, and Trump clear doesnt
  2. Trump signing an executive order that Obama passed 6 years ago, as part of Obamacare, and claiming it has never been done before
  3. This smells like a power grab by the most corrupt president in US history. Also Trump uses a postal vote, so if it good enough for him why not everyone else
  4. What the actual fuck, how the hell is she a Doctor. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-53579773
  5. Is the store not run by a third party
  6. This is some good news albeit only the first in many steps towards a vaccine https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53469839
  7. Why do people have such a problem wearing a mask in shops. Some of the shit they are spouting is bonkers
  8. I wonder why cases are rising in America
  9. They are also arguing that the book is lies, so why try and stop it
  10. A man in Seattle who was in hospital for 62 days with Covid-19 got his bill, $1.1 million. He may not end up having to pay anything but still the bill is 181 pages long https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/inspiring-story-of-seattle-mans-coronavirus-survival-comes-with-a-1-1-million-dollar-hospital-bill/
  11. But you only have to focus on the swing states. There are many states that rarely change who they vote for. This gives the swing states a lot of control over who wins. Including the 2000 election only 13 states have changed who they vote for.
  12. So anyone that does believe what you believe is on the left and is to stupid to understand your deeper and more complex thoughts. If you thinks memes are the arbitrator of intelligence your are dumber that I thought which is a hell of an achievement. IS it not, then why did you post in the Cvoid thread that it is
  13. Anything that doesnt fit the preconceived narrative of a Trump support is fake news, this is why you cant have a discussion with Trump supports. Yet if you look at the result Trump got 2% less of the vote then Clinton, so the polls were pretty accurate. Remember the polls dont account for where people live and how this will affect the electoral college vote. They are a poll of the popular vote which in all but 5 cases is the person that wins Clinton / Kaine Democratic 50 + DC 538 100% 65,853,514 48.18% Trump / Pence Republican 50 + DC 538 100% 62,984,828 46.09%
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