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  1. cossieuk

    US Elections 2020

    Not sure this is a good defense strategy
  2. cossieuk

    RIP Christopher Tolkien

    Without him we would have missed out on so much of his fathers work.
  3. cossieuk

    World War 3

    So Trump is the Joker, a psychotic criminal, finally something that I agree with
  4. cossieuk

    World War 3

    Trump is literally talking about doing things that would have him arrested and tried from war crimes and people are still defending him. Just what does he have to do for the GOP to say enough is enough
  5. cossieuk

    World War 3

    Trump thinks that he can just use Twitter instead of actually going to Congress
  6. cossieuk

    World War 3

    That is utter shite, you have absolutely no knowledge of the UK if you think that is true. You really need to stop drinking the Trump Kool-Aid it has rotted your brain
  7. cossieuk

    World War 3

    That's tomorrows issue, today he has change the narrative
  8. cossieuk

    World War 3

    Its also a great way to distract from his impeachment
  9. cossieuk

    World War 3

    Don't worry Mike Pompeo is committed to de-escalation. Just imagine what they would have done if the wanted to escalated the issue
  10. cossieuk

    US Elections 2020

    But not Dwarfs
  11. cossieuk

    US Elections 2020

    I dont have one either, wouldn't use it as there is little parking where I work so it would just be a waste of money
  12. cossieuk

    US Elections 2020

    Given the average new car cost in the UK is around £33500 which is around $44000 even at $50000 that is not that expensive. The average new car price in the US is $36700 To put things in perspective the average wage in the UK is £29500 ($39600) and in the US it is $47000. So your car is about 1 years wage, where as the average new car in the UK is now than 1 years wage. So I will say it again not that expensive
  13. cossieuk

    US Elections 2020

    You can get a 2018 WRX STI for under £26000 (approx $34000), not really an expensive car even modded with stage 2 costing around $3000. Not that big a deal
  14. cossieuk

    US Elections 2020

    What was that you were saying