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  1. If anyone wants to help the fight against Covid 19 then you could join the folding at home program https://foldingathome.org/
  2. The UK lock down was announce last Friday, so it has been a week. South Korea has announced that they have more recovered than are still infected. They really seem to have got this under control by acting so quickly and doing mass testing https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/52075063
  3. so the Prime Minister and the Health Secretory have both tested positive and the the chief medical office is showing symptoms. This come the day after Prince Charles also tested positive. All are showing mild symptoms, yet all bar the CMO got tested when the are front line health care staff that still cant get tested. As long as their symptoms where only mild they should just have self isolated like anyone else would have to do.
  4. Of course more tests can mean more cases, but South Korea, is way ahead of the US in tests by way behind on positive cases as they acted much quicker then just about any other country. Germany is upping the number of test to 500000 a week, which will increase the number of confirmed cases there but I suspect by a lower percentage the the US, as they have around half the cases of the US and have already done much more tests, and are further along then the US in terms of how long the virus has been active in the country.
  5. Looks like the US has nearly as may cases as Italy, and it is doubling every 3-4 days. By Easter, the date Trumps hopes everything goes back to normal there could be over 500000 cases assuming they can test enough people
  6. Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic. Also lots of Fox stuff that Disney recently bought including 30 seasons of The Simpsons. No need to go out for months
  7. How many will be getting Disney + in the UK now that it has just launched.
  8. Given that people are not practicing social distancing, the videos of Richmond Park are ridiculous, it will get a lot worse.
  9. So given that we are all advised to stay in doors for the foreseeable future what TV show do people recommend. I havent added anything from Disney + as it doesnt launch in the till the 24th March Travelers - Netflix The Expanse - Amazon Picard - Amzon Star Trek - Netflix Smallville - Amazon Prime Still Game - Netflix Suits - Netflix
  10. It may be that some of them would have died this year anyway, but many would not have. The youngest death in the UK is currently 41. Younger people will die from this. Well the number who die each year will end up balancing out over the next couple of years, the NHS is struggling and it is only a matter of time before the staff start having to make the horrible decision of who to treat and who to just let die as the dont have the resources to treat everyone
  11. The UK is on track with Italy, yet there are people moaning about not being able to go for a pint.
  12. All Trump had to do was acknowledge that people as scared, but that everything that can be done is being done. If people listen to and follow the advise from the CDC then America will get through this and be stronger for it. It is an easy question to answer, and sound presidential. Instead he sounded like a dick
  13. What the actual fuck. People are scared, people are dying. Hes the President, he should be trying to reassure those that are scared, but instead he is attacking journalists for asking questions
  14. I have a weeks holiday, so I might play the latest expansion since I havent bought it
  15. Well this is a good idea in principle, it only helps out for a short time, many a month or 2. Also sending all those cheques out and thus having all those people going to the bank is not a great idea for slowing the spread
  16. Even in warmer climates it is still spreading, just look at Australia where temperatures are in the mid 20 C range. Also even if the warmer weather does help, the southern hemisphere is heading towards winter.
  17. Not saying it is true, just it would not surprise me. So the latest advise from Boris is to avoid unnecessary contact with other dont go to pubs, restaurants, cinema etc, yet the schools and universities are to stay open. How does this make any sense. The secondary school I went to has over 1500 pupils and is 1 or 3 that size where I live, surely this is a mass gathering.
  18. I wont not bee surprised to find out that it was his own business that would get the exclusive rights, so he can make a fortune off of it.
  19. So apparently the Trump administration offered large sums of money to a German company working on a vaccine so the the US would have exclusive rights to the vaccine https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/15/trump-offers-large-sums-for-exclusive-access-to-coronavirus-vaccine What is wrong with these people
  20. The whole herd immunity plan is based of the premise that you cant get reinfected, but there are reports of people in China testing positive after recovering. So either these people had not fully recovered, are the outliers that can get reinfected or maybe herd immunity wont work. A lot of lives will be lost in this massive gamble by the government Also a bunch of scientists in the UK have written an open letter saying the policy will risk more lives than necessary https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-51892402
  21. Johnson's plan for 60% to get infected for herd immunity, which is just insane, will have a devastating effect on our economy in the long term. Focus on slowing the spread, and saving lives. One the number of infected swamps the NHS the death rate will rise as there will be some that could have survived with medical help but wont be able to get it. Slowing the spread could minimise the impact on the economy
  22. The US has a much larger landmass than both Germany and Iran combined, US Land mass 9.834 million km² Germany land mass 357,386 km² Iran Land mass 1.648 million km² It is possible that the virus will spread quicker in more densely population countries like Germany and Iran
  23. Boris deserves the flak. Not stopping the football matches was a bad decision. Thankfully the FA's have decided to do so. Well the is not a significant risk in large gathering, having 500 people means that you need paramedics on had, taking them away from were they are needed. The governments plan seems to be prioritising the economy over lives
  24. The head immunity idea is utter bullshit, it will lead to many unnecessary deaths. The aim for 60% herd immunity, with a death rate of 0.7% (this is the rate seen in South Korea) will lead to around a quarter of a million deaths in the UK. That is unacceptable as a policy for any government
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