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  1. 2 hours ago, MueR said:

    No. He's an old white man who claims to be rich, yet somehow can't afford to pay his bills.

    I suspect he can afford to pay, but just doesnt.  Small contractors cant afford to sue him, his lawyers will just tie the case up for so long they would go bust.  

    I dont believe he is as rich as he claims, but he has made a lot of money from being the President, all the trips to his hotels must add up to a lot on money

  2. 9 hours ago, Thrabath said:

    The FPTP system can create very strange results this time, especially with the Brexit Party as an uncertain factor; If they go all in with "we CAN deliver" they eat away votes from tories mostly

    When I look up a recent poll, these are the percentages:

    Conservative: 36%
    Labour: 23%
    LibDem: 18%
    Brexit Party: 12%
    Green: 6%
    Other: 6%

    If brexit party grows with 10/15% it can be anything as a result

    Not sure how good the polls will be this time.  The Lid Dems, Greens and Plaid Cymru will most likely not stand against each other where one of them has a good change of winning.  They did this at the last by election and it worked.  Well Labour wont do this, it would make sense for supports of anti brexit parties to vote tactically in marginal seats to make sure the Tories dont get a majority.  Also in some of the marginal seats the Brexit party could cost the Tories the seat by splitting the Brexit vote, will be interesting to see if the stand in Tory marginal areas

  3. So we are going to have an election and most likely at the end of another hung parliament and still no change on Brexit.  Then it will be a Christmas recess so nothing will happen before January.  

  4. 20 minutes ago, MueR said:

    The EU does not want a Brexit. Britain doesn't want a Brexit (unless you count the gullible idiots who fell for Boris' lies).

    Not just Boris' lies.  Farage had more than his fair share

  5. Dont count on this being the last extension.  The EU does not want a no deal Brexit but if that is to happen they will want to make sure that it the UKs choice and not because they would give an extension.  If the UK leaves with no deal because of the EU not giving an extension then the EU will get the blame for everything bad that happens after that point and they dont want that

  6. 3 minutes ago, Doro said:

    No, he's right, there won't be any checks. The exit declaration isn't a check, it's a form. You've got to pay attention to wording on this sort of shit, it's very particular.

    So there will be no checks done on these companies to ensure that they are filling in these forms.  Of course there are checks

  7. Another reason to not trust Boris, he has just said in PMQs that there will be no checks between the NI and GB which is the opposite of what the Brexit secretory confirmed yesterday and the opposite of what is actually stated in the deal he has agreed.  If he is going to lie about something that was confirm yesterday by his own cabinet why should anyone believe anything he says about Brexit

  8. 14 minutes ago, Doro said:

    As I said, they're a traitor for preventing the will of the people. Until a general election happens, the will of the people is to Leave.

    A general elections should not and must not be all about Brexit.  If if only about the will of the people on Brexit then have a referendum.  A general election should be about all issues that affect the country

  9. 16 minutes ago, Doro said:

    Look through it, it really hasn't changed much beyond the backstop. Their impact assessments covered these possibilities already.

    NI trading with the rest of the UK is 5 times that of it trade with ROI but there is now a boarder in the Irish Sea that only affects companies on one side, that has a massive affect on the NI economy.  When the deal can unite both the Unionist and the Nationalist in NI in saying it is bad then something is wrong.  The DUP want to leave the EU but not on a deal that hurts NI.

    20 minutes ago, Doro said:

    Because it's tied up with the "level playing field" concept, which (similar to a customs union) means you have to agree to follow the same terms as another country. Removing it means keeping a competitive edge available.

    Removing it just allows the Tories to scrap worker rights.  

    25 minutes ago, Doro said:

    I haven't called people with different positions traitors. I'm calling the MPs blocking the will of the people traitors, because that's what they are.

    How are they traitor, they have a different opinion on the future of the country.  The referendum was advisory, Parliament is not bound by the result.  Well both parties had it in the manifesto o respect the result, manifesto pledges are worth jack shit, all parties break them and people dont care.  As for the will of the people that can and does change often, that is why we have elections every 5 years or so so people can express their will.   Now we know what the deal to leave is, as opposed to the thousands of promises made before the referendum, in which we were told by all the main players in the leave campaign that we would get a deal and that no deal would not happen, lets see if it is what the people want,.   Surely that is a reasonable thing to do. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Doro said:

    They did. It happened in 2018. It still covers it.

    Yep, there'll be more traitors trying to undermine Brexit, but that's been happening since the referendum results were announced.

    But this deal is not the same, so the impact will not be the same. 

    As for what the Government says about the deal, I dont trust them at all.  Hell the Brexit Secretory didnt even know that this deal will make NI firm submit declaration forms in order to sell goods to the rest of the UK, this puts them at a disadvantage when competing with other firms in the UK as they now have an added layer of red tape and expense.  It is his job to know what is in the deal and he failed at it on a straight forward question that he should have known about.

    Also why has the protection of working rights been removed from the deal and moved to the political declaration, which is meaningless.  The Tories have long been against many workers rights and once we leave they will start stripping them back.

    As for calling people with a different position on Brexit and what to do traitors is just stupid.  People can have different opinions and can even change their minds about what they think is the best way forward for the whole country not just for now but for the next few decades.

  11. If it is mostly the same as before, why has the government not done an impact assessment.  There are on 60000 impact assessments on the governments website but none for this deal as there has not been time to do one yet.  On the BBC earlier they mentioned a government adviser saying that a bill like this would require 4 weeks for proper scrutiny.

    Also lets not get started with the number of amendments that will be put forward for this bill, and depending on what passes Boris will need to go back to the EU and ask then to renegotiate the deal which could make it harder to get Parliament to pass the withdrawal bill

  12. On 10/20/2019 at 6:15 PM, Almagnus1 said:

    Fun fact about the tax returns, Trump has zero legal reason to do it, as it was a political move started by Nixon.


    So why are you so intent on prying into the private life of a person?

    Didn't Trump promise that he would release them.  For that reason alone he should do it.  Why say you will if you are not going to.  Yet another lie by Trump

  13. 11 minutes ago, Doro said:

    Yup, traitor Letwin has succeeded in fucking the country over. Here's hoping the EU reject the extension request. The irony that our democracy now rests on the decision of the very organisation we want to leave, because our own MPs have chosen to once again put the UK through months of uncertainty for no reason at all. Hang the lot of them.

    MPs wanting to actually scuritinise the deal is not a bad thing in any way.  Time must be given to see what MPs are being asked to vote for.  Letwin is actually pro Brexit.  He just wants to have a deal.  We were told Brexit was about Parliament taking back control, well Parliament has spoken, now Johnson must comply with the law or we may as well shut down Parliament  

  14. The Letwin amendment has passed, so Johnson must but law sent a letter by 11 pm tonight.  He is saying he will not negotiate an extension and the BBC is reporting that an unnamed source in the Downing Street says the PM will not ask for an extension.

    Surely if by 11 pm tonight he has not sent the letter he will have to be prosecuted for breaking the law.  In that case he would surely have to resign as PM

  15. So now Gove and Raab are giving assurances that if we have no trade deal done by the end of 2020 we will leave with no deal.



    So even voting for this deal means there is a chance of no deal and I suspect that many Tories would be happy for this to happen and may even attempt tp make this happen by ensuring that no trade deal is reach, which would not be hard given that it took 7 years for the EU to get a deal with the US

    Also Oliver Letwin has an amendment that will ensure that we get an extension even if the deal passes tomorrow.  This will ensure that there is sufficient time to pass the necessary legislation to leave and again ensure that the clock is not run down forcing a no deal Brexit

  16. 3 minutes ago, Doro said:

    No, because the surrender bill doesn't specify succeeding in getting an extension. It just says that the letter must be sent as written. Asking outside of that letter to not get an extension doesn't frustrate that the letter was sent as the surrender bill demands. That's the loophole.

    The Benn act is to ensure that we dont leave on the 31st unless Parliament votes to do so

    From the article I linked

    So, in the context of Brexit, where there is now the Benn Act obliging the Prime Minister to seek an extension of the Article 50 period so as to avoid a No Deal Brexit, this principle means:

    a minister cannot send a side letter to the European Union saying that the UK does not really want an extension and asking EU to reject the application

    the government cannot use delegated or secondary legislation (or Orders in/of Council) to rob the Benn Act of effect


    There is no way this is not going back in front a the courts on Monday