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  1. I don't like having different prices due to exchange rates taken our of nowhere. Charging 20% more in € vs $ is just ripoff for me. Not that CM did anything different, the favor was just for UK then.

    Actually it's funny to see You cossie complain, as when exact same thing happened in EU, when CM were charging up to more 30% for lifetime special offer if You were outside UK. I remember You being okay with that and defending CM...

    Still I don't see reason why people won't use them. They will, just like people outside UK and euro zone did use them under CM management. They'll just pay more :(

    Codemasters used the exchange rates that were correct when they first offered the service and then never changed them, which is common business practice. Turbine are not using the current exchange rates

  2. Orions latest info regarding gambits

    37 and that number will likely go up to 40.


    Well, you do need an aggro dump and something of a snap aggro and maybe some tactical defense with a chance for some stun/daze immunity.

    Remember! Everything can change.


  3. Dont imagine many people will be using the world transfer service going by the prices

    $24.95 €21.95 £18.95 per transaction


    The old prices with CM were

    £11.99 / €17.99 / $24.95 per transaction.

    That is a rise of 58% for us Brits and 22% for those in the Euro zone ouch.gif

  4. A while back I said other companies would be looking at Turbine to see how DDO and LOTRO did after going F2P and would look to copy if it increased revenue and it appears that it is starting to happen. I would not be surprised to see more companies following this trend

  5. I'm probably just blind as usual but where's the forum announcement? I looked at Codemasters: News & Announcements and didn't see anything. Same with News & Announcements in the LotRO subforum.

    Go into general discussion and it is at the top of the forum

  6. I'm still hankering after a Firefly MMO, but as the series almost 10 years ago and the first attempt at an MMO failed, I fear that boat has finally sailed.

    Would everyone have to run around saying everything is Shiney and would we have to learn Chinese