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  1. 2 minutes ago, Doro said:

    That dangerous precedent being that maybe the will of the majority will finally get delivered when the MPs that keep getting in the way are told to fuck off. There's no democracy while MPs keep refusing to deliver Brexit, so Parliament might as well get suspended until we can restart outside of the EU.

    I doubt the will of the people is a no deal brexit.  Not one brexit mp of senor member of any of the leave groups campaigned for a no deal brexit, they all said that we would get a good deal.  Now the same people are saying that we must leave come hell or high water, with some saying that no deal is the only acceptable option.

    Put the options to the public and see what they want, No deal, some deal or no brexit.  Make the referendum binding unlike the last one

  2. It doesn't matter if you are anti brexit, pro brexit or pro no deal, what is happening is an unelected PM is suspending the democratic parliament to try and push thought a policy that he knows MP's would vote to stop.  This sets a dangerous precedent 


  3. We all have a breaking point, but when you have just pissed off your player bases with a loot box scam and they called you out on it, maybe calling them ass-hats is not the best way to apologise.  I suspect many off us here have had to deal with horrible customers at some point, but I doubt many would have say anything to the customer.  Bitch about them internally with other staff but not to their face.  That is a sure fire way to loose players

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  4. Given that the racial traits are so small and insignificant, what is the benefit of a new race other that the look slightly different.

    As for the ability to change race, class restrictions applying, who has reached max level playing one race that they didnt like.  Surely you would notice you didnt like the look of that race when you were still in the starter zone and reroll

  5. 1 hour ago, LasraelLarson said:

    ONLY during world cup cycles do the womens US team generate more revenue than US men.  So that is the year 2015 and this year 2019.  just those 2 years they generated more revenue then the mens teams, tied directly to the World cup.  when you include the years that there is no world cup, over all the men generate almost double the revenues of the women's teams.  2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2018 the US women's teams did NOT generate more revenue than the US mens teams.


    From 2016-2018 the woman's team had earning of $50.5 million where as the men's team generated $49.9 million.  This is not during the world cup.  Given the world cup this year I would guess that they would be higher again this year for the women.  These figures are from audited financial statements from the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) as seen by the Wall Street Journal.  In 2016 the Women generated $1.9 million more than the men

  6. 58 minutes ago, Altreg01 said:

    I really dont want to wade into this quagmire, but that wrestling pic that is a biological female that wants to wrestle against MALES but isnt allowed, and far as equal pay our (Im American) women's team is heads and shoulders above our men's mess and probably deserves more pay, they actually win games.  I do not follow traditional football, but Im pretty sure our men's team has never made it out of the first round (if thats the correct terminology) whereas our women's team is 4? times WC champs? I have no idea who pays theys players, but strictly speaking US Women's Soccer >>> US Men's. When you wade into other sports, they are strictly capitalistic ventures and no way could the WNBA command NBA salaries, attendance and other figures prove it, but with the US National Soccer Teams the opposite is totally true

    The men's team came 3rd in the first ever world cup in 1930.  Since then the best they have done is quarter finals.  Other than this they seem to go between not getting out of the group stage and getting out of the group but them losing the next match.  Although it must be said the standard of woman's football worldwide leaves a lot to be desired.  Too many countires don't give a crap about it, unlike the US.

    The Woman's team bring in more money then the men's team but they get paid less, that is wrong.  In the past the argument that the men's game brought in more money so they got paid more was commonly used, and for good reason, but that is no longer a valid argument.

    At club level it is a different story.

  7. 8 hours ago, Doro said:

    If they go for a microtransaction model like the last one, I wouldn't be surprised. It's everywhere now, and mostly seems designed to exploit kids.


    What makes me laugh is that these stories are all about how stupid kids are getting hold of their parents' bank details and spending hundreds, if not thousands, on a game... meanwhile in LotRO we've got supposed adults likely spending the same. Literally duped like these kids, but too caught up in their Stockholm syndrome to realise they've been exploited. At least the kids have the excuse of being ridiculously naive and idiotic.

    I love the one who says they are technically savvy but didnt think to put a password on

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  8. 3 hours ago, Doro said:

     In fact, MMOs in general seem to be getting less and less attention from gamers on the boards I visit.

    I wonder how much of that is due to younger gamer's being more interested in games like Fortnight and Apex Legends.  People that grew up playing MMOs now dont have the time to spend playing them like they used to

  9. Would it not be better the finish the ones that you  want the virtue for, and for the ones where you dont use that virtue get them close to finished so that when the change goes live you can finish them on mass to get the new virtue, assuming that it is any good.

  10. I would guess that i am like a lot of people that have used the same virtues for years, in fact I cant remember the last time I changed them.  These changes are not going to make me want to start using many different ones.  I will set it to max out the virtues that I use now, then after that just fill up any random one.

    I see it being even better for new players or new alts as you can just focus on the few that you actually want.

    It may also give me a reason to go back and complete older deeds as the rewards will be of use rather than just virtues that I have no need for.

  11. I tend to play it every few months when they release the latest story update.

    They are about to launch an update where the star ships level up with you.   So you can use the top tier ships, with some restrictions that get removed as you level up, from the get go.  They have events throughout the year to get the top tier ships for free, as well as the ones you can buy.

    You can also earn store currency from playing but it is a very slow process 

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