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  1. Since the demand is will fall away in the next few weeks after people who only logged in to see what it was like, isnt the cost of another server just wasted money.
  2. you could also try the Technical support section of the main forum https://www.lotro.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?16-Windows-PC-Technical-Support
  3. I wonder how popular the server would be if they took the store out for that server. VIP and lifer only, keep all the content as it is now, but no store
  4. This is how you wield the Ban Hammer
  5. I wonder if the level cap has more to do with the rebalancing of stats. Upping the level cap means new gear which could be inline with the rebalancing
  6. Sauron was not the only Maiar to side with Morgoth, just come up with another who tries to take his place.
  7. I think the best chance of a new game will come once Christopher Tolkien dies and then the rights for the first and second age would be available. This could open up some more of the world and gives developers a lot of space to work. For me the second age offer the most opportunists as I feel there is less written about that then the first or third age. However I dont see a new MMO, more likely more games like Shadow of Mordor.
  8. Do you really think there will be another MMO based around LOTR.
  9. Only just started again after a bit of a break, but nothing to bad. Ground combat is still rubbish but the space combat is fine. Queue times for group space battles are short. Also the Jem'Hadar start at level 60, level cap is now 65, with some decent gear, so you can start the new story line right away
  10. Star Trek Online just released its latest expansion today. Now you can play as a Jem'Hadar, and all players get an extra character slot for free
  11. For a game that people have said would have closed down years ago, 1 raid is better than none. Also at least they think it is worth catering to the same number of players that raid, didnt Turbine basically imply the number was too small to justify building a new raid
  12. All the best for 2018 folks
  13. Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you and your loves ones have a great time
  14. So I have a free code for Batman: The Telltale Series Season 1 LCBT-QBLJ-R5V1-5219 1) Visit www.telltale.com/redeem 2) Enter in your free game code 3) If you do not have a Telltale Game account, you will be prompted to create one 4) Once signed in, you will find your game in your Account page, under "My Game First come first served. Please post, or DM, that you have used the code so I can remove it
  15. I dont think that community is large enough, at least among those that play video games, to make a game profitable in the long term. Sadly you need to appeal to those that dont care at all about the lore and just want stupid stuff like Shadow of Mordor. The LOTR fan base is that bit older, hence the good community, but that is not so good for a lore abiding game (even just following it a little like LOTRO did).
  16. You think there will be another MMO set in Middle Earth once LOTRO eventually stops.
  17. People have been predicting the end of LOTRO for over 7 years now since it went F2P in 2010.
  18. You think that leveling up a freep faster so that it is the same level as a creep is an advantage
  19. Even if that is the case exp scrolls offer you no advantage as Creeps are at max level
  20. Not in Lotro since you need to be near or at level cap for Freep
  21. I dont see faster leveling in Lotro as an advantage, it does not give you any benefits over other players.
  22. Microtransactions are here to stay, there is too much money in them. Loot boxes need to change so that there is nothing in them that gives an in game advantage. They should be full of cosmetics, mounts exp scrolls etc. I suspect most people would be ok with that, knowing that they are not going away.
  23. This is interesting So it is a new story set in Middle-Earth, not the story of the ring. I wonder if they will use characters for the books or all new ones. They could do something with Aragon/Strider as a Ranger
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